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Achieve.                                                            Zoology
Departments                                                         . . .the biology of animals. Zoology is the study of animal biology—from individual cells and
and Programs
                                                                       molecules to entire ecosystems. It is basic to medicine and agriculture, to conservation and
in the College
of Science                                                             the environmental sciences. Zoologists study the structure, development, function, genetics,
                                                                       interrelationships, behavior, and evolution of organisms. Some are attempting to understand
Biochemistry &
Biophysics                                                             molecular processes basic to life through studies at the sub-cellular level. Others investigate
                                                                       the regulation of organ systems. A growing concern for the impacts of human beings on the
                                                                       environment has increased the importance of study and research in the area of ecology.
Botany & Plant


                                                                    The Department of Zoology at           Students can simultaneously meet
Sciences                                                            Oregon State University grants         requirements for the bachelor’s
                                                                    undergraduate and advanced             degree in zoology and for entry
                                                                    degrees. OSU is the only institu-      to a professional school such as
Mathematics                                                         tion in Oregon to offer a bachelor’s   medicine, dentistry, optometry,
Microbiology                                                        degree in zoology. Students select     or veterinary medicine. With a
Molecular &              Career Opportunities                       appropriate electives from a list      bachelor’s degree in zoology a stu-
Cellular Biology*                                                   of three areas of upper-division       dent is well prepared for entry into
                         There is an increasing demand for          courses that emphasize cellular        graduate training to earn a M.S. or
Physics                  animal biologists who can speak
                         knowledgeably in the areas of risk
                                                                    and developmental biology; organ-      Ph.D. in any of the life sciences.
Pre-professional                                                    ismal and physiological biology;
                         assessment and regulation policy. This
Programs in the
                         demand continues to grow as environ-       and ecology, population biology,
Health Sciences
                         mental health concerns become public       and behavior.                          Zoology majors at OSU have
Professional             issues. Zoology majors are employed                                               access to controlled environment
Science Masters*         in a variety of fields. With a bachelor’s
                         degree, you could proceed to a gradu-
                                                                                                           rooms, large marine and freshwater
Science &                ate or professional school, or you could   In cellular and developmental          aquaria, well-equipped laboratories,
Mathematics              work as:                                   biology, research is carried out on    the varied fauna, flora, and ecosys-
                         Museum curator                             such topics as cell communication,     tems of Oregon, and the Hatfield
Statistics*                                                         developmental genetics of fruit        Marine Science Center in Newport.
                         Laboratory technician
Zoology                                                             flies, and the immune systems of        The Life Sciences Club is an active
                         Elementary or high school teacher
                                                                    fishes and snails. Organism biolo-      group that organizes extracurricular
*graduate program only
                         Agency representative for a laboratory     gists in the department study the      activities and field trips.
                         supply or a pharmaceutical company
                                                                    anatomy, physiology, and behavior
                         Animal keeper or research assistant in     of a variety of animals, including
                         a zoo or wild animal park
                                                                    salamanders, frogs, and various
                         Park naturalist                            marine organisms. In the third area,
                         Biomedical illustrator                     population biology, topics studied
                         State or federal biologist                 range from marine intertidal
                         Environmental issues consultant
                                                                    communities to sibling relation-
                                                                    ships in tadpoles to coral reef fish
                         Scientific journalist
                                                  Course of Study                                                                                                                   Experience.
                                                  The zoology curriculum begins with a baccalaureate core foundation which includes a strong general education in                   Explore.
                                                  the sciences and humanities. This is combined with a broad background in basic sciences and a set of core courses
                                                  in zoology, biology, and genetics. Students may specialize in any area of interest ranging from the cell and molecular
                                                  level to population and community biology.                                                                                        Biochemistry &
                                                  University general baccalaureate core (BC) requirements for graduation include 48 credits consisting of writing/
                                                  speech (9 cr.), mathematics (3 cr.), fitness (3 cr.), physical and biological sciences (12 cr.), western culture/cultural
                                                  diversity/literature & arts/social processes/difference, power, and discrimination (15 cr.), and contemporary global              Botany & Plant
                                                  issues/science, technology and society (6 cr.).
What to know about
                                                  Sample Curriculum
Oregon State University                           An official graduation checklist may be obtained from an advisor.
Head Advisor
College of Science                                                                                                                                                                  Geosciences
                                                   Freshman Year                                         credits                                                          credits
128 Kidder Hall                                                                                                                                                                     Mathematics
                                                   Principles of Biology            BI 211, 212, 213    12                                          CH 221, 222, 223 or
                                                   Differential Calculus            MTH 251             4           General Chemistry               CH 121, 122, 123      15        Microbiology
OSU Admissions
                                                   BC: Writing I                    WR 121               3          BC: Fitness                                           3
104 Kerr Administration                                                                                                                                                             Molecular &
541-737-4411                                       BC courses and electives                              8                                                                          Cellular Biology*
OSU Financial Aid
Student Employment                                                                                                                                                                  Pre-professional
Loans & Scholarships                               Sophomore Year                                        credits                                                          credits   Programs in the
College Work Study                                 Cell and Molecular Biology       BI 314              4           Vertebrate Biology              Z 371, 372            5         Health Sciences
218 Kerr Administration                            Organic Chemistry                CH 331, 332          8          Intro to Statistical Methods    ST 351                4         Professional
                                                   Integral Calculus                MTH 252             4           General Physics                 PH 201, 202           10        Science Masters*
OSU Registrar
                                                   General Ecology                  BI 370               3          BC courses and electives                              8         Science &
102 Kerr Administration
OSU Housing
102 Buxton Hall                                                                                                                                                                     Statistics*
                                                   Junior and Senior Years                               credits                                                          credits
541-737-4771                                                                                                                                                                        Zoology
                                                   Biochemistry                     BB 450, 451         7           Genetics                        BI 311                4
OSU Website                                        Upper-division biological science courses*           18          Invertebrate Biology            Z 361, 362            5         *graduate program only
                                                   Evolution                        BI 445               3          Principles of Physiology        Z 430                 4
                                                   Writing intensive course                              3          BC courses and electives                              46
                                                  *Choose upper division biological science courses in consultation with an advisor. These must be approved by an advisor.

For more information,
please contact:                                    Recommended courses for Pre-veterinary Students       credits                                                          credits
Department of Zoology                              Preveterinary Medicine           VM 110              1           Intro Animal Science            ANS 121               4
College of Science                                 Applied Animal Nutrition         ANS 210             3
Oregon State University
3029 Cordley Hall                                  Additional courses required for admission to OSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2914                       Principles of Animal Nutrition   ANS 311             3           Organic Chemistry Lab            CH 337               3
phone: 541-737-3705                                Internship                       Z 410 or ANS 410    1–16 or relevant experience
fax: 541-737-0501
email: zoology@science.oregonstate.edu

Oregon State University is an Affirmative Action
Equal Opportunity Employer and complies with
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


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