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RESTON, VIRGINIA                                                                                 DECEMBER 9, 2012
                      PARISH STAFF
                      PARISH STAFF                                   THIS WEEK AT SJN...
 (NOTE: Please use the 703 area code for all numbers.)
 (NOTE: Please use the 703 area code for all numbers.)               SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9
CLERGY                                                                Parish Crèche Display; Auditorium
Pastor:                                                               Hypothermia Prevention Shelter Sign-up:
Rev. Thomas E. Murphy, OSFS
Rev. Thomas E. Murphy, OSFS                860-8510 x143
                                           860-8510 x143                After Masses; Main Hallway
Parochial Vicars:
Parochial Vicars:                                                     RE Classes
Rev. Joseph T. Brennan, OSFS
Rev. Joseph T. Brennan, OSFS               860-8510 x157
                                           860-8510 x157              Sunday Coffee: 8:30-11:30am; Auditorium
Rev. Robert A. Mancini, OSFS
Rev. Robert A. Mancini, OSFS               860-8510 x145
                                           860-8510 x145              RCIA Dismissal: 10:00am; Conference Room
In Residence:                                                         Youth Catechumenate: 10:00am; Youth Room
In Residence:                                                         Spanish RCIA Catechumenate: 11:30am; B5
Rev. William N. Dougherty, OSFS
Rev. William N. Dougherty, OSFS            860-8510 x144
                                          860-8510 x 144
Mr. Jeffery Edmonds, OSFS
Mr. Jeffrey Edmonds, OSFS                       860-8510
                                                860-8510              Shawl Ministry: 2:00pm; Conference Room
                           Email:                AGAPE: 6:15pm; Auditorium
Permanent Deacons:
Deacon Dennis A. Holley                    860-8510 x222              Advent Lessons And Carols: 7:30pm; de Sales Chapel
Permanent Deacons:
Deacon Dennis Wagner
Deacon John A.A. Holley                    860-8510 x321
                                           860-8510 x222             MONDAY, DECEMBER 10
Deacon John A. Wagner
ADMINISTRATION                             860-8510 x321              RE Classes
Administrative Assist. Sandra McCarthy 860-8510 x159                  Hypothermia Prevention Committee : 7:00pm;
Administrative Assist. Marie Barros
Office Secretary       Sandra McCarthy 860-8510 x511
                                           860-8510 x159                Conference Room
Office Secretary
Office Secretary       Maria Tumolo
                       Marie Barros        860-8510 x140
                                           860-8510 x511              The Power of Story: 7:00pm; de Sales Chapel
Hispanic Coordinator Celia Sandoval 860-8510 x353
Office Secretary       Maria Tumolo        860-8510 x140
Bulletin Editor                                                      TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11
                       Celia Sandoval 860-8510 x308
Hispanic Coordinator Ludy Rauber           860-8510 x353
Bulletin Editor              Email:
                                           860-8510 x308              RE Classes
Accountant             Pat Rau             860-8510 x142
                             Email:*             French Conversation: 9:30am; A2
Parish Nurse
Accountant             Susan Infeld, RN, 860-8510 x172
                       Pat Rau             860-8510 x142              Angel Choir Rehearsal: 4:00pm; Music Room
Facilities Manager     Gene Email:
                              Brode        860-8510 x343              Children’s Choir Rehearsal: 4:45pm; Music Room
Facilities Manager
Custodian              Gene Brode
                       Sylvia Payne        860-8510 x343
                                           860-8510 x307              Just Peacemaking: 7:00pm; B9
Custodian              Sylvia Payne
                       Douglas Alvarado 860-8510 x307                 Taize Prayer: 7:00pm; de Sales Chapel
Custodian              Douglas Alvarado
LITURGICAL MINISTRY                                                   Walk to Jerusalem: 7:00pm; Conference Room
Director of MINISTRY C J Capen             860-1236 x352              RCIA Catechumenate: 7:30pm; A1, A2
Director of Music
Coordinator of Liturgy C J Capen
                       Patty Bartnick      860-1236 x352
                                           860-1236 x151              RCIA Inquiry: 7:30pm; Bridal Room
Coordinator of Liturgy Patty Bartnick
Secretary              Pat Gilbertson      860-1236 x151
                                           860-1236 x150
Secretary              Pat Gilbertson      860-1236 x150             WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12
FAITH FORMATION                                 860-2815              RE Classes
Director               Mary B. Lyons            860-2815
                                                390-2340              Mothers’ Group Play Group: 9:30am; Auditorium
Pre K-8                Mary B. Lyons
                       Laurie Hertneky          390-2340
Pre K-8                LaurieJohnson                                  Just Faith: 7:00pm; A1, A2
Youth Minister 9-12    Doug Hertneky            390-2345
                                                860-6141              Legión de María: 7:00pm; B4
Youth Minister 9-12
Secretary              DougFarmer
                       Beth Johnson             860-6141
Secretary              Beth Farmer              390-2348              RCIA Team: Bridal Room; 7:00pm
Secretary              Patty Kwapniewski        860-6147
Secretary              Patty Kwapniewski        860-6147              Finance Committee: 7:30pm; Conference Room
OUTREACH                                                              Social Justice: 7:30pm; B3
OUTREACH Outreach Sue Colyer
Director of                                     860-6149
Director of Outreach Sue Colyer                 860-6149             THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13
COUNCIL CHAIRS                                                        Exposition and Adoration: 3:00pm; de Sales Chapel
Pastoral CHAIRS        Joe Gibbons              860-8510              Legion of Mary: 7:00pm; Marian Chapel
Pastoral Council                                860-8510
                       Joe Gibbons
                       x312 Email:
                       x312 Email:                 Life After Sunday: 7:00pm; B1
Finance Council        Patricia Maloney         860-6310
Finance Council        Patricia Maloney         860-6310
                                Email:             Augustine’s Brothers: 7:30pm; B5
                      PASTORAL CARE                                  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14
                            PASTORAL CARE                              Mothers’ Group Bible Study: 10:00am; Conference Room
INFANT BAPTISM: Call to register for the Baptism Class, offered        K of C Social Meeting; 8:00pm; Auditorium
INFANT BEnglish:703-860-8510; Spanish 703-860-8510, x353.
monthly. APTISM Call to register for the Baptism Class, offered
monthly. English 703-860-8510; Spanish 703-860-8510, x353.           SATURDAY,DECEMBER 15
Please CHRISTIAN Lyons, 703-860-8510 x340, to
RITE OF call Mary INITIATION FOR ADULTS (RCIA): inquire about         Children’s Choir Retreat: 9:00am; Auditorium
becoming Catholic.Lyons, 703-860-8510 x340, to inquire about
Please call Mary                                                      Youth Choir: 3:30pm; Music Room
becoming Catholic.                                                    Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration: 6:30, Church
MARRIAGE: Begin preparation with one or our parish priests at
MARRIAGE: Begin preparation with one or date.
least six months before the desired marriage our parish priests at   SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16
least six months before the desired marriage date.                    RE Classes
SICK: Please call the office if you know of someone who is            Sunday Coffee: 8:30-11:30am; Auditorium
SICK: Please call the office if you know of someone who is
hospitalized, seriously ill, or home-bound.
hospitalized, seriously ill, or home-bound.                           RCIA Dismissal: 10:00am; Conference Room
 **Please Note: Material for the bulletin must be submitted no        Youth Catechumenate: 10:00am; Youth Room
      later than Thursday, the bulletin must be submitted
 **Please Note: Material forten days prior to the intended no         Spanish RCIA Catechumenate: 11:30am; B5
      later than Thursday, ten days prior to the intended
                           publication date.                          AGAPE: 6:15pm; Auditorium
                           publication date.
                                          THE SECOND SUNDAY              OF   ADVENT
               DEAR FRIENDS:
                                                                                  Prayer and Liturgy
               Santa Claus is alive and well at Saint John
               Neumann. This past weekend I watched in             THIS SUNDAY’S READINGS:
               awe as I saw the generosity of so many
                                                                   Baruch 5:1-9; Psalm 126: 1-3, 4-6;
               people who came bearing gifts to be
               distributed to the poor for the Christmas           Philippians 1:4-6, 8-11; Luke 3:1-6
season. How kind of you to share in this very worthwhile
project. Many lives will be brightened this Christmas              In today’s Gospel we experience John the
because of what you have done for others. Thank you one            Baptist urging us to prepare ourselves for the coming of
and all for your generosity.                                       Jesus. St. Francis de Sales has us start with our hearts:

