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                                                     Kiosk Criteria

Within specific areas of the common area of our shopping centres are potential kiosk locations. We
are pleased to offer the criteria below for longer-term kiosk opportunities within our centres. The
Specialty Retailers are responsible for the design, fabrication and installation of all of the pertinent
details of the kiosk. The kiosk design should complement the design of the centre and meets all
building codes, design finishes and product selection of the centre.

This Kiosk Criteria package is to be read in conjunction with the Temporary Occupancy Agreement
and it's related Schedules and all Codes and Regulations, which have jurisdiction over the work.

The Function of the Specialty Leasing Manager and/or General Manager and/or the Tenant
Coordinator is to guide and assist the Specialty Retailers through their design/construction work.

The Specialty Leasing Program within Ivanhoe Cambridge is seeking unique, creative and unusual
kiosk design to create excitement and innovation to the common areas of our shopping centres.


All work for the kiosk must be completed off–site and can be assembled in the centre – only during
non-operating hours by the Tenant's approved contractor.

The Kiosk will be placed on the flooring and will not be fastened to the floor. No damage can be done
to the centre's floor treatments. Any damage that is done is the Retailer's sole responsible to repair at
the Retailer's expense. It is understood that the Specialty Retailer accepts that licensed area in "as is"

       I.      The kiosk must fit within a rectangular design as outlined below. No portion of the kiosk
               may extend beyond this allocated space.

               a. The kiosk cannot be longer than _____ long measured along the axis parallel to the
                  common area.
               b. It must be no wider than _____ measured across the width of the centre.
               c. We encourage counter-top displays. The kiosk design must not exceed 6 feet in
                  height however, we will follow for a sign or a signband to be located between 6"6"
                  and 8'0", subject to approval of the design.

       II.     The kiosk is to be centered in the common area and it may not be closer than 10'0" to
               any part of the adjacent Retailer's storefront or surrounding walls.

                                                 Kiosk Criteria
    III.   The average height of the countertop is 3'6" above the floor. The Retailer may vary the
           height for their own merchandising needs. However, the overall height of the counter
           and merchandise may not exceed 4"10" in order to allow for clear visibility to the
           adjacent Retailers.

    IV.    Signage and accent lighting are permitted above the countertop of the kiosk.

    V.     The structure that supports the signage and lighting is to be open and the structure is to
           be used to support the same. We will not allow merchandising to be displayed from the
           support structure.

    VI.    The design of the kiosk must comply with all municipal and provincial building codes.


    I.     Countertops and counterfaces may be constructed of any of the following:
           a. Natural stone such as limestone, marble, granite or solid core laminate.
           b. Custom or premium grade wood or wood veneer in:
                   a. Oak
                   b. Maple
                   c. Ash
                   d. Cherry
                   e. Mahogany
           c. Solid stock corners and bullnoses are required. Finishes may be
                   a. Clear
                   b. Stained
                   c. Ebonized
           d. Solid Acrylic finishes ( Corian, Avonite, Surrell) in colours that complement the
               merchandise and the centre.
           e. Shop painted or shop finished metals.

    II.    Countertop and counterfaces may also made of glass display cabinets framed in any of
           the above mentioned materials and polished metals such as:
           a. Brass
           b. Bronze or Stainless Steel
           c. Aluminum

    III.   Plastic laminate can not be used for any surface that is visible to the public except for:
           a. Shelving in display cases
           b. Centre island cladding

                                                 Kiosk Criteria

      I.     Cabinets maybe constructed from any of the following materials:
             a. Natural wood or premium wood veneer in
                   a. Oak
                   b. Maple
                   c. Ash
                   d. Cherry
                   e. Mahogany


      I.     Lighting sources within the kiosk must be located or shielded so that they do not
             produce glare at normal eye-level to the Public. It is recommended that a high quality
             Halogen lighting be used in the kiosk – bearing in mind that the average amperage to
             the kiosk will be a total of 15 amp.

      II.    Canopies, awnings, roofs or the support systems for the lighting structures may be
             forbidden in locations in the shopping centres where they would obstruct reasonable
             pedestrian visibility of in-line Tenants storefronts or signs.


The Specialty Retailer must prepare and submit, for the Licensor's approval, complete drawings and
specifications for the kiosk design. Submission for the approval must include the following:

      a.     2 Sets of prints or drawings
      b.     Floor Plan
      c.     Ceiling and/or roof plans, if applicable
      d.     Elevations including all signage
      e.     Finishes on all surfaces exposed to the public view. We recommend a sample board for
             a clear understanding of colours, materials and surface textures etc.
      f.     Electrical and plumbing distribution, including the load requirement.
      g.     Construction start-up and completion schedule.

                                                    Kiosk Criteria

       a.     The Specialty Retailer is responsible for obtaining all permits, paying all fees, and
              obtaining all required inspections and approvals from any and all bodies having
              jurisdiction over their work.
       b.     The Specialty Retailer will be responsible for any damage to the Licensor's property
              resulting from the action of the retailer or his contractors.
       c.     Tenant work schedule must be submitted and approved by either the Specialty Leasing
              Manager and/or the General Manager of the shopping centre to minimize the
              disruptions to the business of the tenants surrounding the kiosk location.
       d.     Deliveries to the kiosk location and removal of materials from it shall follow the routes as
              designated by the Centre Management. All Carts, dollies, and equipment moving
              through the centre must be before or after hours and on equipment which have soft
              rubber tired wheels.
       e.     Finishes on all surfaces exposed to the public view. We recommend a sample board for
              a clear understanding of colours, materials and surface textures etc.


Attached are a series of photos and/or renderings showing examples of award winning kiosk design
showing unique and approved kiosk designs. Please remember when you are designing your kiosk to
ensure that you allow for flexibility in the design to allow it to utilized in a broad range of shopping

We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

Ivanhoe Cambridge

                                 Kiosk Criteria

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