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Latest Publications Digging into Google Analytics for Mobile Applications
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 2:39 pmh. Nathania Johnson No Comments »

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Last week, Google Analytics expanded to offer reporting features for mobile applications on the iPhone and Android. But how does it work for mobile applications (or parts of mobile apps) that don't render HTML pages? Google says mobile app developers can tell Google Analytics what actions taken by users would trigger the analytics tracking. Google uses those triggers to determine views, session lengths, and bounce rates. Developers can also use Event Tracking to track actions such as watching a video, clicking a button or conducting a download. The data provided by Google Analytics for mobile apps can be highly useful for developers as they choose to enhance and update their apps over time. It can also inform future app development by helping developers meet customer needs and desires. Check out this video on how online real estate brokerage Redfin used Google Analytics to track their mobile application.

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Google AdWords Launches Ad Sitelinks
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 2:15 pmh. Nathania Johnson No Comments »

Google is introducing sitelinks to AdWords. If you're not familiar, sitelinks are links to pages deeper on a website. We've seen them in organic results for quite awhile. Ad Sitelinks are only being launched to advertisers that meet a high-quality threshold. If your account qualifies, go to your Campaign Settings Tab, then to the "Ad extensions" section. Look for "Show additional links to my site." Here's a sample ad provided by the Inside AdWords blog (click to enlarge):

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Bing Ships New Imagery to Maps
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 2:02 pmh. Nathania Johnson No Comments »

Bing has released new imagery on maps. The new release features high-resolution imagery 15-30 centimeter - for the US, Canada and the UK. One of the biggest imagery updates? Vancouver - home to the 2010 Winter Olympics. It looks pretty good...

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Google Related Links Returns – to Labs
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 1:36 pmh. Nathania Johnson No Comments »

Google is bringing Related Links back, but in limited fashion. You can demo the tool, but if you want complete access, you need to request an invitation to the Labs version by sending an email to What Related Links does is find similar links to a URL that you enter. I demo-ed the tool using my last blog post, about new Google AdWords templates. Here's what happened.

I wouldn't say the list of related links is the best. You could do a search in Google for "site: display ad builder" and come up with better results. But I guess that's why it's in Labs. It will be interesting to see if it improves.

Tin tức Quảng bá website

Google AdWords Unveils Holiday-Themed Templates for Display Ad Builder
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 12:31 pmh. Nathania Johnson No Comments »

The holiday season is upon us and Google AdWords wants to help you get your display ads ready. They've just released new holiday-themed templates for Display Ad Builder. Here are some examples:

Google launched Display Ad Builder a year ago and have been adding templates ever since. Still not convinced that display ads are a viable marketing option? There's plenty of data to show that display advertising gives search a lift.

Tin tức Quảng bá website

Bing Mobile App Available for BlackBerry Storm
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 11:15 amh. Nathania Johnson No Comments »

On the heels of releasing a more optimized mobile browser search experience, Bing is now releasing its mobile app for Verizon BlackBerry Storm users. Updates include:


q q q

Map Your Way quick access to maps, driving directions and traffic information, plus an improved auto-locate feature. Quick Answers save favorite searches on a customizable mobile homepage. Act Locally quickly find information on local businesses. Type Less, Search More voice search feature.

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Google Gets Patent For Search Results Based on Query, Click Behavior
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 1:45 amh. Frank Watson No Comments »

Bill Slawski reports on a new Google patent that manipulates search results based on query patterns and click results. As Bill explains Google can track when people search for a few related terms and then click on a specific page and develop aggregated information when this action is repeated and give a higher ranking for sites that the group clicks on most often. Seems like a form of behavioral targeting to me and also gives insight in to how Google is working to take the users' preferences to provide better results. Downside would be that now know people can manipulate this one fairly easily. One wonders if they plan to apply this to Adwords as an addition to their Quality Score or even other advertising mediums. What it does show is that Google is aggregating search actions and want to use the information, if they are not already. The patent is just making sure the method is theirs.

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Google Tells FCC Only Restricting Adult Chat, Free Conference Call Lines
Posted in November 3, 2009 ¬ 1:09 amh. Frank Watson No Comments »

In response to claims by ATT that Google Voice were blocking calls, unlike other regulated services that must allow the calls that local carriers chrage high prices for, Google "engineers have developed a tailored solution for restricting calls to specific numbers engaged in what some have called high-cost "traffic pumping" schemes, like adult chat and "free" conference call lines," their Public Policy blog stated. Bi-partisans from both the Republican and Democratic parties have also called for a probe into the restricted calls. Google has found that as much as 26% of their expenses for Voice come from a 100 of these "traffic pumping schemes" and called upon the FCC to fix these loop holes that allow companies to make money at the expense of the carriers. "While we've developed a fix to address this problem, the bottom line is that we still believe the Commission needs to repair our nation's broken carrier compensation system. The current system simply does not serve consumers well and these types of schemes point up the pressing need for reform," Google Telecom and Media Counsel Richard Whitt said.

Tin tức Quảng bá website

Jeremy Shoemaker (aka Shoemoney) Interview
Posted in November 2, 2009 ¬ 11:37 pmh. Aaron Wall No Comments »

Interview of Jeremy Shoemaker covering affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and business growth.
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Looking ahead to SES, Chicago.
Posted in November 2, 2009 ¬ 3:08 pmh. Mike Grehan No Comments »

I've been working on a lot of stuff for SES shows next year. And in between, adding a little this-and-that to SES, Chicago. These shows are planned months and months ahead, so a lot of stuff was already in place. But there are a few new sessions I was keen to squeeze in. In fact, I had an idea to ask a lot of the session moderators if they would like to contribute to a new channel I set up over at ClickZ called "Conference Call." Basically it's an opportunity for them to give a little more insight to their sessions. And of course, it helps attendees to mark up specific sessions before they get there. I kicked the thing off myself with a column about some real-time and social search elements I've introduced. This really is taking a look at the future of search and talks a lot about the move toward real time ranking and a shift from searching to "suggested discovery." There's a link to a very interesting news report from the BBC on YouTube which I highly recommend you take a peek at. It really does help to explain some of the very cool things that are happening in social search right now. Keep an eye open for some guest blog posts and guest columns at ClickZ running up to the show.

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