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         Top Accounts Payable Outsourcing Vendors, Black Book Survey 2009 Results - 2009

       Dated: Oct 16, 2009

       Top Accounts Payable Outsourcing Vendors, Black Book Survey 2009 Results - 2009 Published Date : 9
       August 2009 Pages : 41

       In 2009, the Black Book APO Industry user survey investigates over 500 contracts held by 1500 of the top
       spending organizations and conglomerate corporations globally.
        18 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or criteria are employed, scored on each respective vendor by client
       type and ranked on a 0-10 scale per KPI.

        Key Findings

        Key Finding: Most Important Customer Satisfaction KPIs
        Client Relationship & Cultural Fit and Trust are the most important attributes influencing APO client
       satisfaction with their 2009 outsourcing providers.
        Key Finding: Vendor Dissatisfaction is uncommon in the AP Process Outsourcing Industry among Top
       Ranked Suppliers
        Strong dissatisfaction is uncommon in the Finance & Accounting sector of Accounts Payable, occurring in
       less than 7.5% of US client types, 10.3% of UK clients and 10.8% of International customers. US and
       Global corporations collectively experience only a 6.8% dissatisfaction rate.
         Key Finding: Comprehensive Services Vendor Arrangements from a Comprehensive/End-To-End APO
       Vendor produces the Highest Satisfaction Rates

        Table of Contents :

        Introduction 5

        Summary 7

        Methodology 9

        Predicted High Growth KPO Verticals 11

       Companies Mentioned
       BNY Mellon Sourcenet, Consero, IQ Backoffice, HOV Services, Outsource Partners, Next Process, API
       Outsourcing, Banctec, Global Exchange Group, CBIZ, Accenture, Xchanging, Taurus Quest, Core3, ACS,
       Hewlett Packard EDS, Capgemini, Accounts Next, Diversified AP Solutions, Paystream

        Stop Light Scoring Key 13

        Overview of KPI Leaders 18

        Individual Key Performance Indicator Detail 21


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