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					                                                           Renewing, replacing or correcting
Where to apply

     The majority of Secretary of State offices issue        You may renew your enhanced card at any branch
the enhanced driver’s license and state ID card. To     office or by mail if eligible. Changes of address may
find the office nearest you, please visit the Branch    also be completed by mail or at any branch office.
Office Locator at
                                                             If you need to change your name or date of birth,
                                                        then you must visit a Secretary of State office authorized
                                                        to issue an enhanced card (see list in this brochure).
                                                            Your current card will remain valid until your new
                                                        card arrives in the mail.
                                                            If your enhanced card is lost or stolen, you may
                                                        request a replacement at any branch office. You will
                                                                                                                                         Enhanced driver’s license
                                                        need to present identification to substantiate your
                                                        identity. Lost or stolen cards are immediately canceled
                                                                                                                                         & state ID card
                                                        and cannot be used for border-crossing purposes.
                                                                                                                                         By land or by sea, use enhanced ID!
                                                            Contact the Department of State Information
                                                        Center toll free at (888) SOS-MICH (767-6424) if you
                                                        have not received your new card within two to three
                                                        weeks of your request.
Tips for using the Branch Office Locator:
•   Narrow your search by entering the county, ZIP
    code or city of the office you’re interested in.
                                                           For more information about Michigan’s enhanced
•   Choose “enhanced license/ID” from the drop-
                                                                   license and state ID card, go to
    down menu under “Select specific service” to
    pinpoint a branch quickly.
                                                             Information on federal travel requirements is at
      1.) Select search type:
           Zip Code             City

           County               Statewide

      2.) Enter 5 Digit Zip Code:

      3.) Select specific service:
        Enhanced License/ID
                                                            Total Copies: 100,000 / Total Cost: $3,309.70 / Total per Copy: $0.03
                                                                                      SOS-435 (07/09)
                 Description of Services
                                                         An alternative format of this document is available by calling (888) SOS-MICH
                       Search                           (767-6424). Hearing-impaired customers may access the Department of State
                                                                    by calling the Michigan Relay Center at (800) 649-3777.
ENHANCED driver’s license and
state identification card                                                                                              Using your ENHANCED card
                                                           Handy, easy to use, secure and affordable!
      Planning a trip to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or                                                                    At the border
the Caribbean? The enhanced driver’s license and           Enhanced licenses and ID cards cost less
state ID card are designed for your convenience. In                                                                        As you approach the border crossing, remove
addition to serving as a typical driver’s license or ID,
                                                           than a passport, speed you across the border                your enhanced license or ID from the protective
they are accepted as proof of your identity and            and fit neatly in your wallet or purse.                     sleeve that came with the card.
citizenship under the Western Hemisphere Travel                                                                             The card’s technology allows it to be scanned
Initiative (WHTI). As of June 1, 2009, anyone                                                                          from a distance so border officials can verify your
entering the U.S. by land or sea must present one of                                                                   identity and citizenship, speeding your entry to
the WHTI-approved border-crossing documents.                                                                           the U.S. at land or sea crossings. If the scanning
                                                                 ENHANCED Driver’s License Fees*                       technology is unavailable, a machine-readable zone
                                                                 First                    $45                          on the back of the card can be used to verify
How to get an ENHANCED license or ID                             Renewal                  $38                          citizenship and ensure a smooth crossing.
                                                                 Duplicate                $38                               No personal information is transmitted during
                                                                 Correction               $38                          this process.
You are eligible for an enhanced license or ID if you:
                                                                 Late Renewal             $45
• Are a U.S. citizen and a Michigan resident.
• (For licenses only) have no violations,
    suspensions, revocations or denials on your                  ENHANCED Chauffeur License Fees*
    driving record that would prevent you from                   First                   $50                           Enhanced ID is faster,
    legally operating a motor vehicle.                           Renewal                 $43
Please note: When applying for an enhanced
                                                                 Duplicate               $43                           cheaper and easier!
                                                                 Correction              $43
driver's license or state ID card, your first and last
                                                                 Late Renewal            $50
name and date of birth on your identity and
citizenship documents should match. If your current
legal name is different from what is shown on your
citizenship document, you must present lawful proof        *Other fees such as CDL group designators and
of the name change, such as an original marriage           motorcycle endorsements are added to the enhanced fee.
license, divorce decree or court order.
To apply:
1. Visit a Secretary of State office authorized to               ENHANCED State ID Card Fees
    issue the enhanced license and ID card.                      First                     $30
2. Before visiting a branch office, make sure you                First (65+ or blind)      $20
    have the proper documentation. You will need                 Renewal                   $30
    to present proof of:                                         Renewal (65+ or blind)    $20
    a. A valid Social Security number (for example,              Duplicate                 $30
        a Social Security card)                                  Duplicate (65+ or blind)  $20
    b. U.S. citizenship (for example, your original              Correction                $30
        certified birth certificate)                             Correction (65+ or blind) $20
    c. Identity (for example, a current Michigan
        photo license or ID card)
    d. Residency (for example, a current Michigan                You may apply for an enhanced license or state ID
        photo license or ID card)
    More information is available on the Secretary of
                                                           card at any time. The card is valid for up to four years.
                                                           It will take about two to three weeks to process your
                                                                                                                       For more information, visit
    State Web site at                application and issue your new license or ID card.
3. Have a new photograph taken.
4. Pay the enhanced license or state ID card fee.