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Held on Thursday, 2 August in the Wighton Centre, Central Library

Present:          Stewart Murdoch, Director, Leisure & Communities
                  Ross McGuire, Sports Development Officer (Policy), L&CD
                  Mary Colvin, Health Promotion Programmes Manager, NHS Tayside
                  Merrill Smith, Head of Policy (Leisure, Culture & Communities) Chief Executive's Dept
                  Gary Robertson, Head of Environmental Management, Environment Department
                  John Whyman, Outdoor Access Officer, Environment Department
                  Graham Wark, Head of Leisure & Sport, L&CD
                  Ian McGregor, sportscotland & Tayside and Fife Sporting Partnership

Apologies:        Dave Nicoll, Education Support Officer Sports Development, Education Department
                  Elaine Roberts, Dundee College
                  Ryan McAlindin, sportscotland
                  Paul McPate, Institute of Sport and Exercise, University of Dundee
                  Euan Lowe, sportscotland & Tayside and Fife Sporting Partnership
                  Audrey White, Sports Development Section Leader, L&CD

No.      Item                                                                               Action

1.       Note of Meeting Held on 10 May at Brae Riding Centre for the Disabled


2.       Matters Arising

2.1      Brae Riding Centre for the Disabled

         The group were disappointed to hear from Mary Sneddon that the application
         submitted by the Brae Centre for financial support to continue their work had
         been unsuccessful. This left an on-going challenge for the group to ensure
         the viability of the centre going forward.

2.2      Updating the Action Plan

         Ross McGuire has received some updates from partners in relation to the
         forward action plan but the response in incomplete.

         Stewart asked those present, and through the minute, that members of the
         Sport and Physical Activity Strategy Group assisted by sending updates to
         Ross, no later than the end of August and ideally by return!                            All

3.       Updates

3.1      Games Legacy Plan

         The Olympic Torch visit to Dundee had been a huge success despite the
         difficulties of working with the organising group. Ian advised that a Queens
         Baton Rally is planned for 40 days before the Commonwealth Games in
         Scotland and it is intended that the baton will spend a day in each of the local
         authorities in Scotland during that period.

         The group agreed that the Dundee Games Legacy Plan should be updated
         post Olympic Games and that the period to do this would be between
         October and Christmas 2012.                                                        Stewart/Gary

3.2      Pitch Strategy

         It was noted that Gary and Ryan had met to discuss the review of pitches
         and the potential for sportscotland funding over the next five years.

No.      Item                                                                            Action

3.3      Dundee Sports Awards

         Arrangements for the 2013 event are progressing. Ross has been in touch
         with Derek Welsh from the Tayside and Fife Sporting Partnership to discuss
         the relationship between the city awards and the proposed regional awards.

         Mary Colvin was optimistic that NHS Tayside would be able to support the
         awards, particularly if there was a clear opportunity for them to promote
         individuals and initiatives being taken to promote physical activity and
         wellbeing. She agreed to meet with Ross to discuss further.                      Mary/Ross

3.4      Sports Hub Development

         Ross confirmed that Dundee East (based in Whitton Park) and Dundee West
         (based in Charlotte Street) had both become Scottish Charitable
         Incorporated Organisations.

         It was likely that Craigie (based in Huntley Square) would follow suit very

         Discussions around Caird Park and Dundee West continue.

         There had been a good initial meeting with representatives of water sports
         clubs to discuss a Tay Estuary water sports hub.

         It was unlikely that the High School sports hub proposal would progress and
         there were concerns about the way in which individual sports clubs in the
         Lochee area had used spots hub discussions to profile their own interests.

         There was a brief discussion about the difficulty of supporting development
         which ultimately was not controlled by any one individual or agency. The
         balance between development and control would remain a challenge in
         partnership work.

         The group agreed that it was important that the Sports Development Team
         developed a media protocol for those involved in this work to minimise the
         chance of individuals speaking without reference to the group that they were
         part of.                                                                        Audrey/Ross

3.5      Dundee Booklet

         Progress with the rollout of the online booking system continues, albeit
         slowly.                                                                            Merrill

4.       Facilities Update

4.1      New Olympia

         The project continues to progress well. There have been a range of
         inevitable challenges given the complexity of the building but it is still
         anticipated opening early in 2013, February looks more likely that January.

4.2      Regional Gymnastics Centre

         The position with the Gymnastics Centre is complex. The roofing contractor
         went into liquidation and as a result there has been a protracted delay in
         completing roof works.

         This has had a knock on effect to remedial work required for the pits and for
         fit out. As a consequence, the best estimate was that the facility would be
         available for use from late October onwards.

No.      Item                                                                               Action

         Merrill agreed to work with Ross to ensue that key stakeholders were advised
         on the position.                                                                   Merrill/Ross

4.3      DISC Pitches

         The new pitches have proven to be very popular and forward bookings are
         strong. A policy of use was eventually agreed and there had been no issues
         with sports clubs or the national governing bodies in relation to
         implementation of this policy.

