Document Sample
Wavier of liability Application to play or observe paintball This is a legally binding document. Please read it carefully Every person entering upon the premises of the Extreme Paintball Field must sign a copy of this waiver. After you have read and understood every part of this waiver sign on the opposite side. Please print legibly and fill out all sections to be eligible to play First Name______________________ Last Name________________________ Street Address_____________________________ City____________________ Province________________________ Postal Code_______________________ Date of Birth [DD/MM/YY]_____/_____/____ Date of Play[DD/MM/YY]____/____/____ PH#______________________ 1. I understand that I may be injured or die while playing paintball. 2. I understand that even if all the safety rules are followed, that paintball is an inherently dangerous sport. I freely and voluntarily accept the risk of injury or death from the participation in paintball and/or from being a spectator. 3. I understand that serious and permanent eye injury, including the loss of eyesight can occur if I do not wear approved paintball safety goggles in any area where paintball markers may be intentionally or accidentally discharged. I agree never to remove my goggles under any circumstance while I am on the playing field, at the target range, or any other circumstance where I may be struck by paintballs. 4. I understand that although the field operator and the staff will attempt to enforce safety and playing rules I may be injured or die because other persons did not follow the rules. 5. I understand that playing paintball, and being on the premises involves risk, which include, but are not limited to, the risk or injury from being hit by paintballs, injuries from the possible malfunction of the equipment used in the game, and injury from the falling over of natural and man-made obstacles on the game fields. 6. I certify that I am in a good healthy state and that I do not have a heart condition, ailment, or condition which could be worsened or cause me injury, illness, or death as a result of exertion involved in playing paintball. I understand that I am responsible for consulting a physician before playing paintball. 7. As a condition of playing paintball on these premises and / or be allowed on these premises I knowingly and voluntarily waive my legal rights that I may have against the field operator, the land owner, equipment manufacturers and distributors, Extreme Paintball and it’s owners, employees, directors, and assigns. 8. I agree to hold harmless each and all of the above parties and to indemnify each and all of the above names parties against any and all claims, actions, suits, costs, expenses, [including attorneys fees], damages, and liabilities, arising out of, connected with, or resulting from my playing paintball.


I understand that I am fully liable and financially responsible for the equipment rented / issued to me. I also understand that I am financially responsible to Extreme Paintball for the loss or damage of any such equipment, structures, or property of Extreme Paintball.

Safety Rules All players must follow all safety and game rules without exception. Any violation of these rules will result in that player being ejected from play, or the premises at the sole option of the management. 1. Safety goggles must be worn at all times 2. No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones, or parking areas. All markers must have safeties on and barrel plugs in while in these areas. Rental markers may not be taken to the parking area. Markers may only be discharged on the playing field or at the target range. 3. No climbing trees 4. No potentially dangerous gear. Player may not bring any form of tool onto the playing field 5. No types of pyrotechnics or explosives are allowed. The game site operator must approve all personal equipment. 6. Avoid field hazards. 7. No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises or in the parking area. 8. Smoking is not permitted on the field. 9. Do not attempt to remove CO2 bottles or any parts from the rental markers. 10. Ref’s decisions are final. No players will be allowed to argue with any ref. I have read and understood every item on this waiver and all the safety rules. I agree that this waiver is binding on my estate, my heirs, my representatives, my assigns, and me. I intend to be fully bound by this waiver and to abide by its terms. I am legally an adult in this province[ 18 years old]. Signature__________________________ Witness Signature_____________________ Printed Name_______________________ Witness Printed______________________ Date [DD/MM/YY]_______________________ Under 18 Only I am a minor in this province and my legal guardian has read and agrees to all the terms of this waiver. By my signature below I indemnify and hold harmless Extreme Paintball from any claims resulting from the minor’s attendance, or participation at this facility. Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian___________________________ Date [dd/mm/yy]___________________________ Printed Name__________________________________