Thanks go out to Tom and Mary Ann Flynn who organized              Our heart is the source of our action. As our heart is, so are
the Christmas Angels to benefit the children at Laurel             our actions. Whoever wins a person’s heart has won the
Learning Center, who are the same children we support              whole person. Yet even the heart, where we wish to begin,
throughout the year with gifts for the Birthday Club. I also       must be instructed. John the Baptist wants us to fill our
thank Ludy Rauber who coordinated the Reston Interfaith            fearful hearts with faith and hope. Certain fears and
“Gifts For Kids” project for chidren of RI clients and the gifts   anxieties, when excessive, unnerve the heart and often
purchased for those children, as well as Chris Wise, who           lead to discouragement. These are the ditches and valleys
once again offered her home for storage and sleigh-                that must be filled with confidence and hope to prepare for
packing. Between these two efforts we collected more than          Our Lord’s coming.
1,000 gifts for children in need. I thank all who participated
in making this massive project a success by the gift of your       Make straight the paths. Roads that twist and turn fatigue
time and talent in storing and tracking the incoming gifts         and greatly mislead the traveler. We must straighten our
and then transporting them to various and sundry places.           ways with confidence that God will give us the necessary
Those efforts really paid off and evangelization took place.       help to acquire an even disposition. Don’t lose heart. Be
The Pope has declared this a Year of Faith challenging             patient. Do all you can to develop a spirit of compassion. I
each of us to evangelize or preach the Gospel – what               have no doubt that God is holding you by the hand. If God
clearer way could this be done than in the sharing that            allows you to stumble, it is only to let you know that if God
makes these projects successful.                                   were not holding your hand, you would fall. This is how we
                                                                   learn to take a tighter hold of God’s hand.
I also thank Susan Kelly for her tremendous effort in
obtaining and organizing the merchandise displayed and             It is not possible for us to have a change of heart so totally
purchased at the Fair Trade Sale this past weekend. The            right away. We need patience. If you strive to practice
money collected goes directly to the people whose talents          patience faithfully God will give it to you. We must be like
you witnessed in their beautiful creations. By eliminating the     the mariner who, in steering his vessel, always keeps his
middleman, they are able to recoup more and sustain their          eye on the needle of the compass. We must have only one
lives on what is sold. We thank you for considering them           intention and that is pleasing God. Let us pay attention to
while purchasing gifts for others. The Social Justice              the Word of God and digest it well. How delightful it is to
Committee, led by Mary-Ellen Stahl, also cooperated in             reflect on our Savior. He had perfect equanimity of spirit
helping to sell the items at all weekend Masses.                   shining brilliantly in the midst of all sorts of changing
                                                                   circumstances. How pleasing it is to find this even
We all should be proud of the things that are done in the          disposition in someone. Those who have Jesus Christ in
name of the parish by so many.                                     their heart will soon have Him in all their ways.
                                                                              (Adapted from the writings of St. Francis de Sales)
                             God Bless,
                                                                            WE WELCOME            those who have recently
                             Father Tom                                     entered into our faith through the waters of
                                                                            Baptism: Jayden Axel Chavez, son of Axel and
                                                                            Janet; Jack Burns Dell’Orto, son of Sean and
                                                                            Jennifer; and Caitlyn Elizabeth Mackin, daughter
                                                                            of Brian and Lisa.
Mon., Dec 10th           St. Joseph, Herndon      7:00pm
Tues., Dec 18       th
                         St. John Neumann         7:00pm           BEST WISHES             to Katherine Sue and
                         Our Lady of Good Coun-                    Alexander McVeigh who were recently joined in
Thur., Dec 20th                                   7:30pm           the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. May they
                         sel, Vienna
Sun., Dec 23   rd
                         St Mark, Vienna          7:00pm           grow together in Christ’s love.
RESTON, VIRGINIA                                                                             DECEMBER 9, 2012
                                                                NEXT WEEKEND’S READINGS:                Next weekend
                                                                we celebrate the Third Sunday of Advent. Please
                                                                prepare for Mass and the Homily by reflecting on these
       SATURDAY         DECEMBER 8                              texts from God’s Word:
       9:30am           In Thanksgiving                         Zephaniah 3:14-18 Prior to their exile, the people of
       11:30am          Mildred Hughes †                        Judah had heard from Zephaniah a message of doom.
