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									                                        Publix Supermarket, Forth Mayers - Naples, FL

                                                  PUBLIX SUPERMARKET

Internet Site:

Positions: Cashier, Deli, Bakery, Produce, Stocker (Students position determined upon arrival)

Job description: Operates cash register, prepare delicatessen items, prepare pastries and cakes; prepare and stock produce
shelves, stocker dry and canned good shelves, bag groceries.

Dates of Emplyment: START DATE: Dec. 15/2009 or Jan 3/2010 END DATE: March/01/2010 or March 15/2010. Students can
arrive days earlier but won't start working/training until these dates

Required skills: Will train

Level of English Required: good to advance

Expected Schedule: 4-5 days a week, 7-8 hours a day, some overtime may be available

Drug Screening Policy: Drug Screening required

Starting wage: $9.50     Avg. hours per week: 35         Overtime: Maybe - First paycheck received after 2-3 weeks on

Frequency of paychecks thereafter: weekly

Uniforms provided? Shirts. Participant should bring their own pants (black) and shoes (black) no open toe shoes allowed.

Cost of uniforms: N/A


Housing provide? Yes

Cost of housing: $120/wk - 1st 4 weeks rent ($480) to be paid/transferred with housing deposit ($250) before arrival. First 4
weeks rent and housing deposit will be refunded if participant is denied at US Consulate or withdraws from program prior to
arrival for a family emergency. Last months (4 weeks) rent to be paid upon arrival to site. Pre-arrival transfer to be sent to 21
days prior to arrival by bank transfer. Total pre-arrival transfer is $730.
NOTE: rent includes normal usage of utilities, but additional charges may apply if participants in housing do not conserve
electricity and water. Please see housing agreement.
Is a housing deposit required? Yes

Amount of deposit: $250 to be paid prior to arrival

Is deposit refundable? Yes. To be refunded within 30 days after end of program minus $50 move out fee.

For which reasons will the deposit not be refunded? Damage to property, cleaning fees, removal of items from house,
excess utilization of utilities. Any unpaid charges may be applied.

Address of Housing / Housing Restrictions: Destin, Naples. Fort Myers, Fl. Multiple locations.

How many participants per bedroom? 2 normal, 3 maximum.

How many participants per bathroom? 2 - 4 average.

Are there cooking facilities at housing? Yes

HOUSING HAS THE FOLLOWING AVAILABLE: microwave optional, refrigerator, flatware, pillows, basic cable tv, dishes,
cookware, table, couch, chairs, single or bunk beds, telephone.

Is housing within walking distance of shopping facilities? Yes

At housing will participants have access to their internet? Internet may be available, participants must use their own
computer if available.

How will participants get to and from the work site? walk, bicycle, public transportation and company transportation.

If company transportation is required, participant must pay $5 per trip each way to/from work and must purchase
transportation tickets in advance in lots of 10. If not purchased in advance they are $6 each way purchased in bus. This cannot
be deducted from your check, participant must bring money to pay for this.

Is public transportation available in the area? Yes, taxis and shuttle bus

Do employees receive any meal benefits? No


Nearest International Airport: Southwes Florida International (Lee County). Miami suggested arrival airport.

Transportation from Airport to Employer and / or Housing: Free pickup arranged, participant must contact 14 days prior
to arrival. 8AM to 8PM Monday to Friday unless otherwise approved. No arrival pickup or housing on Dec 25, Dec 31 or Jan 1.
See handout sheet concerning arrival responsibilities.

Nearest bus station: Naples and Fort Meyers.

Bus information:

Nearest train station: N/A

Nearest Social Security Office ( Destin, Naples FL

How and when to apply for the social security card: 10 days after arrival. Employer will provide transport if needed.


Publix is a primary (first) job. Students who do not work their assigned schedule may be dropped from employee rolls. Students
with 2 or more days absent from work without good cause may be dropped from employee rolls. Transportation is available
from company, currently $4 each way if needed

Based on the information available to Work/Travel, the contents of this Premium Placement
Confirmation Form are true and accurate as of the date of its issuance to the Premium Placement
Service participant. All information is subject to change depending on a variety of factors,
including but not limited to weather, employment trends and staffing changes.

IMPORTANTE: Todas as informações disponibilizadas aqui, estão sujeitas a alterações sem aviso
prévio baseadas no interesse e necessidade do empregador nos Estados Unidos. O participante
deve estar ciente de que poderão ocorrer mudanças na oferta de trabalho recebida inicialmente, a
exemplo de alteração da função, redução de carga horária, etc. de acordo com as necessidades do

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