Abortion Abortion Adoption the right by goodbaby


									Abortion Adoption: the right to know Affirmative Action Laws Aids choices for Life Air Bags Aliens and UFO's: Yes or no Amnesty: Should prisoners receive this? Animal Rights Are there Angels among us? Assisted Suicide Bigamy Birth Control Books: are they a thing of the past Breast Feeding in Public Breast Implants Beauty is more than skin deep Brand Names cost more, but is the quality any better Budgeting as well as spending Capital Punishment Censorship of Internet Chat Rooms: Are they safe City Curfews Cloning Conservation and Recycling: Is it Important Cults Kill Does Dieting lead to Eating Disorders Discrimination Laws Divorce: Does it destroy children Donor Insemination: Selling Babies Dr. Kevorkian Drinking Age Drunk Driving Eating Less Meat Ebonics Euthanasia Euthanasia

Filtering Internet Food Additives Food Stamps Fur is not a Fashion Statement (using animal fur for coats) Should American companies go overseas for workers? Gay Marriages Gene Testing Genetic Engineering Ghosts: Are they real Global Warming: Fact or Fiction Government Regulation of Utilities Gun Laws Hunting Laws Illiteracy: Is it a problem Immigrants and Illegal Aliens Immunity Rights for Political Leaders Legalizing Marijuana Legalized Gambling Mandatory Seatbelt Laws Medicare Mothers should stay at home Nuclear Weapons Online Gambling Organ Transplants Pesticide Use Prayer in Schools Priests: Should they be allowed to marry? Privacy rights for Celebrities Public Office Terms Reincarnation Religions: Should they interfere with medical care? Right to own Pitbulls Smoking in Public Places Space Program Speed Limits Steroids

Is stomach stapling the way to lose weight? Tax Laws Test Tube Babies Unemployment Compensation Women in the Military Wrestling and Football: Should girls be allowed?

Help With Speech Topics
Persuasive Speeches
First of all, almost any informative topic can become a persuasive topic by adding a call-to-action step. Secondly, try to avoid speech topics that deal with fixed beliefs like abortion, capital punishment, religion and so forth. People have spent many years deciding what they think about these topics and you are not likely to change their minds in a four to six minute speech. Don't set yourself up to fail. Philosophical Topics Reincarnation Bigamy School related Topics College requirements Student finacial aid policies Black sororities and fraternities Stepping Tuition costs Health related topics Food additives Eating less meat Health care system Birth control / Safe Sex The importance of wearing well fitting shoes Smoking policies Government related topics Legalization of marijuana Tax laws Criminal justice Censorship Unemployment compensation

Food stamps Medicare Government spending The national debt Drug laws Space exploration Pornography Legal drinking age Speed limits Foreign aid Nursing home regulation Public office term limits Free speech Fun Topics Why you should vacation at Walt Disney World Persuading the audience to visit a local museum or zoo Be happy! Why you should watch...
  

"The Simpsons" WCW Wrestling "Seinfeld"

Why we should write the Fox network to bring back Shannon Doherty on "Beverly Hills 90210" Why you should read John Grisham, Stephen King, etc. Miscellaneous Topics TV violence Seal hunting Equal rights / Sexism Nuclear power Caller ID Advertising Gay rights

Adoption Africa An Aging Population Alcohol American Foreign Policy American History America's Future America's Prisons America's Victims Animal Rights Biomedical Ethics The Breakup of the Soviet Union Censorship Chemical Dependency;Drug Abuse

Child Abuse;Child Welfare Christopher Columbus Crime and Criminals;Criminal Justice; Gangs;Juvenile Crime Culture Wars Death and Dying;Euthanasia;Suicide Education in America;Teenage Pregnancy Endangered Species Genetic Engineering Global Resources;Global Warming;The Environment Health and Fitness Health Care in America The Homeless Homosexuality;Human Sexuality Illegal Immigration

Interracial America Islam Israel The Legal System Male/Female Roles;Working Women Mass Media Mental Illness Population Pornography Race Relations;Racism in America Space Exploration Sports in America Violence Welfare;Work

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