       5:00pm           Walter Wozney †                         But this prophet concludes with God’s promise of
       SUNDAY           DECEMBER 9                              restoration. A remnant of the people will be saved. In the
       7:30am           Lynne Willett †                         new Jerusalem where God is king, fear gives way to joy,
       9:30am           People of the Parish                    servitude to the dance.
       11:30am          Pauline McMurray †
       1:30pm           Alfred Graves †                         Isaiah 12:2-6 Cry out with joy and gladness; for among
       5:00pm           Nicolyn Paratore †                      you is the great and Holy One of Israel.
       MONDAY           DECEMBER 10
       9:00am           Betty Beckett †                         Philippians 4:4-7 The serenity brought about by the
       12:10pm          Dorothy Brennan †                       approaching return of Christ and the peace obtained
       TUESDAY          DECEMBER 11                             through prayer are profound reasons for joy, the joy which
       6:30am           Wes Paulus †                            flourishes “in the Lord.”
       9:00am           Jim Cantwell †
       WEDNESDAY        DECEMBER 12                             Luke 3:10-18 John’s message of
       9:00am           Susan Mary Stott †                      conversion calls his hearers to share their
       12:10pm          Teddy Richardson †                      goods, to relinquish grandiose ambition, to
                                                                renounce violence. But the baptism of
       THURSDAY         DECEMBER 13
                                                                John is a baptism of waiting and
       6:30am           Mary Ann Nagley †
                                                                preparation. It is the messiah who baptizes
       9:00am           Lucy Breiterman †
                                                                in the Spirit and in fire.
       FRIDAY           DECEMBER 14
       9:00am           Francis Favorini †
       12:10pm          Vito and Lena Piagari †
                                                                       WE PRAY for those who have died, especially
       SATURDAY         DECEMBER 15
                                                                       Phyllis Erickson, aunt of Michelle O’Brien; Jim
       5:00pm           Curtis and Angela Sylvester, Spec.
                                                                       Hennenberger, son of Larry and Nancy; and Linda
                                                                       Lawton, aunt of Phillip Archey.
       7:00pm           Our Lady of Guadalupe
       SUNDAY           DECEMBER 16
       7:30am           Dorothy Fagan Brennan †                ADVENT LESSONS              AND    CAROLS SERVICE
       9:30am           Mary Ann Nagley †                      This Advent season, prepare for the Feast of Christ’s birth
       11:30am          People of the Parish                   by joining us for the annual Lessons and Carols service this
       1:30pm           Tomas Hillman †                        Sunday, December 9th at 7:30pm in the de Sales Chapel.
       5:00pm           Mark Bowns Szymanski†                  Stories of the promise of the Messiah are woven together in
                                                               this service, through Scripture and music. The tradition be-
                                                               gan in 1918 at Kings College, Cambridge, to bring a more
PLEASE PRAY          for those who have asked for our          “imaginative approach to worship.” A light reception and
prayers: Ted Diange; Barbara Dister; Maureen                   caroling will follow the service. Contact CJ Capen, Director
Haberman; Patrick Kane; Jimmy Keough; Rosemary                 of Music, at for more information.
O’Donnell; Joseph Paine; Jim Toner; and Ida Trocchia;
and for all who are sick.
When you call to add a name to our prayer list, please            ADVENT TAIZÉ: WEEKLY                 AT     7:00PM
leave your name and number as a contact and let us know
what the illness is. Before calling, please be sure that you   This Advent, a meditative Taizé prayer service will be held
have spoken to the person or a member of the family about      weekly. Taizé is a meditative form of common prayer,
adding their name—we do not want to inadvertently              where we sing simple, uncomplicated songs in an intimate
disregard someone's desire for privacy.                        setting. You do not need to be a singer to appreciate and
                                                               participate in this moving service, but only have a willing-
Names of those who are sick or injured will be kept on the     ness to set aside your chaos for the moment in an effort to
list for three weeks unless you specifically request a         draw closer to God. Come pray with us.
shorter period of time or call to ask that the name be           The remaining St. John Neumann schedule for Taizé is:
removed. Boldface type is used for names that are new              Tuesday, December 11th, 7:00pm – de Sales Chapel
this week.
                                                                        Monday, December 17th, 7:00pm – Church
                                                THE SECOND SUNDAY        OF   ADVENT
                                                                        SAVE THE DATE FOR
                                                                            OUR ANNUAL
                                                                       OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE
         Schedule of Advent and Christmas
              Liturgies and Services                                        CELEBRATION!

