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					                        THE PALEOLITHIC AGE

             Good morning, boys and girls

             As you know, Prehistory was a very long period, the
             period extending from the origin of the human being,
             about five million years ago, to the invention of writing,
             about 6,000 years ago. This long period is divided into
             three stages: the Paleolithic Age, the Neolithic Age and
             the Metal Age. Which are the main features of each

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                           THE NEOLITHIC
        PALEOLITHIC                      THE METAL AGE

              What happened in the Paleolithic Age?

                The first hunters and gatherers: The first
                human beings lived on hunting, fishing and the
                gathering on wild fruits.. The hunted mammoths,
                bears, elephants, deer, bison and other animals.
                Then they used their meat as food and their skins
                as clothes.They were nomadic, that is to say they
                did not live in a fixed place but moved from place
                to place in search of good areas for hunting, with
                plenty of plants. They lived in caves, outdoors or
                in cabins which were built with tree branches and
                animal skins, and they tried to settle near rivers.

                Men and women organised themselves into small
                tribes, constituted by the members of the same
                family.In general terms, the climate was very cold,
                diseases were very common and most men and
                women no older than 35 years old.

                  After reading the text, write in Spanish
                   how people lived in the Paleolithic age.

- Complete the chart with the information that you can find on your book on
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 The first hunters   How they used
                                       In search of fire   The first artists
  and gatherers          stone

   ACTIVITY 4: Define the following terms

   a)   Cave art:

   b)   Venus:

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