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									Winchester Primary Provision

          Questions and Answers
If this proposal moves to formal consultation then further information will be available as
part of that consultation. However, we thought it would be helpful to address some of the
most obvious questions alongside this initial announcement of a potential site.

Q: Where exactly would the new primary schooling provision be?

A:   The proposed early years and new primary schooling provision would be on the site of the
     current Rotherly House boarding and early years provision on the Westgate School site.
     Winchester faces a significant increase in the numbers of 0-5 year olds in the City and the
     pressure on school places is therefore considerable. This site is ideally located to provide
     60 (each year group) of those school places (420 overall in the primary years) as it lies at
     the heart of the residential areas which are showing greatest pressures on school places.

Q: How would this work?

A:   If it went ahead, the proposal would potentially see The Westgate School change from an
     11- 16 school into a 4-16 school, which would include the primary aged pupils.

Q: When would pupils start at the primary schooling provision?

A:   If this proposal went ahead then we would plan that the first pupils entered Year R classes
     in September 2014. Although no decision has been taken, it is probable that we would
     work to a ‘phased opening’ where the school gradually grew by adding successive year
     groups. Therefore, there would be no immediate intake of pupils to Years 1 – 6. That
     means the first pupils from the new primary schooling provision would move into
     secondary education in September 2021.

Q: What about Rotherly cottage and nursery?

A:   This is a highly regarded early years provision. During building works, it would need to be
     accommodated in modern temporary facilities where it would maintain business as usual.
     The proposal includes new permanent accommodation for the early years setting.

Q: What about traffic?

A:   We would do a full access analysis. We anticipate that all or almost all pupils attending the
     proposed new provision would live within walking distance of the school. A travel plan
     would be put in place, which would seek to ensure that wherever possible children reached
     the school other than by car. There would, however, be additional staff vehicles morning
     and evening. The numbers and patterns for the early years provision would be as now –
     i.e. no additional vehicle movements.
     It is important to note that the pupils who would be attending the proposed new provision
     live in the communities surrounding Westgate. They will therefore all be making a journey
     to school regardless of whether this provision at Westgate goes ahead. If the additional
     primary places that are needed are not available locally then it is more likely that those
     children will need vehicular transport to go to schools outside the area.

Q: I thought you were going to expand schools across the city? Why are you
putting down temporary classrooms?

A:   We are still in active discussions with a number of primary schools in Winchester about
     expanding the schools. Schools across the city will be having temporary classrooms for
     September 2012 to make provision for an additional 80 Year R pupils and it is anticipated
     that this provision will also cater for the September 2013 intake. We are working on
     feasibility studies with schools for further growth beyond those dates. Those discussions
     will continue for two reasons – one is that the Westgate primary schooling provision
     proposal is just a proposal at the moment and we cannot make any assumptions until the
     consultation is closed and a decision reached. Part of the consultation will be to establish
     whether continuing the expansion of current primary provision in Winchester is actually
     still the best option.

     The proposed new primary schooling provision at Westgate School would be able to take
     an additional 60 pupils a year from September 2014. The forecasts of pupil numbers that
     we are working to at the moment suggest a permanent need for an additional 80 places,
     year-on-year, across the city. That means that at least some of the schools that are
     expanding for September 2012 and 2013 will need to maintain that additional capacity on a
     permanent basis regardless of whether this proposal around Westgate goes ahead. How
     this works out will be carefully considered in discussion with the schools but the overall
     aim will be to put provision as close as feasibly possible to where the demand for places is.

     Winchester City Council is currently consulting on its Local Plan and anticipates an
     additional 2000 homes in the city in the course of the coming 20 years. Some of those
     2000 homes are already accounted for in our forecasts of pupil numbers. We are currently
     working with Winchester City Council to understand the potential impact of all the new
     homes in terms of school places and where they might be needed.

Q: Will there be changes to catchment areas?

A:   Clearly, there is a long way to go before we get to this point, but should this proposal go
     ahead the County Council will consider whether there would need to be a change to
     primary and secondary school catchment areas in Winchester. If a decision is made that
     catchment areas will need to be redrawn then that would be subject to a full, separate,

Q: What about Barton Farm?

A:   The considerations do not include Barton Farm, which, if developed, would include school
     provision as part of the development.

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