                     Confessions 10:00am                            Please join us this Saturday, December
                Saturday, December 15th and 22nd                    15th, to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of
                                                                    Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas.
                Lessons and Carols                                  We will start at 6:30pm with the Rosary,
   Sunday, December 9th, 7:30pm in the de Sales Chapel              followed by Mass and a reception. After all Masses on De-
                                                                    cember 8th and 9th, a member of the Spanish-speaking
                  Taizé Prayer 7:00pm                               community will be at the Welcome Desk. Please let that
       Tuesday, December 11th in the de Sales Chapel                person know how many members in your party will be at-
           Monday, December 17th in the Church                      tending. All are welcome!

                   Advent Penance Service                                  ¡Celebración de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe!
                Tuesday, December 18th, 7:00pm                      Los invitamos a que nos acompañen el sábado, 15 de di-
                                                                    ciembre a celebrar la Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Guada-
                 Christmas Eve Masses                               lupe, la Patrona de las Américas. Daremos comienzo a las
                  December 24, 2012                                 6:30 de la tarde con el santo Rosario, seguido por la Santa
      4:00pm, Church, with Contemporary Ensemble                    Misa y una recepción. Después de las misas del 8 y 9 de
    4:00pm, Chapel (no incense), with Children’s Choir              diciembre, un representante de la comunidad hispana es-
        6:30pm, Church, with Women’s Ensemble                       tará en el escritorio de bienvenida, les pedimos que por
         6:30pm, Chapel (no incense), with Schola                   favor le hagan saber cuántos miembros de su familia es-
  8:30pm; 10:30pm Church, Festival Choir with Orchestra             tarán asistiendo. ¡Todos son bienvenidos!

