TENANT S 30 DAY NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE Tenant Name s Address and Apartment by DJPaparazzi

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									                            TENANT'S 30 DAY NOTICE
                             OF INTENT TO VACATE
Tenant Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________

Address and Apartment #: ____________________________________________________________________


Telephone Numbers (Home/Cell and Work): _____________________________________________________


Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Termination Date: __________________________________________________________________________

New Address: _____________________________________________________________________________


Reason(s) for Move-out: _____________________________________________________________________



Notice is hereby given that tenant intends to and shall vacate the Premises on or before the Termination Date
and Tenant’s right to possession of the Premises shall terminate on that date. From and after the date of service
on Landlord, this notice is irrevocable and Landlord may take any action in reliance thereon deemed necessary
or proper to re-rent or obtain possession of the Premises as of the Termination Date.

FURTHER, IT IS UNDERSTOOD that as to tenancies from month to month absent any provision of a written
rental agreement to the contrary, California Civil Code Section 1946* requires Tenant to pay rent to Landlord,
prorated at the Daily Rate, for a thirty-day period after the date of service of this notice or to the Termination
Date, whichever date is later in time.

Date: _______________________

Tenant Name(s):__________________________________________________________

Tenant Signature(s):_______________________________________________________

*California Civil Code Section 1946 provides, in part, as follows: “…as to tenancies from month to month either of the parties may
terminate the same by giving at least 30 days written notice thereof at any time and the rent shall be due and payable to and including
the date of termination.”
1. By law, tenants must provide a minimum move-out notice of 30 days.
2. We must receive written move out notice. Mail your move-out notice to your payment address (PO Box 5345,
   Beverly Hills, CA 90209). We use the postmark date in establishing the 30 day window.
3. You must provide your new address in order for us to mail your security deposit refund. Please provide
   telephone numbers and an email address which you will keep after your move-out so that we may contact you if
   the need arises.
4. You may not use your security deposit as last month’s rent. Your rent is due through the end of your tenancy
   date. If you do not pay your last month’s rent, you will be subject to late fees and interest. Non-payment of rent
   may negatively affect your credit report.
5. By law, the Owner/Agent may show your unit to potential residents during normal business hours before you
   move out, provided you receive reasonable notice of this entry. Reasonable notice is considered to be 24 hours
   written notice, delivered to you or someone in your unit, or left at your front door.
6. If you move earlier than the end of your tenancy (i.e. your lease termination date or the 30 day period required),
   and the Owner/Agent receives possession of your unit, the Owner/Agent will try to rent the unit. If the
   Owner/Agent is able to obtain rent for the time before the end of your tenancy, you will be credited for that
   time up until the end of your tenancy. Otherwise, you will be responsible for rent through the end of your
7. By law, you have the right to request an Initial Inspection, to occur no earlier than two weeks before you vacate
   the unit, in order to determine what cleaning and/or repairs are necessary, and will affect the amount of the
   security deposit returned to you. You may be present at this Initial Inspection. If you wish to have this Initial
   Inspection, please complete the form available on our website at www.smproperties.net and attach it to your
   move-out request. This inspection including the estimates, are not necessarily the final amount, as there may be
   hidden damage or cleaning required, that is not apparent during the Initial Inspection.

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