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									                                                                   Department of Surveying and Land Studies

Syllabus:                                                          interpret the information collected at an
Land administration in PNG; Function of                            appropriate level;
Department of Lands and Physical Planning                     4.   Assess market value of interest in simple real
(DLPP), DLPP relationship and linkages to other                    property using basic valuation approaches;
government agencies in land administration.                   5.   Demonstrate an appreciation of the nature and
                                                                   purpose of a valuer's education.
Land      administration    process:     the    land
administration procedure, the different forms                 Syllabus:
(documents) used, what is required at each stages.            History of valuation: global and local scene,
Land acquisition: types of land acquisition, process          professionalisms in valuation, Introduction to the
of acquisition; Land board: membership and                    valuation of real property: - the nature of the
function, state leases, role of minister, land                profession; the property market, market structure;
allocation administration of state leases.                    Factors affecting value; Basic concepts used in
Conveyance:      conveyance      procedure,     Title         valuation: anticipation, substitution, highest and
registration. Overview of reforms in land                     best use, concept of value, hope value, cost,
administration process.                                       market, theory of interest, law of diminishing
                                                              return, bundle of rights theory, depreciation,
Reference:                                                    replacement cost. Basic Valuation Methods:
Land Act No.45 of 1996.                                       introduction, valuation defined, Basic valuation
                                                              approaches- comparison approach, summation,
Assessment:                                                   Comparison sales, Valuation process – data
Continuous Assessment:               - 50%                    collection, data analysis, report writing.
Written Examination:                 - 50%
                                                              Continuous assessment:               - 50%
PS 104: REAL ESTATE VALUATIONS 1                              Written Examination                  - 50%

Hours per week: 4 Hrs                                         References:
                                                              1. J. K. Eckert, Property appraisal and assessment
Prerequisite: PS 101, PS 102                                     administration; International Association of
                                                                 Assessing Officers, Chicago, USA, 1990.
Objectives:                                                   2. F. Millington, An introduction to property
To introduce students to the basic concepts and                  valuation - 4th edn., Estates Gazette, London,
basic valuation approaches to assess the value of                1995.
interests in real property and to promote and                 3. M. Squirrell (ed.), Readings in Property
facilitate students’ understanding of the links                  Economics, AIVLE, Sydney, 1997.
between society, valuation and other subjects in
the course.
At the completion of the subject, students should             PS 106: INTRODUCTION TO
be able to:                                                           RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
1. Explain the basic valuation and economic
     concepts     and     their    relationship to            Hours per week: 3 hrs
     understanding valuation and other applied
     land administration and property management;             Prerequisite: PS 101
2. Prepare and use sketch plans, simple drawings
     and use maps to locate property; measure and             Objectives:
     calculate land and floor areas from plans;               To introduce students to the principles and
3. Search and obtain information from a range of              operations of the natural environment and its
     prescribed sources and be aware of others;               interrelationships with each other and their
                                                              relations to resource development and human life.

                                                        547                             Courses Handbook 2012
Department of Surveying and Land Studies

This raises the importance of environmental ethics          Prerequisite: PS 104
and proper planning for sustainable resource
development and management in a developing                  Objectives:
economy.                                                    To introduce students to the general principles of
                                                            valuation and the application of different valuation
At the completion of the subject, student should            approaches ascertain market values of both rural
be able to:-                                                and urban real properties.
 1. Define the natural environment, relationship of
    natural ecosystems, major biomes and                    At the completion of this subject, students should
    ecological factors in the natural environment           be able to:-
    and their relationship to human life;                   1. demonstrate an understanding of the
                                                                conventional principles and methods of
2.         Specify and relate the roles of all                  valuation and practice in rural and urban
     stakeholders to addressing environmental                   properties;
     issues both the global and local scale;                2. exhibit a sound understanding of the
                                                                residential property market and rural property
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles               markets;
   of   environment     management,     resource            3. justify the choice of the appropriate method
   planning and sustainable development and                     of valuation to value a particular a class of real
   address the social, economical and political                 property and value that property with some
   impact on the environment with respect to                    level competency;
   resource development;                                    4. Prepare and present report of high standard of
                                                                the analysis and valuation to communicate
Syllabus:                                                       effectively with a client;
Principles of environment management, planning,             5. Familiar with the process and procedure in the
natural and renewable resources, environment                    registration of valuers and the requirements of
ethics, preamble of the national constitution,                  the Valuers registration Board of Papua New
environmental factors, biomes of the world,                     Guinea.
ecological factors, principles of sustainable
development, environmental stewardship and                  Syllabus:
custodian, rural land planning, principles of urban         Valuation Methods applicable for valuation of
environmental management, principles of rural               urban real properties: Comparison method;
environmental management, principles of land                Summation method, Income method, Hypothetical
management,       principles   of    environmental          method: Valuation methods applicable in valuation
conservation,     role of state, developers, non            of rural real properties: Hectare Method, Income
government organizations and landowners in                  Producing Method;
resource development. Resource development and              Some general concepts: factors affecting value,
environment exploitations and their impacts.                principles of rural properties; principles of
                                                            valuation, environment factors, trends in rural
Reference:                                                  property valuation. Valuation process: Outline and
Enger, D. E. et. al., Environmental Science, 1989.          detail discussion. Valuation Report: Outline,
Department modules                                          content, quality and standard. of valuers,
                                                            Registration of valuers: legal requirements,
Assessment:                                                 training, experience and other requirements, Roles
Continuous Assessment - 100%                                and responsibilities Professional ethics;