                 Christmas Day Masses
                   December 25, 2012                                               Parish Information
    9:30am (no incense) and 11:30am, both with Cantor
         1:30pm Spanish Mass with Spanish Choir

                         Daily Masses                                   LAST CALL FOR CHRISTMAS ANGELS
                   December 26th,27th,28th, 31st
                       9:00am Mass only
                                                                            AND RI GIFTS FOR KIDS!

  Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God               Christmas Angel and RI Gifts For Kids donations were
         Vigil Mass: December 31st, 2012, 5:00pm                    due back last weekend. If you took a tag and forgot the
  Holy Day Masses: January 1st, 2013, 9:30 and 11:30am;             gifts were due last week, please return your wrapped
                  1:30pm, Spanish Mass                              Angel or unwrapped Gifts For Kids donations this week-
                                                                    end so that no child is disappointed. Thank you so much
                                                                    for your continued generosity and support of these chil-
                                                                    dren in need.

                                                                    CHRISTMAS CAROL SING-ALONG DATE CHANGED
                EXPOSITION                AND     ADORATION
              Our monthly Exposition of the Blessed Sacra-          TO FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21ST Join the Music Ministry
              ment will take place this Thursday, December          for a Christmas Carol Sing-Along on Friday, December 21st,
              13th from 3:00 – 8:00pm in the de Sales               from 7:00 to 8:00pm in the Auditorium. Bring the whole fam-
Chapel. Enrich your Advent preparations with prayer be-             ily and your friends. The Contemporary Ensemble will pro-
fore Our Lord in Adoration. “The sacrament of charity, the          vide the music, and the Knights of Columbus will be serving
Holy Eucharist is the gift that Jesus Christ makes of himself,      cookies and hot apple cider. Santa Claus might even stop
thus revealing to us God's infinite love for every man and          by! The price of admission is a canned good for the Reston
woman. This wondrous sacrament makes manifest that                  Food Bank. Play an instrument? Bring it along! We'll have
‘greater’ love which led him to ‘lay down his life for his          extra copies of all the music. If you have any questions,
friends’ (Jn 15:13)” – from “Sacramentum Caritatis”, an Apostolic   contact us by email at See you
Exhortation of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI.                       on the 21st!
RESTON, VIRGINIA                                                                                  DECEMBER 9, 2012
          ST. JOHN NEUMANN                                                   KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HOST RED
    HYPOTHERMIA PREVENTION SHELTER                                           CROSS BLOOD DRIVE SATURDAY!
         JANUARY 20-27, 2013                                                    This season give the Gift of Life by scheduling a
                                                                   blood donation for the American Red Cross. The Knights
Each year, St. John Neumann hosts up to 35 homeless                are holding their quarterly Red Cross Blood Drive at St.
guests for a week. We provide our guests with food, fellow-        John Neumann on Saturday, December 15th, from 8:00am
ship and a warm place to sleep. Our faith partners are St.         to 12:30pm in Classrooms A1/A2.You can give the gift of
Thomas à Becket and St. Mark Catholic Churches, and                life in just one hour by making a blood donation to help the
Congregation Beth Emeth.                                           sick and injured in our community. Schedule a specific time
                                                                   for your donation on December 15th by registering on the
Online signup opened December 2nd ; assignments are                sign-up sheets on the table in the hall leading to the audito-
made first-come, first served. Job descriptions and direc-         rium. If you prefer, you can call Eddie Byrne of the Knights
tions can be found on this website:                                at (703-860-4130) or the Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS.
Our parish on-site signup will take place this weekend after
all of the Masses. Computers will be in the narthex for you
to use, and volunteers will be available to assist or to an-       SAVE THE DATE — THE MOVIES ARE
swer questions. We will fill any slot that has not already         COMING BACK ON JANUARY 4TH! Our popu-
been filled.
                                                                   lar movie series will return with a film for adults on Friday
Adult (ages 18 and older) volunteer positions include:             evening, January 4th at 6:30pm. We will enjoy some wine
 5:00—8:00am: Help serve breakfast and assist guests              and cheese first, and then settle in to watch the featured
   in getting ready to leave for the day.                          flick, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.
 4:00—9:00pm: On a rotating schedule, help with regis-
   tering guests and volunteers, monitor hallways, have
   dinner with guests.
 5:00pm—5:30am: Stay overnight (you do get to sleep                                      Fellowship
