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									Winchester United Methodist Men
Reliance United Methodist Church Men
I’m making the ask for $100,000


The Reliance United Methodist Men of Winchester, Virginia, are a self-motivated group of men
over the age of 50. All are devoted Methodists, probably most compatible with “The Devout:
Doing Good is God’s Will” from The Seven Faces of Philanthropy, with elements of “The
Repayer: Doing Good In Return” and “The Altruist: Doing Good Feels Right”. Many of the
men are retired and remain extremely busy with the church and family. Many of their family
members participate in the events they organize to benefit Heart Havens. Generally, as with the
other Methodist Men’s groups, the personality type most appropriate is “The Amiable,” from
Strategic Fund Development. These gentlemen value relationships, a personal touch, tend to hug
upon meeting, and have a good sense of humor. They clearly appreciate staff showing up at
events. They show a fatherly or grandfatherly friendliness. Most quoted expression when I
photograph them at an event is “I’m gonna break your camera!” They are compassionate toward
our residents with cognitive and intellectual disabilities and passionate in their desire to help HH
provide the best care and housing possible. As with most of us, they have a friend with a
disabled child, or a family member or child of their own has some sort of disability and that drew
them in. They tend to be working middle class, not possessing a huge amount of money
individually, but comfortable, and want to fund-raise for us by creating and attending events or
working directly for us using any skills they have, such as carpentry, lawn care, etc. As a group
they have the ability to give HH major gifts because of their abilities to organize the community
in which they live. They are excellent networkers and know someone who can get the job done
if they are unable.

Development Plan (4 Year):
Year One

   I. Initial Contact
           A) Donation check of $900 for a Bowl-A-Thon
   II. Follow up
           A) Send acknowledgement letter
           B) Phone call – ask about upcoming events or possibility of attending a church
               service at Reliance UMC to meet everyone
   III. Luncheon at group home
           A) Invite Reliance UMM to Winchester home to eat lunch with staff and residents
   IV. Continue to attend Winchester events throughout the year (3 major events)
           A) These events raise more funds
           B) Photograph events and publicize

Year Two

   I. Continue to attend Winchester events
   II. Winchester UMM recipient of the Brian Manwiller Award for their work on behalf of the
           residents of the Winchester home and for Heart Havens in general.
   III. Donations increased from $5,000 first year to $17,000 second year. Money from golf,
           run, and bowling tournaments plus individual donations from the men and their
   IV. Staff obtains some speaking engagements at Winchester churches, especially Reliance
           A) Pass out brochures
   V. Photograph events and place on website and in the newsletter to bring attention to
           Winchester UMM’s commitment and hard work.

Year Three

           I. Continue to attend Winchester events, speaking engagements, stress partnership
           II. Donations increased from $17,000 second year, so set goal for $25,000 for third
                   year, as attendance increases at events and word of mouth has spread.
           III. Continue to photograph and publicize events on website and in the newsletter.

Throughout all the years, maintain Raiser’s Edge with information gathered from meetings and
social gatherings. Newsletters to all members of Winchester UMM at Reliance. Marketing swag
(golf balls, water bottles, etc.) to all events. Use Winchester photo in yearly brochure.

Heart Havens’ goal is to build two new homes each year. By the fourth year of our cultivation it
is possible, due to high interest in the area by an active and supportive community (nurtured by
the United Methodist Men of Winchester and specifically by the Reliance United Methodist
Men) to make plans for a new home to be built in the Winchester area. The fourth year will
follow much the same path as the first two years of cultivation, maintaining that friendship and
bringing more people into the fold, keeping the events and activities of the Winchester UMM
visible to the community. Meetings with the UMM president, Mr. Jim Green, and the heavy
hitters from the group such as Fred Rathel, Skeeter Ramey, the pastor, Sharon Forbes and her
husband, etc. could be offered the opportunity to name the home. The history of the Winchester
UMM has been such that one may not even need to ask, at this point, for their financial support
of $100,000. However, if one needs to ask, I would ask for a pledge of $100,000 over two years.

The Ask: The Five Step Process is indicated in red beside the appropriate portion of the ask.
Item iv, “What satisfaction will the prospective donor derive if he/she makes a gift?” isn’t given
a great deal of attention because the history of the Winchester UMM is such that we know they
give because they are, as a group, “The Devout”, “The Repayer” and “The Altruist”. I felt it
would sound false to try to explain what they would get out of the experience since they are so
invested and are not motivated by praise and recognition (even though we try to give a lot of it).
This is why I would rather offer them the opportunity to name the home instead of have it named
after them.

The ask will take place in person at a lunch meeting in Winchester.

i. “You may already know that 4,000 people in Virginia await a Medicaid waiver slot. 2,000
individuals are on an urgent list and require services within 30 days. They are experiencing
situations that require immediate attention. Last year 360 slots were added, and this year 800
new waiver slots are anticipated. ii. We have individuals in the Winchester area with Medicaid
waiver slots who would like to move into a Heart Havens home. Many groups of United
Methodist Men and Women across Virginia would like to have a Heart Havens home built in
their community. They have the money to build the home, but there is simply no need in the
particular area, or if there is, the individuals do not have a Medicaid waiver slot. We feel like
this is the perfect storm of need and ability to fill this need, but we need your help.

iii. We would like to serve some of the individuals in Winchester by building a second home in
that area by 2010. The home would serve 5 individuals, both men and women. It’s a small dent
in the state’s thousands in need, but, iv. as Mother Teresa said, ‘We cannot do great things on
this earth, only small things with great love.’

As with the first Winchester home, we anticipate spending $300,000. In the past three years the
Winchester United Methodist Men have given so generously and have organized and rallied the
community so well, we hoped we could ask you to v. pledge $100,000 over the next two years to
be restricted entirely to the new Winchester home. Along with such a generous donation we’d
like to give you the opportunity to name the home. Please feel free to take some time to discuss
this with the whole group and let us know in a few weeks if you think we can team together at
this level and get a new house built by 2010.”

Heart Havens pays for lunch and we thank them very much for meeting with us and all they do.

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