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Oat Flour


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                                          PAVA launches oat flour production

       By OJSC PAVA
       Dated: Jul 14, 2009

       One of the major Russian grain-processors PAVA, operating three mills and grain elevators in the Altay
       and Krasnoyarsk regions, produces oat flour for inner market and for export.

       One of PAVA`s major filial branches Achinsk Mill launched oat flour production. The first consignments
       have already been shipped to Amur Oblast and Buryat Republic. Besides, the company has received
       positive responses from the customers concerning new flour`s quality.
        Angela Kiseleva, PAVA`s Commercial Director states: “When the flour market is considered
       conventional, it is difficult to create something new. However, we work diligently to vary the production
       range for our customers. For example, more than six months ago our company launched Zhitnitsa flour
       production and now we are successfully producing oat flour.”
        Specialists say that there is a shortage of oat flour on the Russian market. Basically it is used by
       confectionaries to produce oatmeal cookies, which are well-known in Russia and abroad. At the same time
       the demand for it has considerably grown this year. Independent market experts link this process to
       financial irregularities and lower cost of the consumer basket in Russia.
        In consequence of these changes, the demand for oat flour has increased. Due to wholesome breads
       popularization, oat flour known for its beneficial properties (high protein and fats content with low starch
       percentage) is applied more and more often to baked goods production.
        Angela Kiseleva says: “We conducted a thorough market analysis before the launch of the new product.
       Our feeling is that there will be evident demand for PAVA`s flour. Moreover, numerous responses from the
       company`s established and prospective customers convinced us to launch the oat flour production.”
        Achinsk Mill is ready to dispatch oat flour to other Russian regions and abroad. Functional logistics
       provides prompt delivery of the production to destination place.


       PAVA is one of the major Russian grain-processing companies, operating three mills and grain elevators in
       the Altay and Krasnoyarsk regions. It produces flour, cereals, animal feeds and bran.

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