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Advo Direct Mail


Coast-to-Coast Coverage
Door-to-Door Precision™

                          Complete Nationwide Coverage

                          America's Largest Direct Mail List
                          With ADVO you can reach every potential customer in your target
                          market area and only the customers most likely to buy. We call this
                          “Targted Saturation”and it also allows you to gain the greatest
                          postal discounts.

                          While postage regulations and pricing are ever-changing, direct
                          marketers can always count on ADVO for maximum coverage and
                          maximum postage savings. That's our win-win proposition.
The Best of Both Worlds:
                                                               With ADVO Saturation Data You Get:
Market Penetration and Saturation
                                                                 > Better Coverage—ADVO has 15%-30% more
  As the nation's largest direct mail marketing company,           rural route city style addresses and reaches 27%
  ADVO compiles America’s most complete national                   more addresses than other national files for
  resident list. At 100% coverage of all addresses, ADVO           complete market reach.
  offers “saturation” opportunities for every mailer, large
  or small, that reach every possible customer in every          > Better ROI—Reach geographic areas where only
  neighborhood.                                                    your best prospects reside. The most cost
                                                                   effective data on the market, ADVO cuts waste
  ADVO is the largest Computerized Delivery Sequence               and increases return on advertising investment.
  (CDS) list owner in the country, second only to the
  USPS. Updated weekly, the file is enhanced by ADVO’s           > Better Postal Discounts—Save money on an
  internal List Services through our meticulous,                   expense that you thought was fixed. With
  proprietary scrubbing process. On average, we review             discounts at both the saturation and high-density
  1.3 million addresses each week and find and correct             levels, ADVO lists can save you money no matter
  50-100 thousand address errors in CDS processing.                how much or how little you mail.

                                                                 > Better Deliverability—As the largest USPS
     “ADVO compiles America’s                                      customer, and user of our own file, ADVO goes to
          most complete                                            great lengths to assure the deliverability of each
               national resident list.”                            and every address. We monitor mailer feedback to
                                                                   further maintain accuracy.
  Current National Saturation Counts
                                                                 > Better Quality—Updated weekly via the United
  Total Addresses          148,000,000                             States Postal Service, ADVO edits the addresses
  Total Residential        133,000,000                             through our proprietary system. The process
  Total Business           13,000,000                              results in such accuracy that ADVO detects
  Total MFDU's             30,000,000                              address and quality issues within neighborhoods
  Total SFDU's             103,000,000                             that are a concern for which we then cooperatively
  Simplified               1,300,000                               work with the USPS to improve address quality.

  Save More Postage with a Saturation Rate                       > Better Processing Value—Our file is
  Discount                                                         CASS/DPV/LACS ink certified, to avoid paying your
                                                                   lettershop for this processing.
  Fully CDS qualified with the United States Postal
  Service, our lists meet all standards to receive
  saturation/walk sequence discounts. So as postage            ADVO is accurate because we have to be. We mail our
  continues to rise year-after-year, ADVO is helping           own file – Over 70 million mail pieces each week!
  mailers actually lower postage costs. To get to the next     Therefore you can confidently blanket entire regions of
  best postage discount, mailers simply need to mail           prospective customers, leaving out areas where you
  more. Because ADVO provides the maximum number               know that customers cannot be found, while
  of addresses in any neighborhood, mailers can attain         maintaining the greatest postal discounts. Order by any
  the best postage rate tier. This is called the “saturation   geography online or contact us at 1-800-695-0957 to
  rate, which can earn significant savings.                    discuss your geographic area needs.
#1 in Targeted saturation
  Take full advantage of postal discounts and reach only
  your target customers by using ADVO Demographics.
  Using census data and behavioral through our
  partnerships with Claritas and Equifax, the leading
  marketing information resources companies, to apply
  more than 1,500 demographic and lifestyle data
  elements to our national database.

