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									How to place your Avon order For Representatives: Click on “place an order”. For Leadership Representatives: Click on “my own office – place an order”.

To continue an existing order, click on the link in “pending orders” located on your homepage dashboard.

Select your Campaign and then click the GO button.



Select your Order type and then click the GO button.



Start ordering your product numbers and quantities in the space provided as you used to do. Note: Please press tab instead of return to move from box to next.

Click on SAVE ORDER just above the Online Purchase Order.

Use the outside scroll bar to scroll down and order brochures.

Continue scrolling down and enter the number of customers served and your email address.

NOTE: You must enter an email address in order to be able to place an electronic order. If you don’t have an email address, please visit gmail at www.google.com/accounts or hotmail at signup.live.com to register an email address. It’s absolutely free.

Go to Step 2 (View What’s New) at bottom of page to view the What’s New catalogue OR to continue

You now have two options: 1) View demos in the What’s New: View the What’s New demos, go back to your order by clicking on BACK TO ORDER, enter your demos and SAVE again. Then click on GO TO STEP 2 and click on CONTINUE. 2) Continue: Click on CONTINUE.

You will now see your Ordering Checklist. Please verify your order carefully to make sure you do not have any duplication. You now have two options.

Options: 1) To submit your order simply click on SUBMIT ORDER at the bottom of the page. 2) To add additional items: Click on the category you want to add, order those items, click on SAVE ORDER and then click on BACK TO ORDER to continue. You will now be back in your Online Purchase Order page. To submit your order click on GO TO STEP 2, then CONTINUE and then SUBMIT ORDER.


Making a Refund or Exchange

Once you have completed your refund or exchange transaction, click on SAVE and then FINAL REVIEW. After your review page appears, click on RETURN TO ORDER ITEMS. Please verify your Order Checklist. You can now submit your order by clicking on SUBMIT ORDER. If you visit the Refunds or Exchanges page but do not make a transaction, you can return to your Order Summary page by clicking on the link right under the Show All Available Invoices.

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