   for a few hours!), providing assistance and fellowship to
   guests. Please consider this job -- it gives you the maxi-
   mum time with our guests and is extremely rewarding.
 6:00—9:00am and 4:30—7:30pm: Drivers and assis-
   tants using vans provided by FACETS, the non-profit             ONGOING FELLOWSHIP                AT   SJN:
   agency supporting the shelter, pick guests up from and             Sunday Coffee Join us for coffee, juice, muffins, and
   transport them to local transportation stops. Assistants            fellowship each Sunday from 8:30—11:30am. All are
   ride with drivers. FACETS will provide a short training             welcome!
   for drivers on Monday evening, January 14th, time TBD.
                                                                      9:00am Daily Mass and Fellowship: Following Mass
Training is required for volunteers who have not been to a             in the Chapel, join us in the Bridal Room for coffee and
hypothermia prevention training in the past (some excep-               cookies.
tions are listed on the website). There are two choices: Sat-
urday, January 12th from 9:00—10:30am (11:00 for first-               Mothers’ Group: Join us for weekday or evening/
timers) or Monday, January 14th from 7:00—8:30pm                       weekend playgroups, nights out, and more.
(9:00pm for first-timers). Even if you have already been               Membership is open to all caregivers of small children.
trained, it's a good idea to come again to refresh your mem-           Membership is free, and participation is voluntary in all
ory about our program.                                                 group activities. Contact membership coordinator Liz
                                                                       Kamp at 703-787-6705 or
If you are can’t help on-site, there will be other opportunities
                                                                      Young Adults: If you are in your 20's or 30's and are
to serve the homeless as well. We are always in need of
                                                                       looking for a community to socialize, do service, and
donations of $5.00 restaurant gift cards, clothing, food and
                                                                       pray with, then come join us! For more information,
other supplies. Watch future bulletins for more information.
                                                                       email Jeffery Edmonds at and
                                                                       LIKE us at
2012 CATHOLIC CHARITIES CHRISTMAS COLLEC-                             Knights of Columbus: We’re looking for a few good
                                                                       men! Want to know more about the Knights? Contact
TION THIS WEEKEND! If you miss it, there is still time                 us at
to make your year-end gift. Make your gift in next week’s
                                                                      Shawl Ministry: On alternate Sunday afternoons we
collection, noting Christmas Collection/Catholic Charities on
                                                                       gather to pray, talk, and create beautiful handmade
the memo portion of your check. This mission is vital to the
                                                                       shawls for those who are ill or grieving. Contact Teresa
diocese's work to serve the poor with Christian love and
                                                                       Westhues at 703-969-8430 to join, or to request a
compassion—and your support enables us to perform these
works. All gifts stay in the diocese; visit
                                     THE SECOND SUNDAY              OF   ADVENT
UPCOMING 50+ CLUB ACTIVITIES:                                                           RETURNING           CATHOLICS
                                                                                     Thinking about returning to the
   Thursday, December 20th: Christmas Lunch II at                                   practice of the Catholic faith? Do
   Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm, Ashburn, VA; 11:45am.                       you have some questions or concerns about
   Call Ed Geiger by Saturday, December 15th, to reserve       what to do next or whether this is where you belong?
   a spot at the table!                                        Please pick up a WELCOME HOME brochure by the
  Thursday, January 10th: Tour the West Building of the       Welcome Desk. Contact Mary Lyons for more information.
   National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, followed by
   lunch at Essy’s Carriage House in Arlington, VA
 Thursday, January 24th: Visit the Clara Barton Na-
   tional Historic Site in Glen Echo, MD. Her Maryland         FEELING         AT HOME at St. John
   house was not only her home, but it was also the head-      Neumann? Interested in Catholicism? Have a
   quarters, warehouse and living quarters for the Ameri-      few, or many questions? You’re not alone! A
   can Red Cross. Following our tour, we will enjoy a pub      group of Inquirers meets on Tuesday evenings
   lunch at the Irish Inn, also in Glen Echo.                  at the parish to share questions and to find out
                                                               what it means to be Catholic. If you are interested in joining
For more information on these and many other upcoming          the Inquiry phase of the Rite of Christian Initiation of
events, call Ed Geiger at 703-620-0659.                        Adults (RCIA), please contact Mary Lyons.