  We’ve bundled key prospect profiles into well-defined
  segments of highly-desirable target markets so
  marketers can easily achieve deep penetration of their                      “ADVO Demographics
  best customer. ADVO Demographics is the perfect way                           is the perfect way to
  to quickly and cost-effectively saturate pre-defined
  target markets.                                                  quickly and cost-effectively
                                                                                saturate pre-defined
  ADVO Demographic and Lifestyle                                                     target markets.”
  Markets Available Online

                  Family                                   How ADVO Puts
                   > Age                                   Census Data to Work
                   > Income
                                                           More and more companies are studying population
                   > Education 4 Years                     patterns and behaviors for a variety of disciplines using
                     College Plus                          census data. The US census provides an extensive
                   > Children in the Home                  source of demographic data to the public every ten
                   > Seniors                               years. However, changes between censuses are
                                                           significant and the old data can lead to unreliable
                  Ethnicity                                decisions.
                   > Asian
                   > African American                      ADVO translates census data into postal geography
                   > Hispanic                              terms at the carrier route level. We frequently update
                                                           this data because carrier routes change and reflect
                  Lifestyle                                differences in census data.
                   > Do-It-Yourselfers
                                                           ADVO Demographics, developed in collaboration with
                   > Health & Fitness
                                                           Claritas, present an accurate yearly update of census
                   > Travel                                data so users can make better decisions. This data
                                                           product provides an extensive list of the most
                  Household                                commonly used demographic variables across
                   > Home Value Based on                   industries.
                     Desired Value Range
                   > Homeowners                            When you need to maximize response rates and
                   > Renters                               minimize total mailing costs, ADVO Demographics has
                                                           you covered.

          Coast-to-Coast Coverage
          Door-to-Door Precision™
                                                            Newly-Built Home Buyers:
                                                              > Spend 3X the amount of the average consumer in
                                                                the first 9 months of residency and 8X more
                                                                within the first 2 years.
                                                              > Spend over 32% more than existing homebuyers
                                                                in the first year on home furnishings, appliances,
                                                                property repairs, and alterations.
                                                              > Spend an average of $5,600 on Home Furnishings
                                                                and Appliances.
                                                              > Make 51% of their new home purchases within
                                                                the first 3 months of moving in, 72% within 6
                                                                months, and 90% within 9 months.

                                                            Targeting Selections Include:
                                                              > Age
                                                              > Gender
The Only Source of Brand New                                  > Income Range
                                                              > Head of Household
Home Addresses                                                > Home Value
                                                              > Move In Date
  Speed-to-market is essential in winning the patronage       > Dwelling Type
  of new homeowners and with ADVO, you can anticipate         > Renter Owner
  the move-in date for first-in-mailbox marketing. As the
  ONLY source of NEW construction homes, ADVO               New Construction Homes Only
  delivers these new movers earlier than any other
  provider of new move data. Identified by their “move-     Updated weekly, only addresses of new constructed
  in” dates, these new homebuyers do not show up on         residences make it onto this list of new movers.
  other lists until well after they have settled in.        Compiled directly from the USPS postal feed, 100% of
                                                            the new addresses are “Single Family Dwelling Units”
  Real estate developers must let the US Postal Service     (SFDU’s) or “Multi-Family Dwelling Units” (MFDU’s) not
  know that they will have a new home and/or                previously occupied. PO Boxes are not included unless
  neighborhood to deliver mail to before the first shovel   a PO Box is the only means for a resident to receive
  hits the dirt. Since new home construction can take       mail.
  from 6-12 months, these “pending neighbors” will
  remain inactive on the USPS file until they move in.      Newly developed ADVO KeyTM technology helps
  When these families move in and the USPS begins           unlock new construction address additions from the
  delivering mail, ADVO activates them as New               entire U.S. landscape. Houses that receive a new street
  Construction families and offers them to you weekly.      name, zip code, or carrier route are not defined as new
                                                            construction and are not included in this file.
  A move into new construction is typically an upwardly     Refurbished construction is also not included in this file.
  mobile move, which is an indicator of increased buying
  power. Subsequently, these new movers can budget          Reach high-spending consumers at the pivotal stage of
  higher for new home décor, furnishings, and services,     deciding what and where to buy with the only list of
  than those moving into pre-owned homes.                   New Home Buyers on the market.
Personalized Saturation is Now Possible                          Exceeding Expectations…
  For mailers that require complete market coverage and             “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
  personalization, ADVO LISTS is the only national                   consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed
  saturation database that identifies 75% of all residents by        ut nibh sed mi accumsan suscipit.
  first and last name. Saturation is the operative word              Morbi quam. Nulla viverra rutrum
  because other files claim to have higher percentages, but          pede. Aliquam blandit, elit at
  you will find they have much fewer mailing addresses.              posuere porta, nulla quam
                                                                     bibendum. “
  ADVO Consumer Offers
    > First and Last Name                                                             First Name Last Name
    > Gender                                                                               Company Name,
    > Renter/Owner                                                                              City, State
    > Multi Family Dwelling Unit (MFDU)                                                   Type of Company
    > Single Family Dwelling Unit (SFDU)                                                      Type of Offer
    > Trailers
    > Census Block Group and Census Block
    > Latitude & Longitude                                          “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
                                                                     consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed
  ADVO Consumer is the ideal product for saturation                  ut nibh sed mi accumsan suscipit.
  mailers who prefer to address their customer by name               Morbi quam. Nulla viverra rutrum
  such as auto industry, insurance, and financial services
                                                                     pede. Aliquam blandit, elit at
                                                                     posuere porta, nulla quam
                                                                     bibendum. “

