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									Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Inc Newsletter
Date June 20 20 06
828 - 726-1 510

2643 Tu mbleweed Dr, Lenoir NC 286 45 INS IDE TH IS ISSU E 1 2 3 4
SRC Rescue Update Foster Parent for June Adoptive Family for June SRC Rescue in Action

srcinfo@bellsou th .net

SRC Rescue Update
Due to another puppy mill bust in Cartersville, GA, SRC had the privilege of helping another 5 very needy mini schnauzers. That‟s more than 350 rescued in three years as an organization – all before our 3rd anniversary! Enjoy this report about SRC Volunteers in Action on Sat 6-17-06. Coordinating efforts with other rescue groups, the schnauzers arrived in Hickory, NC at 2pm. A remarkable vet, Dr. Melissa Zebley, set aside her entire weekend to assure that these dogs received whatever medical care was necessary to prepare them for their foster homes spread across NC , SC, and VA. All were micro-chipped.

7 year old Suzy Q (SRC 345) required extensive surgery for spay, hernia, dental and mouth repairs for a previous broken jaw. Fortunately, after a quick examination, Lucy (SRC 346) was micro-chipped and left with Karen and Karen‟s standard schnauzer Gaby. Later, Lucy will require eye surgery in addition to an extensive dental. The rest of us had the entire evening to visit and care for the little ones as they came out of surgery. Since they would be shivering trying to bring their body temperature back up to normal, we wrapped each one in a warm blanket and took turns cuddling them to assure them that all was well. Bailey (SRC 347) is quite a character! He was determined to take care of his pack even when he was given a sedative to prepare him for surgery. It is probably for the best that he was separated from them in foster homes so that he will not have that responsibility anymore. His foster mom, Evelyn Von Hagel, has already let us know that he is settling in well but having a “marking” frenzy which she is working on to help him understand that this action is a thing of the past. The younger boys, Teddy (SRC 348) and Chewy (SRC 349) were more interested in being petted and were truly frightened yet not aggressive at all. Amazing how they could be so neglected and abused yet be so loving. The minute the first crate was opened, we were greeted with a lick on the nose and sweet schnauzer kisses! Each rescue has already gotten settled into a loving foster home thanks to your kindness and efforts in assuring that they reached their foster homes safely. Abby did very well with her first heartworm treatment thanks to the wonderful care of both Lloyd and Vicki Newland. It was truly touch and go for both Abby and Little Girl because they had been so starved that they were near death! Teddy is being fostered by Janet Woodson and Chewy is being fostered by Sandy Warren and Randall. SRC is forever indebted to these dedicated members that take time from their busy schedules to assure the safety of these wonderful dogs. We were amazed at the diligent care offered these rescues by Dr. Melissa Zebley of Mobile Vet to Pet in Hickory NC. SRC recommends her services to all our members without reservation. You may find out more about her by visiting her website: Remember next week we have another set coming in so there is plenty of time to get your foster fur-child if you don‟t have one – or two yet! Enjoy the photos from that day on page 4.

SRC enjoys sharing the joys and trials that make each adoption special.

Page 2

Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Newsletter Title Ellen Barnes

