Grand Haven Senior High Outdoor Education Policies and Procedures by keara


									Grand Haven Senior High Outdoor Education Policies and Procedures
Mr. Warner 616-850-6152 Office

You will be exposed to a variety of activities, in a variety of weather conditions. If you don’t enjoy spending time outdoors in ALL weather conditions, I would reconsider your enrollment in this class. Depending on our activity level and outside conditions, there will be days when you experience hot, cold and very wet weather. This class will involve a large aerobic activity component. In other words, participation in this class will require that you sweat and increase your breathing above normal resting levels. You may experience muscle soreness and strain during and after some activities. As the teacher for this course I will make every effort to keep us all safe. I reserve the right to cancel or cut short any activity due to inclement weather. Many of our activities will take us off campus. Whenever possible we will be biking to and from activities. There will be times when driving our own vehicles is a necessity. I expect all drivers to operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner while traveling to and from activities. There may be times when we meet at the activity location or depart for the school day from an activity. Grading Procedures Each day the student begins with 20 points. Points are lost completely if the student fails to dress for an activity. Points will be taken away in 5 point increments for the following infractions: -Disrespect to self, others or equipment -Dangerous behavior to self or others -Poor Attitude toward self, or others -Non-Participation in an activity Extra Assignments Most units will include a short test, article or other assessment. Each assessment will be assigned a different point value. Excused Absences It is our policy to have students make-up class time that has been missed due to an absence from school. This includes trips, illness, and time lost due to injuries, etc. Unlike an academic subject that can be “made-up” by classroom assignments, physical education make-up will be done by a cardiovascular workout. YOU need to contact your teacher to arrange make-up time. Failure to make-up absences will result in a 0 for that day.

Unexcused Absences All unexcused absences will result in a 0 for that day; you cannot make-up unexcused absences. Tardy Policy Students are required to be in the locker rooms within the passing time. Five minutes are allotted for changing clothes and reporting to your area from the locker room. All students must be sitting down in their assigned area when the teacher starts taking roll. If you come in late you must notify your teacher that you are present. Clothes You must be properly dressed and prepared for class. Proper clothes include shorts, tshirts, socks, and tennis shoes for inside activities. As seasons change you should always have outdoor clothes in your locker. Please refer to the clothing list that I require for your locker. Dismissal Time Generally you will have five-ten minutes to clean-up and dress at the end of class. This time may be increased depending on our activity. Locker Room Students will be issued a lock for their assigned locker; at the end of the semester it must be returned or pay a $6.00 fee to replace it. YOU CANNOT BRING IN YOUR OWN LOCKS. YOU MUST USE THE SCHOOL LOCKS. IFF YOU USE YOUR OWN LOCK IT WILL BE CUT OFF. THE LARGER LOCKERS ARE YOURS DURING THE SEMESTER. Cost There is a $100.00 fee for this class. This money is due by Friday, September 15, 2007. Payment can be cash, check or money order. All checks should be made out to Grand Haven Public Schools and “outdoor ed” written in the memo space. You will not be allowed to participate in activities past September 15, 2007 until this fee is paid.

Gear/Clothes List Suggested Gear for this semester is listed below. You should ALWAYS be prepared for inside, outside and pool activities. 1. Swim Suit 2. Towel 3. CLEAN tennis shoes for indoors 4. Tennis shoes for outdoors, will get DIRTY 5. Shorts for indoors/outdoors 6. T-shirts for indoors/outdoors 7. Long Sleeve clothing for fall/winter activity (fleece or poly pro is best) 8. Long Pants for fall/winter activity 9. Warm hat for fall/winter time 10. Light gloves for fall biking 11. Heavy gloves for winter skiing/sledding/snow boarding etc… 12. Extra pair or two of socks Suggested items: 1. Sunglasses 2. Soap, shampoo, other general toiletry items

Name: _____________________________________ Date: _______________ Section: Fall 2007

Questions: Please answer the following questions. For equipment related questions, please consider your ability to borrow something you don’t own, from another family member, friend or neighbor. Do you HAVE or HAVE ACCESS TO: Mountain Bike Bike Helmet Skim Board Body Board Wet Suit Roller Blades Cross Country Skis Snow Shoes Down Hill Skis Snow Board Sled Fishing Pole Medium Size Back Pack (2-3 day pack) Paintball Gun AND Mask Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N N N N N N N N N N N N N

Your t-shirt size:___________ (Everyone is getting a Grand Haven Outdoor Ed t-shirt courtesy of some local sponsors) Your Shoe Size:_____________ Your Home Email: _______________________________________________________ Your Cell Phone: _________________________________________ Your Home Phone: _______________________________________ Your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name: __________________________________________

Class Activity List I have most of the semester planned. At the beginning of each Month you will receive a TENTATIVE outline of our schedule. I reserve the right to change and modify the schedule as we need to depending on weather, vendor schedules and the school district calendar. The activities listed below are in the GENERAL order of our participation.                     Team building activities (On and Off Campus) Low and High Ropes Course Work (Camp Blodgett, Camp Geneva) Skim Boarding (Make your own skim board and use it) Land Based Kite Boarding School (2-3 days at City Beach with Mac Kite Company) Fishing at Grand Haven Pier (3-4 days) Hiking (Various times through semester: Rosy Mound, Hofma, YMCA, Pigeon Creek, Stanton Street Park, PJ Hoffmaster) Biking (Both road and mountain biking on trails in Grand Haven and surrounding areas) Frisbee Golf (At Camp Geneva, Christian Reformed Retreat Center) Kayak/Canoe (Week long unit on Pigeon River, Pottawatomie Bayou, possible ½ day trip in Montague) Archery/Hunters’ Safety (Two week long certification class, real ammunition on shooting range) Paintball (2 days) Orienteering/Adventure Racing (2-4 days, off campus mainly) Backpacking Basics (Guest speaker, walking local trails with loaded packs to get feel for sport 2-3 days) Trail Building and Maintenance (Various Trail Projects at county parks) Indoor Rock Climbing (1 week, Camp Geneva) Water safety, survival and rescue skills (1 week) Snorkel/Scuba Training (1 Week) 1st Aid /CPR Training (All students will be certified) Downhill Ski/Snowboard (At YMCA, POSSIBLE trip to Caberfae) Cross Country Ski (Stanton Park, Pigeon Creek, On Campus)

Filler Activities that will be mixed into our weekly schedule at various points.  Swimming in pool, water polo  Ultimate Frisbee  Sand and Indoor Volleyball

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