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         Home Schooling Seton Information and Basic Home Schooling Information Released

       By Carol Currie
       Dated: Nov 08, 2008

       Learn the basics of home schooling Seton, different types of home schooling Seton, and home schooling
       Seton definitions. Information also on Home Schooling and Home Schooling Seton Information.

       Home School Jewel has just released a new section of their website that has all of the basics on Home
       Schooling, Home School Seton, and Home School Blogs. This is part of a new community website that is
       all about Schooling at home. Members and non-members can visit this Home School page on the Home
       Schooling website for free at:

        Here is an excerpt from the new Home Schooling Seton information webpage:

        “Seton home school is a concept promoted by Dr. Anne Carroll. She founded a regular middle school that
       became popular both for its religious teaching and the academic results it produced. As its fame grew, so
       did the demand for admissions, which was beyond the school’s capacity. Although branches were set up,
       the demand could still not be met. Also, as the schools were quite expensive, there was a demand for
       education that was more affordable but which still imparted the same values and offered the same high
       standards. The outcome was the Seaton home school program, which Dr. Carroll promoted in 1980 and
       which has steadily grown in popularity.

        The Seaton home school philosophy is that the parents are not just the primary care givers but also the
       primary educators of their children. The curriculum is based on the thoughts of the Magisterium or the
       official teaching authority of the Seton Church. The idea is to provide the children and their families with a
       form of education based exclusively on the Seton dogma and it either excludes or militates against that
       which is not acceptable to the teachings of the Seton Church.”

        There is plenty of more information on the new general information home schooling website that can be
       found by visiting: There is also a special going on now that allows
       members to gain access to free ebooks and other free materials just for signing up as a member of the home
       schooling website for free at: Users should check back often to the
       home schooling general page as more information will be added as the website expands and grows.

        About Home School Jewel: Home School Jewel is a Community Site that brings users into a deeper
       relationship with Home Schooling.


       About Home School Jewel: Home School Jewel is a Community Site that brings users into a deeper
       relationship with Home Schooling.

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