SRC Foster Parent of the Month

The backbone of SRC success is our responsive network of foster care families who open their heart and home to these rescues. Each is special. This month we honor Ellen Barnes who, besides adopting the 3 Ms – Mama, Missy and Maggie, is fostering Della Blue (SRC 323). Ellen has created a warm and loving home for these minis – 2 seniors, another adult and now Della Blue – a 2 ½ year old puppy mill rescue from Conway SC. “Della Blue is an absolutely beautiful little girl. I have no doubts she will make some lucky family very happy to have her in their home. Della does have some issues, though, which we are working through. NONE are her fault; they all derive from her former life. She is shy, timid and fearful of strangers, especially men. When I brought Della into my home, she was already on my living room couch with my 3 minis (the 3 M's) within 15 minutes. Della loves to play and gets along extremely well with other dogs as well as cats. I had Della almost a week before she came to me and licked my hand. She has always watched my 3 M's interacting with me very closely but she wasn‟t quite brave enough earlier. Other than treats, I have never approached Della but have instead allowed her to approach me. If I do approach Della, you can see the fear in her eyes still and she will lean her body back away from me. She doesn't get up and actually move; she just leans away from me. I think Della considers the couch her "safe haven". The couch is probably the most "open" thing in the house Della could go to. She has full run of the house but doesn‟t hide under my bed or some other place similar. Della IS housebroken BUT I have not allowed her outside yet. Instead, I put down pads for her to potty on which she always uses. She had a reputation as a "digger. Obviously I could stop Della from digging out from under my fence but I don't want to do anything that Della might even remotely perceive as punishment. I am allowing her to build up trust in me. Up until last week, Della never really indicated that she wanted to go outside - I think the main reason was that she would have been too close when she walked past me. I have not seen any type of health problems at all with Della. She is very active (plays with my 3 M's and toys a LOT) and has a healthy appetite. I guess you've already figured out that I've never tried walking Della on a leash. I haven't combed or brushed Della since getting her. I know she needs both. But - I haven't wanted to do anything that might make Della uncomfortable. I honestly believe Della will make some lucky person very happy. Once Della decides that person is no threat, I think Della will be a very loving, playful and devoted companion. She already shows signs of these qualities, while still learning that I won‟t hurt her and that she can trust me to love her.” Ellen Barnes is the best type of foster – kind, patient and understanding. Her dogs are the lucky ones - to have her for their SRC mom.

Della Blue

Safe Haven Couch

Della and 3 Ms

Ellen Barnes with Maggie SRC163

Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Newsletter Title

Page 3 Linda Smith, Virginia

Adoptive Parent of the Month

We usually provide the adoptive story from a human perspective but haven‟t all of us wondered what the dogs were thinking during this adoption process. Linda Smith of Virginia lets us in on her mini‟s musings. On April 23 2006, Linda Smith added Bret (SRC 314) to her family as a doggie brother for her male mini Little Guy. Little Guy was a bit bewildered on first meeting Bret and – well, the story is better told in his own words: “Hi, my name is Little Guy. Although my mom lovingly prepared me by telling me I was getting a brother named Bret, I was shocked when he arrived. In comes this wild, highly energetic, much bigger dog, bouncing off the furniture and barking at everything. I wondered what my mom had done!! At meal times, Bret has finished eating his food before I even begin to eat. I used to be a finicky eater but find it is „dog eat dog‟ around here now. After a few days, Bret began to settle down a little. Mom took him to be groomed and to see the vet. I knew what would happen there Although I had accepted Bret, he wasn‟t too receptive of me and he wanted 100% of mom‟s attention. He never misses a chance to play and is always bringing toys and dropping them at mom‟s feet or in her lap. We now play together in the yard and both go for long walks in the park with mom. Mom said Bret needed some “manners” and enrolled him in Obedience and Agility. That gives me some time alone without the “wild man”. I enjoy the practice sessions at home as I get treats too when I also obey the commands. Mom plans on training Bret to hopefully be a therapy dog and follow in my footsteps. She told me that getting Bret would help keep me younger and I could help with the training. I think she has aged a little since Bret‟s arrival” - the Little Guy. Note from Mom: Bret is a soft, smart, loving dog and very protective. He sleeps in my bed and is a good snuggler. After training, we will continue to work on the obedience and hope to visit local Nursing Homes. I am very blessed to have two great dogs and proud of Little Guy for his total acceptance of Bret. Bret SRC 314

Bret + Little Guy

Bret is up front Little Guy on the bed

Page 4

Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Newsletter Title All Day - Saturday, June 17, 2006 Calvin with Teddy Teddy again

SRC Rescue in Action
Lloyd & Little Girl

Gaby / Karen / Lucy

Vasily and Suzy Q

Sandy & Randall w/Chewy

Chewy at Sandy’s Abby after HW Treatment

CHECK YOUR CHECKBOOK: EXTRA FUNDS? Honor Father’s Day and needy Rescues with a $20 or more charitable donation to help cover several Heartworm treatments.
Dad would be proud - the dogs will love you. Send a donation ($20 up to $100) to: Anthony, Moore, & Tabb, P. A. @ 2536 WARD BLVD, WILSON, NC 27893-1649/ Attn: Ralph Moore

Tartan meets Chewy Vasily w/ Suzy Q

Bailey at home with E. Von Hagel
Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Inc
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