Letter Of Intent Sample Form by DJPaparazzi


									                     The Senior Project at Bonita High School
                           Letter of Intent: Sample Form

September 12, 2008

Sue Student
1234 56th Street
La Verne, CA 91750

Board Judges
3102 “D” Street
La Verne, CA 91750

Dear Board Judges:

Paragraph One (“OVERALL”): (A) Describe the general area of interest (history, art,
music, etc.), and why you chose this area. (B) Explain what you already know or have
accomplished in this area. (C) Briefly describe the proposed topic of your paper and
create a general picture of what your project hours will involve.

Paragraph Two (RESEARCH PAPER): (A) Discuss the focus of the research paper,
including some of the ideas you hope to include, the kind of paper it will be (exploratory,
compare/contrast, problem/solution, etc.), and resources you may use. (B) Explain how
the research process and the paper topic will be a learning stretch. (In other words, make
it clear how the paper will present a challenge for you, intellectually and/or emotionally).

Paragraph Three (PROJECT HOURS): (A) Explain the relationship between your
paper and your project. (B) Describe your project in specific detail, including what you
will do, where it will be done, who will be involved, potential cost, potential time spent,
and possible resources. (C) If you have done anything in the past that would be
considered similar to your project idea, you must describe that past experience here. (A
judgment will be made by your English teacher as to whether or not your current project
idea is different enough from your past experience to be considered a legitimate learning
stretch). (D) Designate by name who your mentor will be, and explain why this person is
qualified to mentor your project. (E) If your project will involve volunteering, contact
the person and/or place first, get permission, and include contact information (name,
phone number, address). (F) Explain how this project will be a learning stretch. (Here
your challenge may be physical, emotional and/or intellectual).

Paragraph Four (RULES/CONSEQUENCES): (A) Explain in your own words your
understanding of plagiarism, forgery, and misrepresentation of the paper, project hours,
and/or portfolio. (B) Explain in your own words the repercussions (consequences) of
plagiarism, forgery, and/or misrepresentation of your Senior Project.



Sue Student

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