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I have watched soap operas on and off my entire life. I think it started when a babysitter I had when I was about ten would watch Days of Our Lives
each day like clockwork. Because all of the other children under her care were very young, they had naps each afternoon.

At my age, this was not something I needed to do. That meant she would treat me to a soda and then allow me to watch the soap with her. I have
watched Days on and off through the years, and this led me to watch the Passions soap opera when it debuted nearly a decade ago.

I still watch Days of Our Lives, but I always found the Passions soap opera very interesting and worth watching. Perhaps it was because it had a bit of
something that most other soaps did not. On one hand, the supernatural element that was sometimes in the soap was cheesy, but it was interesting at
the same time. It added something to some of the storylines that you just dont see on other soaps. The actors on the Passions soap opera were good,
with a few exceptions, and many of them were believable as the parts they were playing.

It came as a huge surprise when the soap opera Passions was taken off of the air. NBC decided to take the show out of its time slot in order to make
the Today Show longer. There are even rumors that Days may some day be taken off the air as well. All is not lost for the Passions soap opera fans
however, as you can still see the serial and it is still in production. The only problem with this is that you can only see it on DirecTV. It was still online
for a time, and you could buy whatever episodes you wanted to see, but I am not sure if you can do that any longer.

Whatever the case, you can have the Passions soap opera in your life if you want. For me, switching to DirecTV from my current cable company was
not an option that I wanted to pursue. However, those who must see it still have that option. There may come a time when Passions will be available
otherwise, or it may not have much longer to go on. If you want to keep up, but you dont want to have a new television company, you can look around
online for Passions updates on many of the soap opera fan sites out there.

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