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					Brill AV Media Ltd. specializes in providing complex audio visual services for all kind of events.
Lighting technology, video and sound systems, simultaneous translation, voting systems are the
services we can deliver. Professionalism, experience crew and a wide range of the cutting edge
technical equipment, these are the features that Brill AV Media offers for its Partners. The company
was raised on the experience of two Audio Visual rental leaders in Hungary and Czech Republic.
Sustainable adaptation of the latest techniques allowed us to become a partner of finest conference
centers in Warsaw like Expo XXI Center in providing service for events and conferences. Young and
enthusiastic team offers service in Polish, English and German.

Projection Systems
Vision is responsible for more than 80% of the information people absorb. This is why when
presenting you must have the right video system. Apart from the traditional screens and projectors
use for small meetings, Brill AV Media offers hi-power projectors and video interfaces for wide-
screen projection as well as plasma walls for a screen of any shape.

Sound Systems
Brill AV Media offers audio systems for all kinds of meetings and events. Our service comes complete
with all the high end sound equipment you need to run a variety of events such as congresses,
conferences or concerts.

Lighting Technology
We offer the whole range of lighting equipment together with an outstanding knowledge and
experience of our technicians. Discreet static lights at conferences will keep the viewers’ interest in
speeches while intelligent, mobile lights at a concert or fashion show will enhance the performance
and ensure a dynamic experience.

Simultaneous Translation
Simultaneous interpretation is a must when conference participants speak different languages. Brill
AV Media has one of Poland’s biggest and most modern interpretation equipment, all compliant with
EU quality standards. With our translation booths we stand out from the competition and ensure
that interpreters feel comfortable working.

Voting Solutions
Voting systems enable communication at meetings and are particularly important at general
shareholders’ meetings, votes, tests, checking attendance, public opinion polls or any kind of
competitions. Our system enables you immediate presentation of the results as well as possibility to
save it for further analyse.

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