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					About Astrive Student Loans
If you are in need of supplemental money to help pay for school, Astrive student loans may be what you need in order to get the extra financing you
require. Astrive student loans are private loans that were established to help cover the costs of schooling that are not paid for by the standard federally
funded financial aid packages.

There are several ways that you can acquire Astrive student loans. First, you can apply by yourself. In order to do so, you need to have an extremely
good credit history that has matured for no less than 26 months. This is typically difficult for young adults to meet, so the majority of individuals making
use of Astrive student loans apply through a co-signer.

A co-signer is someone with a good credit rating who is willing to vouch for you and take responsibility for your student loan. A co-signer must meet a
certain list of criteria in order to be eligible.

There are several criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for Astrive student loans. First, you must already know which college you are going
to attend. This is important, as Astrive must contact the school and ask for information on the loan process for that particular college. In addition to
that, they will verify that you will be attending that college, and set up the process of fund transfers from Astrive to the school.

Astrive student loans function in a very similar way to how federally funded loans do. There is the same six month grace period associated with federal
funding and a very similar application process. However, unlike federal funding, Astrive student loans are not bound by the same limitations that
federal funds are.

Federal funding will only permit a certain amount per student, while Astrive student loans are usually more flexible. If your credit rating and history, as
well as that of your co-signer, support a higher limit, you can receive the limit that you require. This is very useful for those students who are enrolled in
famous higher education centers, as these schools are typically a great deal more expensive.

However, just like most financial centers, but unlike federal funding, Astrive student loans applications can be refused for any reason they see fit.
Those reasons can vary from economic downturns to the possibility that you may default on the loan. The higher the risk you represent, the more
chance there is that your application will not be approved.

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