Let Us Help Target Your Market                                                        First Name Last Name
                                                                                           Company Name,
                                                                                                City, State
  Expert mailing list consultation is just a phone call away.                             Type of Company
  American List Counsel (ALC) serves as the list manager                                      Type of Offer
  for ADVO LISTS. The ALC ADVO Lists Group consists of a
  team of direct marketing and saturation mail experts. We
  can guide you to the perfect lists for achieving optimum          “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
  results at the lowest costs.
                                                                     consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed
                                                                     ut nibh sed mi accumsan suscipit.
  Through the ALC ADVO List group, you have access to
  the internal ADVO support group of highly skilled mail             Morbi quam. Nulla viverra rutrum
  experts. Proficient in postal discounts, deliverability, and       pede. Aliquam blandit, elit at
  target marketing, we stand behind our list products and            posuere porta, nulla quam
  can assist with solving any postal issues that may arise.          bibendum. “

  Telephone: 1.800.695.0957                                                           First Name Last Name
  Email:                                                             Company Name,
  Fax: 1-609-580-2899                                                                           City, State
                                                                                          Type of Company
                                                                                              Type of Offer

Why ADVO LISTS is the Best Choice for Reaching Your Market
  Only ADVO delivers to every U.S. household and business address.
    > Largest national universe by 20-50 million households
    > Fewest simplified addresses
    > More P Boxes
    > More city style addresses
    > More coverage of U.S. possessions
    > Trailers

  Only ADVO is the #1 highest volume customer of the USPS.
    > Quick resolution for all postal issues
    > Deep postal expertise

  Only ADVO appends over 1,500 different demo- and psychographics.
    > Incorporates census data, demographic and lifestyle
    > Precise reach to all of your market and only your desired market

  Only ADVO mails its own national database.
    > Unlike other compilers, we're not just building a database for others
      to use, we’re running a billion dollar business on the ADVO file.

  Only ADVO provides complete Drop Stop Coverage.

  Only ADVO overlays the highest percentage of names onto its
  saturation files.
    > Where other files claim to have higher percentage, they have fewer
      overall addresses.

  Only ADVO updates and verifies the USPS CDS file weekly
    > Other national files update bi-monthly and do not verify the data.
    > ADVO double-checks the data with patent-pending software

  Only ADVO provides mailable lists that factor seasonality
    > ADVO mails its national file and avoids mailing to that consumers that
      are likely to not be home
    > ADVO tracks seasonal residential patterns and flags addresses where
      residents leave in summer/winter periods.
    > ADVO identifies College Student addresses where addresses are
      vacant during parts of the year

  Only ADVO has New Construction addresses.
    > Target by move-in date
    > Updated weekly

                    LISTS                                   ®

       Coast-to-Coast Coverage
       Door-to-Door Precision™

               Call the ALC/ADVO LISTS GROUP
                   Toll-Free at 1.866.442.3589
                or visit

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