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Interweb phenomena: Tourette's Guy
Contributed by Kevin Malantic
Sunday, 03 February 2008

(edited 2/6/08, added content)

As I sit here waiting for the Superbowl, I have decided to add to our collection of random and nonsensical articles. In this
installment, I present to you Tourette's Guy .

I first found out about Tourette's Guy from Kevin Ferreira on Attack of the Show (G4TV). Citing immensely funny but not
safe for work humor, Kevin detailed the many reasons why one should visit. Other than being a pillar of internet comedy,
Tourette's Guy also educated on various topics such as alcoholism and Tourette's Syndrome, both of which Danny was
afflicted with (the new website doesn't seem to have this).

Why is this funny? Well, let's just say this its more entertaining than watching a dog try to shit in the corner of a round
room. He is vulgar, but his cursing is dysrythmical... its sorta like watching someone curse who's first language isn't
english. Further, his exclamations are classic: "PISS!" "AH SHIT!" "BITCH!" He curses, curses and curses again. All
without rhyme or reason.

What else is funny about Danny? He's always drunk and prone to doing some ultimately stupid things. He always wears
his Tony the Tiger shirt for some reason. He grounds his son because his son doesn't think the trash compactor sounds
like Chewbacca taking a shit. Finally, he screams 'BOB SAGET' when something goes wrong: drops a beer, gets
attacked by bees, screws up a lined up shot in pool. Danny is completely ridiculous and seemingly unknown to it. As
Petey would say, its pure comedic gold.

Based on episodic installments, Tourette's Guy produced a new episode every two weeks on average, with content
appearing less and less often until finally the following message was posted on the website:

"August 4, 2007

A couple of days ago we received some terrible news about Danny. Late last week Danny passed away.

About a month ago Danny was involved in a bad car accident. He had been out of the hospital for a couple of days
staying with a friend when he suffered some medical complications. He unexpectedly passed away in the night.

"When I die and go to heaven, and see god, I'm gonna say Shit..." - A Legacy, 1964-2007..."

While some would argue that Danny didn't have Tourette's Syndrome, evidence from the website would suggest
otherwise. As was stated on the old website, Danny was afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome intermixed with alcoholism
and a horrible upbringing (see the very last episode), as well as what looked to be a very bad divorce and an overall
disappointing life. Also, as seen in many of the videos, he does exhibit a marked nervous tick that is characteristic of
Tourette's Syndrome. Regardless, most of the videos are funny, but under the surface, one can see the sadness
inherent to his life and realize that even day to day was a struggle.

Rest in peace, Danny.

Tourette's Guy, Best Of {youtube}rqtr_RvR3sY{/youtube}

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