                 Faith Formation

                Mary B. Lyons, Director                        Catholic videos are now accessible to St. John Neumann
                     703-390-2340                              parishioners! There are ten videos on our parish playlist,
                                   which will change monthly. One of the ten is in Spanish and
                                                               another is bilingual. Our selections have been chosen with
                                                               different age groups in mind—adults, children, parents, and
                                                               for families. For more information, contact Mary Lyons.

 The Power of Story: Bill Stott presents on Mondays at
  7:00pm in the de Sales Chapel — the topic for December       HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH MINISTRY (AGAPE)
  10th is the Book of Maccabees.                                                     Doug Johnson
 Mothers’ Group Bible Study: Meets Fridays from
  10:00am — 12:00pm in the Conference Room, with child
  care provided. For further information contact Courtney
  Rossi    at      for  further     AGAPE EMAIL LIST:              If you wish to be placed on
  information.                                                 the SJN Youth Ministry email list, contact Doug Johnson at
                                                      This is a great way to learn the latest
                                                               information on events, programs and opportunities to serve
                                                               in our high school youth program.

                 HELP WANTED                FOR    THE
                 MOTHERS’ GROUP               SO THEY
                 CAN STUDY THE               BIBLE! The
                                                               UPCOMING AGAPE EVENTS:                       Mark your calen-
                                                               dars for the following exciting, fun-filled upcoming Agape or
                  SJN Young Mothers’ Group meets on Fri-
                                                               Agape-related events and make plans to attend:
                  day mornings for Faith Sharing and Bible
Study. To support them on their faith journeys, parishioners
                                                                December 9th – Agape Sunday Night Session: 6:15 –
are providing watchful eyes and caring hearts for their
young children during this time. If you are seeking a new         8:00pm; Auditorium
ministry, enjoy toddlers and can spare a few hours a week,      December 15th—Wreaths Across America—Arlington Na-
please contact Mary Lyons.                                         tional Cemetery—see next page of this bulletin
RESTON, VIRGINIA                                                                                DECEMBER 9, 2012
                                                                     ADVENT RETREAT             AT   ST.VERONICA
                Around the Diocese
                                                                 Father Ben Cameron of the Fathers of Mercy will preach at
                                                                 all Masses on December 9th to begin an Advent Parish Mis-
                                                                 sion at St. Veronica Church. On December 10th through
WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA:                    Again this year,
                                                                 12th, confessions will be heard at 6:30pm and Mass will be
teens from St. John Neumann will be at Arlington National        celebrated at 7:30pm. Father Ben will preach a Mission
            Cemetery on Saturday, December 15th to lay           Conference every evening after Mass at 8:00pm on Divine
            wreaths. Please consider joining the teens for       Mercy in the Gospels. Persons who attend at least several
            the goal of laying wreaths on 224,000 graves         of the mission services during the week, including the clos-
            this year. There will be a short welcome and         ing Mass, will have the opportunity to receive a plenary in-
            briefing at 9:30am at the Memorial Amphithea-        dulgence once all the requirements have been fulfilled. For
            ter located near the Tomb of the Unknown.            more information, call 703-773-2000 or check our website
            The volunteers are then welcome to lay     
            wreaths. Parking is limited so consider using
            the Metro. There is no need to sign up or reg-
            ister ahead of time. Just join us to honor and
            remember those who have given us our free-             "THE DEATH PENALTY IN VIRGINIA -
            doms. If you cannot attend the wreath place-
ment, please consider going to the web site and making a
                                                                            A LIFE ISSUE"
donation. The cost of a wreath is $15.                 Visit for more information.               What does our church teach about capital punishment?
                                                                 What choices do we have? Come to St. Mark Catholic
                                                                 Church, 9970 Vale Road, Vienna on Thursday, December
                                                                 13th, at 7:00pm to hear Michael Stone, former Director of
BUY A CHRISTMAS TREE AND FEED 120                                the Office of Justice and Peace for the Catholic Diocese of
PEOPLE! WITH A DISCOUNT, NO LESS!                                Richmond, and Meghan Shapiro, who defends indigent indi-
                                                                 viduals facing the death penalty. They will discuss the
This year you can buy a fresh-cut Christmas tree from a          Church's teaching on the death penalty, the Virginia law on
local church, and your purchase will provide 120 life-saving     the subject, and the strategy to make changes. The pro-
meals* for hungry children and families around the world.        gram will be in the Msgr. Cassidy Activities Center. All are
Vale United Methodist Church in Oakton (corner of Fox Mill       welcome, but parental discretion is advised. There is no
Road and Vale Road) will hold their annual tree sale start-      charge and refreshments will be served.
ing Saturday, November 24th, with all sales proceeds going
to the global relief organization Stop Hunger Now
The high-quality trees are of various sizes and varieties,       CATHOLIC CHARITIES PRISON MINISTRY
and come from a farm in New York. Wreaths and pine rop-          NEEDS YOUR HELP Our Prison Ministry is collecting
ing are also available, plus optional delivery to your
                                                                 blank Christmas Cards to provide to the incarcerated. Post-
home. Free hot cider and cookies. Tell them St. John Neu-
                                                                 age stamps are also appreciated. Prisoners are very grate-
mann Church sent you, and they will give you a 10 percent
                                                                 ful for these cards so that they can send them out to their
discount. Hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Saturdays, 11:00am
                                                                 loved ones. If you can contribute, please bring cards and
to 5:00pm Sundays, and 6:00pn to 9:00pm Monday—                  stamps, or mail them in a manila envelope to: Catholic
Friday. For more information call 703-620-2594 or email
                                                                 Charities, 200 N Glebe Road, Suite 506, Arlington VA
                                                                 22203. If mailing, please mark your package “Christmas
*calculated based on an average sized/priced tree.               Cards.” Thank you very much. For more information,
                                                                 please contact Sally O’Dwyer at

