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                              Projection Media Marketing
                                                                    Digital Experiential Solutions

                              •	 3D	Architectural	Mapping
                              •	 5k	-	20k	Lumen	Systems             Eventige creates custom branded experiences for the target consumers of our
                                                                    clients. By utilizing interactive digital componenets as part of the marketing mix
                              •	 Laser	Digital	Lightshows
                                                                    we are able to create engagement, captivate audiences, and increase retention.
                              •	 Die-Cut	Projection	Signs
                              Trade Show Digital
                              •	 Digital	Screen	Installations       Innovative Approach
                              •	 Creative	/	Video	Production        As founders of one of the largest event marketing
                              •	 Digital	Kiosks	/	Stands            groups on LinkedIn, we are always in the know of the
                              •	 Lead	Generation	iPads              latest techniques and technologies on the market.
                              •	 Game	Show	Systems
                              •	 Audio/Video	Support
                              Mobile Digital Media
                                                                    Unique Technology
                                                                    Eventige uses a combination of various digital
                              •	 Digital	Display	Vehicles
                                                                    systems, including 5k-20k Lumen Rear-Projectors,
                              •	 Interactive	Trucks                 Digital Graffiti, 3D Architectural Mapping, Monitors,
                              •	 Digital	Billboards                 Displays, TouchScreen Digital, and many others.
                              Digital Graffiti
                              •	 Interactive	Kiosks
                              •	 Sync	with	Facebook

                                                                ProvidingCreative                 Experience the Eventige difference
                                                                MarketingSolutions                 Office: 646-998-5445        Fax: 646-786-5542
                                                                forYourBrand                       info@eventige.com          www.eventige.com

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