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					                                                                 Department of Surveying and Land Studies

Cartography or Land Management of this                        those prescribed. The research project is comprised
University or another tertiary institution approved           of first and second semester subjects on the same
by the Committee.                                             research topic.
A Bachelor’s degree in another land-associated                TERMINATION OF REGISTRATION
discipline approved by the Committee together                 After     taking      into    consideration    the
with appropriate industrial or professional                   recommendation of the Department, and after
experience approved by the Committee.                         giving the candidate an opportunity to be heard,
OR                                                            the Higher Degrees Committee may terminate a
In special circumstances the Higher Degrees                   candidate’s registration at any time on grounds of
Committee may admit a candidate who has                       unsatisfactory performance or failure to comply
considerable    professional     experience     and           with these rules
professionally recognised certification and can
demonstrate the capacity to undertake the program.            ASSESSMENT
                                                              Subject assessment is as shown in the subject
ENROLMENT                                                     descriptions. Overall assessment takes into account
No applicant may enroll who is already enrolled               the overall performance of the candidate in
for a degree or diploma at this University or                 assessments, tests, final examinations and the
another institution;                                          project.
No candidates may enroll for any other degree or
diploma at this University or any other institution           AWARD OF THE DIPLOMA
during the period of candidature.                             The Higher Degrees Committee shall consider the
                                                              recommendation of the Department and decide
COURSE OF STUDY                                               whether or not the candidate has satisfied the
The course of study leading to the Postgraduate               requirements for the Diploma. If the candidates
Diploma in Land Studies may be taken as a full-               work is adjudged to be of sufficient merit, he or
time course of two semesters’ duration or as a part-          she shall be recommended to the Academic Board
time course of four semester’s duration. In                   for award of the Diploma.
exceptional circumstances the duration of the
course may be extended.                                       FEES
A candidate shall follow and obtain a minimum of              A candidate for the Diploma shall pay such fees as
180 credit points (four credit points being                   may be determined by the Council from time to
equivalent to one hour per week of lecture, tutorial,         time in terms of the Fees Statute.
practical or project classes for one semester) in the
course of study set out below:
Credit Point Minimum                                          SCHEDULE “A” CORE SUBJECTS
(i) SCHEDULE A                                                                                            Credit
       Core Subjects                 60                       Code    Subject            Hrs Per Wk       Points
(ii) SCHEDULE B                                               SLP01   Advanced Surveying I              5     20
       Professional Subjects         40                       SLP02   Surveying, Special Topics         5     20
(iii) SCHEDULE C                                              SLP03   Info. System for Land Stud. I     5     20
       Research Project              50                       SLP04   Info. Systems for Land Stud. II   5     20
       (Compulsory)                                           SLP05   Adv. Geog. Data Handling          5     20
Such subjects and project topic to be selected by             SLP06   GIS, Special Topics               5     20
the candidate subject to the advice of the Head of            SLP07   Adv. Land Management I            5     20
Department of Surveying and Land Studies and                  SLP08   Land Manage., Special Topics      5     20
approved by the Higher Degrees Committee                      SLP11   Adv. Cartography                  3     10
provided that the Committee on the advice of the              SLP12   Special Topic in Land Stud.       3     10
Head of Department of Surveying and Land
Studies may substitute a subject or subjects for              SCHEDULE            “B”        PROFESSIONAL

