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Fix Scratched Dvd


									All About Scratched Digital Video Disks
Imagine you are trying to play your favorite movie Jurassic Park on your DVD player. Suddenly you notice it is not playing. You wonder why it has
happened so. Then, you remember your pet dog Toby was playing with it days earlier and made a lot of scratches on it. What you have now got is a
scratched DVD. Another scenario might be this. You visited a local DVD store and bought a couple of used DVDs to play at home. When you reached
home and examined it, you were shocked to find out that one had many scratches on the playable part of it. It might be true that you do not want to
see every second of the film you have just bought. It is also true that not all are fond of watching the title and the credit scenes. However, how do you
know which parts have remained in working condition? A number of solutions are there that you can find within your budget. For example, you can
buy a DVD repair kit which would contain some tools to make your disk playable on your DVD player or in the DVD-Rom of your computer or gaming
console. A DVD repair kit contains a wax-like cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth. Apply 3-4 drops of the wax-like cleaner on the scratched DVD and rub
it gently. A couple of minutes later you can softly clean the surface with the cloth provided in the kit. If you want to prevent your DVDs from being
scratched, then try an expensive multi DVD changer. Buy the thing which can change something around 300-400 DVDs at once. Then you can put
them into the changer and play it for unlimited times. You would take at least a month to see all the movies. When all your movies are finished, then
replace the old ones with new ones. In this way, you can save many disks from being scratched. However, the investment is a big one for buying this
multi disk changer. However, take it as a one-time investment. The investment can act as an insurance protection for your priceless collection. You
can use professional software which retrieves data from your scratched disk. The software scans the scratched DVD and then scans for the
unreadable sectors. The data is then recovered and dumped in a fixed disk drive. If the software is efficient and professional then it would have a high
percentage of recovery. You can also go for DVD writing software which copies disk in 1:1 mode. 1:1 means, the data is copied exactly in the disk.
The software would make an image from the data from the unreadable sectors. A multipurpose utility like computer can be used to perform this kind of
task. The image file would then be copied in the hard disk. Another blank disk will be inserted in the ROM drive and the image file is rewritten on the
disk. This would make an exact copy of the scratched DVD. You can also try this simple trick. Spread some toothpaste on the surface, which has
been scratched. Not every disk would respond to this treatment but on some scratched DVDs it works wonders.

About the Author
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