4.4      Velodrome at Caird Park

         Sign off on the contract is expected on 7 August. The cycling fraternity are
         still seeking further developments which are outwith the original specification
         and ultimately this would become their responsibility if a lease is agreed.

4.5      MUGAs

         The budget for the development of MUGAs has been discussed further and it
         is likely that there may be some improvements made to existing tennis courts
         as part of an overall programme of developing MUGAs and tennis courts
         within the city.

         In some cases external funding is being sought for this work.

4.6      Lynch Sports Centre and DISC

         Leisure & Culture Dundee have indicated their priorities for capital
         expenditure on these buildings.        Further work undertaken by City
         Development has suggested that a full roof replacement at Lynch may not be
         necessary and the budget identified for this could be reinvested in other
         priority projects.

4.7      National Performance Centre

         Following an option appraisal the City Council had determined that Caird
         Park was the preferred location for a National Performance Centre. This
         would include a full size indoor pitch, training facilities and hotel

         The development team are to visit St George’s park to look at the facilities
         which exist in England and to learn from their experience.

         The business plan and links with hoteliers is being taken forward by City

         The groundwork for the bid has been done and the final shaping of the bid
         will be fine tuned once bid guidelines are published.

5.       Cycling, Walking and Safer Cities

         The success of the marathon and half marathon was noted.

         A cycling route between St Mary’s and Lochee and Dudhope Park and the
         City Centre will be taken forward as part of the safer streets initiative during

         The Outdoor Access Strategy has completed consultation and a final report
         is under preparation.

No.      Item                                                                                 Action

6.       Outdoor Learning Strategy

         The Outdoor Learning Strategy has also completed consultation and will go
         to Dundee City Council for approval on 20 August.

7.       Play Areas and Allotments

         Stewart had received an enquiry from Scottish Parliament in relation to
         implementation of the city’s Play Strategy. This has been referred to Peter
         Sandwell in the Environment Department.

         Work to integrate play areas and allotment strategies with local community
         plans continues.

8.       Physical Activity and Health Alliance

         Mary advised that the initiative was focused initially very much around NHS
         staff and ‘getting staff active’. A communication plan has been approved and
         a number of initiatives are planned to support and roll out the strategy.

9.       Healthy Lifestyles Seminar – Tuesday, 21 August

         The group then went over the attendance list and outline programme for the
         seminar which is to take place later this month.

         It was remitted to Mary and Stewart to allocate members of the Strategy                Mary C/
         Group to facilitate table top discussion.                                              Stewart

         Speakers will be invited to arrive early enough that they can be informal
         discussion from 1.15 pm. The seminar is programmed to start at 2.00 pm.

         Preparation in advance of the seminar includes:

            Development of some background information on the strategy, the action
             plan and the outcome of our monitoring of performance.                           Stewart/Ross
            Preparation of a facilities map showing the distribution of the facilities in
             Dundee.                                                                             Merrill
            Briefing of speakers.                                                            Mary/Stewart

10.      AOCB

10.1     Ryan had apologised for the meeting but indicated that the Facilities Planning
         Model (FPM) planning tool used to establish indicative levels of demand for
         sports facilities based on demography, travel times and sports participation
         rates was now available through sportsscotland.

         It was also noted that there is to be a national audit of sports facilities in the
         national school estate and that this is being commissioned by sportscotland
         and is expected to be presented early 2013.

10.2     23 and a Half Hours Per Day

         "23 and a half hours per day" by Dr Mike Evans which demonstrates the
         importance of physical activity is widely promoted by Dr Andrew Murray. He
         will refer to it at the seminar on the 21st. It lasts about 7 minutes and has a
         big impact and I would encourage our members to watch it and disseminate
         to others.. .

         The AHP Directors announced a national "pledge" to increase physical
         activity in the population of Scotland. The pledge states "We will work with a
         range of partners to increase the level of physical activity in Scotland".
         Further information on the pledge can be accessed by clicking here.

         The Physical Activity and Health Alliance at national level are developing a
         plan that will see the assessment and intervention for getting people active
         fully embedded into the NHS in Scotland. As an employer the NHS in
         Scotland will be an exemplar in the promotion of workplace physical activity.
         A recent evidence paper stating the importance of physical activity and the
         merits of delivering physical activity brief advice and brief interventions in
         primary care was compiled by Dr Graeme Scobie Public Health Adviser NHS
         Health Scotland The Dundee Sport and Physical Activity strategy group will
         explore this with stakeholders at the seminar on the 21st August.

         The key points from this paper are as follows:

            Physical activity has both disease prevention and management
            Even moderate physical activity helps to prevent and manage many
             chronic conditions.
            There is a strong economic case for promoting physical activity (including
             considerable cost savings to the NHS in Scotland) in the healthcare
            There are direct benefits of investing in physical activity programmes –
             these include brief advice, brief intervention, and to a lesser extent,
             exercise referral.
            Brief advice/brief interventions which are delivered by trained GPs or
             health professionals can be effective.
            There is new evidence available that still questions the effectiveness of
             exercise referral schemes.

11.      Date of Next Meeting

         Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 10.00 am in the Wighton Centre, Level 2,
         Central Library.


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