PS 201: REAL ESTATE VALUATION 2                             American Appraisal Institute, The appraisal of
                                                            real estate – 11th   edn., Appraisal Institute,
Hours per week: 3 Hrs                                       Chicago, USA, 1998.

Courses Handbook 2012                                 548
                                                               Department of Surveying and Land Studies

Australian Institute of Valuers and Land                    Syllabus:
Economists, Valuation principles and practice,              Types of conveyance, Nature & function of
AIVLE, Canberra, 1997.                                      conveyance, Conveyance documents, Conveyance
                                                            procedures, structure & function of Registrar of
A.F. Millington, An introduction to property                Titles, title transfer, stamp duty. Role of
valuation, Estates Gazette, London, 1995                    stakeholders      in    conveyance: landowners,
                                                            purchasers, lawyers, government agencies,
R.T.M. Whipple, Property valuation and analysis,            financial institutions.
Law Book Co., Sydney, 1995.
                                                            Nature, types and causes of land disputes, dispute
Assessment:                                                 settlement process in PNG, Legal, administrative
Continuous assessment         - 50%                         and institutional aspects of land disputes
Examination                   - 50%                         settlement, current issues in land dispute
                                                            settlements. Role of stakeholders in land dispute
                                                            settlement:   courts,   landowners,    mediators,
PS 202: CONVEYANCING AND LAND                               government agencies,
Hours per week: 3 Hrs                                       Land Registration Act Chapter 191
                                                            Customary Land Registration Act (ENBP & ESP)
Prerequisites: PS 101, PS 103                               Land Dispute Settlement Act, Chapter 45

Objectives:                                                 Assessment:
To familiarize students with the specific                   Continuous Assessment               - 50%
procedures and practice of conveyance and the               Written Examination                 - 50%
land disputes and settlement processes in Papua
New Guinea.
                                                            PS 203: LAND INVESTIGATION AND
At the completion of the subjects, should be able                   ACQUISITION
     1. Develop some understanding of the                   Hours Per week: 3 Hrs
        conveyance          procedures          and
        documentation and assist in vendors and             Prerequisite: PS 101, PS 103
        purchasers of real properties in Papua
        New Guinea;                                         Objectives:
     2. Develop some understanding of the                   To introduce students to the land investigation and
        nature of land disputes and the manner in           acquisition procedures and processes in Papua
        which they are settled in Papua New                 New Guinea which should help them to participate
        Guinea and assist in settling land disputes         in the process.
     3. Identify and explain the type of                    At the completion of the subject, students should
        documents used in the conveyance                    be able to:-
        process and land dispute settlement                      1. Develop some understanding and explain
        process;                                                      the nature, scope and procedure of land
     4. Perform conveyance duties at an                               investigation and land acquisition in
        appropriate level of competency;                              Papua New Guinea;
     5. Participate and/or advice in a land dispute              2. Conduct land investigations at an
        settlement process with some level                            appropriate level of competency;
        competency.                                              3. Perform land acquisition duties at an
                                                                      appropriate level of competency;

                                                      549                             Courses Handbook 2012

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