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International Sales And Service by DynamiteKegs


									International Sales and Service Partners Meeting 2006

In quaint Swiss idyll high above the Vierwaldstätter See (lake in the canton Schwyz), Printcolor
Screen Ltd. could welcome many of its international dealers to a very accosting, technically
                                          oriented meeting from 22nd – 23rd of September 2006.
                                          Travelling from all over – England, Iran, Spain, Poland,
                                          etc. – all the different cultures from various fields of action
                                          came to join our international circle.
                                          So the first part of the seminar was focussed on interesting
                                          aspects of the marketing plan and the same could be
                                          adapted in respect to our partners country-specific
                                          conditions and characteristics. This will serve especially for
                                          a common strategic alignment in the diverse target
                                          markets. The analysis of initiating national, individual
                                          operational marketing plans in order to enable a
                                          systematic acquisition and handling of profitable market
segments attracted also wide interest and aroused motivated participation. The future will show,
how realistic the realization of this guiding principles in the particular countries will be. In any
case we wish our partners hereby lots of pleasure and of course the aspired success.
Later on the focus shifted to technical concerns and news in the area of the screen-, pad- and
digital printing. Various consultants of the research and development departement
communicated up-to-date topics in the area UV-technology with focus on the presentation of our
new, multi-functional screen printing ink Series 566 easyCURE; then the printing system for a
trouble-free manufacturing of membrane switch and touch panels, where you will find all
necessary products in the easySWITCH package. The mentioned products consist, additionally
to the Series 347, which covers the colored inks and backprint systems, also texturing and
window varnishes, adhesives and print & peel systems for the partial temporary protection. Last
but not least it followed an update of the card industry products, which are covered by the Series
382 in the color area and its completion with thermo- and polish varnishes, magnetic inks,
signature fields and many security effects; these products are driven under the category
The day was completed by a funny sport olympics, where our turkish colleagues could not be
defeated: Congratulations!
On the second day we stepped on the gas for another time and
presented further product news as well as market-leading
systems. So our water-based liquid laminates of the Series
easyPROTECT, which are developed especially for the long
lasting protection of digital prints in the outdoor area, present the
state of the art. Pioneers with respect to opacity and perfor-
mance are the Printcolor pad printing inks, which now have
become amplified by the universally applicable UV-curing
version Series 747 easyPAD. This system enjoys ever greater
popularity especially for industrial, fully automated applications. The user-friendly software
easyMEMO, for the systematic and reproducible administration of formulas, as well as
peripheral products like Emulsions, Cleaners, Degreasers, etc. of the easyCOAT- program
completed the series of lectures. The final lecture was about specialties, which are, as generally
known, a poster child and example for the creativity and innovation of the Printcolor Screen
Ltd.. There are unequally many effect groups, which can not be specified here, but which are
treated extensively in our current product brochure (available in german, english, french and
spanish).                                                                                      1
During the final discussion it was clear, that it had been a successful meeting in Morschach and
it was agreed concordantly that this kind of meeting should be repeated every year.
All of us have had lots of fun during these two days and we have been happy to have had finally
the possibility to get to know our international dealers some closer!
We hope for a numerous participation also next year and wish all our partners a successful
realization of their (possibly new) goals with our products!                                                                              2

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