                                                        589                             Courses Handbook 2012
Department of Surveying and Land Studies

SUBJECTS                                                    Assessment:
Subjects are selected from those currently offered          Continuous assessment        - 50%
on the campus and must be approved by the Head              Written examination          - 50% (1x3 hrs)
of Department of Surveying and Land Studies.                Students must pass both assessments.
Subjects undertaken in other Departments must be
approved by that Department.
                                                            SLP 02: SURVEYING, SPECIAL TOPICS
                                                            Hours per week: 5 (20 credit points)
                             Hrs Per  Credit
Code Subject                 Hrs/Wk C/Points                Prerequisite: SLP 01
SLP21 Research Project Part A      5     20
SLP22 Research Project Part B      8     30                 Objective:
                                                            The student selects a special topic in surveying,
                                                            after consultation with the Head of Department
DETAILS OF THE POSTGRADUATE                                 and Surveying section leader. The topic will be
DIPLOMA IN LAND STUDIES SUBJECTS                            substantive, one of the core areas of surveying, and
                                                            encompass significant studies. On completion of
SLP 01: ADVANCED SURVEYING I                                the subject, students should be able to:-
                                                            1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of
Hours per week: 5 (20 credit points)                            the selected study area;
                                                            2. Document the procedures involved in
Objective:                                                      application of the topic to industry.
The student undertakes a program of study in a
number of advanced surveying fields. The study              Syllabus:
program includes a review of recent developments            History of development in the topic area,
in surveying and mapping technology. The                    applications and procedures, computations,
opportunity is also provided for the students to            analysis and reporting. Selected readings will be
refresh their knowledge in advanced surveying               given as well as individual research programs.
techniques, and to bring themselves up to date with         Project work may be required.
the latest developments in surveying methods,
practice and technology. On completion of the               Reference:
subject, students should be able to:-                       Appropriate references will be provided.
1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of
    the latest surveying and mapping methods;               Assessment:
2. Apply the latest surveying methods to achieve            Continuous assessment       - 50%
    solutions in a variety of practical situations;         Written examination         - 50% (1x3 hrs)
3. Demonstrate how these new methods and                    Students must pass both components.
    technology can be applied for the benefit of
                                                            SLP 03: INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Syllabus:                                                           FOR LAND STUDIES I
History of development of current surveying
technology; review of advanced surveying, field             Hours per week: 5 (20 Credit Points)
and office methods, equipment, computations and
analyses. Application of methodologies. Some                Objective:
specific project work will be required.                     Overview/Review of information technology.
                                                            Provide an appreciation of applications of
Reference:                                                  information technology in land studies. On
Appropriate references will be provided.                    completion of this unit, the student should be

Courses Handbook 2012                                 590
                                                              Department of Surveying and Land Studies

able to:-                                                  Syllabus:
1. Layout spreadsheets using text, numbers,                Databases and database management systems;
   variables and formulae;                                 levels of data modeling in the design of an
2. Develop spreadsheet applications;                       information system, basic entity - relationships
3. Use and competently develop simple                      conceptual modeling; analysis of spatially related
   databases;                                              data. Application of a typical database in a project.
4. Explain the nature of data and information;
5. Use databases specially aimed at land studies;          Reference:
6. Document the principles of the various                  Appropriate references will be provided.
   computer operating systems and hardware
   platforms;                                              Assessment:
7. Explain the differences between spatial and             Continuous assessment      - 50%
   non-spatial systems.                                    Written examination        - 50% (1x3 hrs)
                                                           Students must pass both components.
Introduction to spreadsheet and database
applications; issues and problems associated with          SLP 05: ADVANCED GEOGRAPHIC DATA
modeling of land related data; spatial data                        HANDLING
modeling; introduction to LIS and GIS; use of
PNG land related databases; overview of operating          Hours per week: 5 (20 credit points)
systems and hardware platforms; generation of
output and data integrity and analysis.                    Objective:
                                                           The student undertakes a program of studies
Reference:                                                 relating to geographical data handling in a number
Appropriate references and texts will be provided.         of related technologies such as remote sensing
                                                           (RS) geographic information systems (GIS) and
Assessment:                                                computer mapping (CM). The study program
Continuous assessment        - 50%                         includes a review of recent developments in the
Written examination          - 50% (1x 3hrs)               new technologies with the aim to bring the student
Students must pass both assessments.                       up to date with the latest developments in these
                                                           technologies. On completion of the subject, the
                                                           student should be able to:
SLP 04: INFORMATION SYSTEMS                    FOR         1. Demonstrate a good knowledge of the past and
        LAND STUDIES II                                        present data handling issues associated with
                                                               GIS, RS and CM.
Hours per week: 5 (20 credit points)                       2. Choose and apply one or combination of these
                                                               technologies to achieve solutions to a number
Prerequisite: SLP 03                                           of practical situations in geographical data
Objective:                                                 3. Demonstrate how these new methods and
Application of databases for Spatial Information               technology can be applied for the benefit of the
Systems. On completion of the unit, the student                industry.
should be able to:-
1. Explain and apply the concepts of data                  Syllabus:
   modeling for land information systems;                  This course will cover a variety of topics
2. Design and develop a simple land information            associated with geographic data.
   system database;                                        These will cover the issues relating to problems of
3. Demonstrate the use of various database                 data capture: error analysis, accuracy analysis,
   analysis techniques especially for spatially            data display, storage and manipulation, system
   related data.                                           design and development, and cartographic display.

                                                     591                              Courses Handbook 2012

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