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					Cable vs. Satellite TV - Which is Best?
The move is on. Last year millions of Americans switched from cable TV to satellite TV.Why? When you compare satellite TV to cable TV you'll
discover the main reasons are cost, picture quality, program choices, and customer satisfaction.Let's check out the differences ...Cable vs. Satellite TV
FeesCable TV fees across the country average $39.99 per month. In our area the cost for cable TV is $37.30 a month for 64 channels, plus $10.95 a
month to add digital channels. Installation in one room is $39.95, plus $9.95 for each additional room.Satellite TV fees from Dish Network are $31.99
per month for 60 channels, while DirecTV charges $41.99 per month for 115 channels. Both satellite TV providers currently offer free satellite TV
equipment and free installation in up to four rooms.Cable vs. Satellite TV ProgrammingCable TV in most areas offers almost as many channels as
satellite TV, and is broadcast in analog (over-the-air) format. If you want to have digital picture and sound you'll have to pay an additional fee, usually
$10 to $15 a month.Satellite TV offers more channels than cable TV (more than 250 channels), and more HDTV (high definition TV) programming. All
satellite TV channels are broadcast in digital format for the highest quality picture and sound.Cable vs. Satellite TV EquipmentWith cable you only
need cable boxes that connect the incoming cable line to your televisions. There is usually no charge or rental fees for cable boxes, however, If you
want a digital video recorder, you'll have to pay an extra fee.With satellite TV you need a satellite TV dish and TV receivers. Both Dish Network and
DirecTV offer that equipment, plus installation, for free. Dish Network will give you a DVR (digital video recording) receiver or an HDTV receiver at no
charge, while DirecTV charges $49.99 for DVR receivers and $299 for HDTV receivers.Cable and Satellite TV Reliability and Customer Satisfaction
Cable TV outages average 3% to 5% per year. J.D. Powers and Associates ranks cable companies as good to poor in customer satisfaction.Satellite
TV outages average about 1%. J.D. Power and Associates has ranked the two satellite TV providers - Dish Network and DirecTV - higher in customer
satisfaction than any of the cable TV companies for the last five years The Bottom LineIf you only watch a couple of shows a week, and you live in an
area where you can't get over-the-air TV and cable TV costs less than $20 per month, then cable may be your best option.If, on the other hand, you
want the biggest variety of shows, movies, sports, and news for the least amount of money ... you want to watch your all your shows in digital video
and sound ... and you want the option of watching them in HD format and recording them on a DVR receiver, then satellite TV is what you're looking

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