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									   HomeConnect Thailand Shows Your Next Bangkok Apartment Rental On TV

Bangkok, Thailand - 28th February 2013 - Finding your first Bangkok Apart ment has never been made
easier. Looking for an apart ment in Bangkok can be both an exciting adventure and a tough challenge for
anyone but with the help of HomeConnect Thailand, you can find your ideal apart ment in just a short
time. Whilst your first impression may be that Bangkok is merely another lively modern city, closer
inspection reveals a mag ical Oriental metropolis, containing a splendid heritage of culture, art and
architecture that still thrives amongst the high-rises and new shopping centers. There are literally
thousands of hotels and apart ments in Bangkok to suit every budget.

Now, if you are looking for a perfect place that you can call home, then HomeConnect Thailand is an
excellent place to begin with. The website's database showcases hundreds of Bangkok real estate
properties which are carefully selected through market value and living properties. Offering quality
services to landlords and tenant for a successful and booming real estate business, HomeConnect has also
assisted many expats and locals find a new home in Bangkok.

As a premier expat home search company in Thailand, HomeConnect
continue to strive in making home search process fast and easy.
Having over 30 years of experience in Southeast Asia, HomeConnect
Thailand offers the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of
properties. They are also one of the few real estate agencies in
Bangkok specializing in apart ment and condos for rent that
incorporates a video clip on each of their properties.

HomeConnec t Thailand is fully aware that video is a powerful way to
connect with perspective clients, improve brand, and become an
authority figure in the real estate industry including apart ment rental.
From this perspective, HomeConnect Thailand brings t o view
hundreds of Bangkok apart ment s, houses and condos for rent, all
with detailed description and video clips. So how do they do that?

HomeConnect Thailand makes a video clip of all the apart ment and condo rentals and uploads the video to
their website for apart ment seekers to visit from a computer or a smart TV. Incorporating the video clips
is an excellent way of showing a preview of the properties. This also allows Bangkok apart ment seekers to
get a real sense of the property's scale and flow. For more information, go to
www.HomeConnectT hailand.com and see how it works.

About HomeConnect Thailand

HomeConnect is Thailand’s premier expat home search company, dedicated to making the home search
process easy and specializing in finding rental homes for the expatriate community. Best of all for our
clients, our services are FREE.

 HomeConnect (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: Rama 4 Road, Sirinrat Building, 21st Floor, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Tel:
       +662-687-7988 | Fax +662-687-7999 | Email: info@homeconnectthailand.com | Johannes Bergstrom

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