                                                                    YOUNG ADULT MONTHLY HOLY HOUR

CHRISTMAS CAROLS AND READINGS                          Bishop    All young adults in their 20s or 30s are invited to attend the
O'Connell High School invites you and your family to an          Young Adult Monthly Holy Hour on Friday, December 14th
afternoon of Christmas Carols and Readings on Sunday,            from 7:30-8:30pm at St. Mary’s in Old Town Alexandria.
December 16th at 3:00pm in the school's auditorium. Admis-       Afterward, join us for an evening of fellowship and fun in
sion is free. Bishop O'Connell is located at 6600 Little Falls   Old Town! For more info, please contact Erin Kisley at
Road in Arlington. For more information, call 703-237-1400. or (703) 841-2549.
                                      THE SECOND SUNDAY                OF   ADVENT
                                                                 ERATION RESTORED WARRIOR (ORW) -
Just Neighbors ( is a local non-profit
organization that provides immigration legal services to low-
income immigrants and refugees from around the                   RESCUE, REBUILD, RESTORE — Through Irreversi-
world. The organization has served thousands of clients          ble Change
over the past fifteen years. The recent passage of the De-
ferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACAs) has increased       The cost of sustaining the freedoms we so cherish as a
volunteer opportunities at Just Neighbors. The DACA ap-          people and a nation are increasingly carried upon the
plies to undocumented youth and young adults aged 15-30          shoulders of the men and women of our Armed
who came to the United States as children. These youth are       Forces. Their immense personal cost is only just now being
eligible to apply for a work permit and for deferred action,     recognized in our nation through catchwords like Post Trau-
which will prevent their deportation. Additional volunteers      matic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Combat Related Stress
are needed during daytime hours Monday through Friday            (CRS), as well as seeing our physically wounded warriors
from 9:00am - 5:00pm over the next month to help screen          coming home.
callers, review documents and help fill out paper-
work. Ideally, Just Neighbors is looking for volunteers who      Their battles are real, the life wounds often deep. Never has
can come to help for at least 8 hours per week. Please           a clear path to restoration been more needed, yet found so
contact Rob Rutland-Brown at if you        scarce. Currently, at least one combat veteran takes his
are able to help.                                                own life every day. This is tragic, yet this devastation can
                                                                 be thwarted - through God's healing power.

“Say to those hearts that are fright-                            Founded in 2008, Operation Restored Warrior (ORW) is a
                                                                 ministry of warriors healing warriors. Our trained mili-
ened: Be strong, fear not! Here is                               tary counselors have discovered a simple but powerful truth
                                                                 — that psychology reveals and God heals.
your God; he comes with vindica-
                                                                 We need your help and support. For more information or to
tion; with divine recompense he                                  donate, please visit or
                                                                 contact St John Neumann parishioner John Guandolo at
comes to save you.”                                    
                                              (Isaiah 35. 4-5)   ower.

SCHOLARSHIP OFFERING              St. Michael’s College in
Colchester, VT is offering each parish a $20,000 scholar-        DONATE YOUR CAR,               help those in need, and
ship over four years. The student must be nominated by           receive a tax deduction of $500+! It’s fast, it’s easy, and it
his/her parish, by February 1, 2013. If interested contact       requires only one phone call or visit to the Cars for Help
Fr. Tom. For more information, call the coordinator, Mat-        website. Cars for Help, a 501(c)3, not-for-profit charity, is
thew Seklecki at 800-SMC-8000 or            working through various Catholic charities to help alleviate
                                                                 human suffering. If you would like to donate any vehicle of
                                                                 yours in any condition, or just have questions, please call
 HOMEBOUND           OR   HOSPITALIZED?           Do you
                                                                 us directly at 630-595-9272. You can also visit us at
                                                        With mention of this bulletin, ten
 know someone who is unable to come to St John                   percent of your vehicle donation will go directly to St. John
 Neumann for our weekly celebration of Mass and would            Neumann Parish.
 like to receive the Eucharist at home?
 Members of our Homebound ministry visit
 many parishioners in their homes or in
 nearby senior residences and healthcare
 facilities every week. Some parishioners
 may be recuperating from illness or
                                                                                     OUR    THANKS TO
 surgery and just need visits for a short                                           CLOVER SERVICES
 time. We visit others on a more
 permanent basis. For all, Eucharist and a visit might be         PLUMBING, HEATING          AND    AIR CONDITIONING
 a welcome addition to their day. Our parish priests also
 try to visit the sick and disabled whenever possible.                          FOR SPONSORING AN AD
 Please help us extend the gift of the Eucharist and our                       IN OUR    WEEKLY BULLETIN
 hospitality. If you know of someone we can help, please
 call the parish office at 703-860-8510.

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