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					TECHNICAL EXHIBIT 3-004A: Automated Systems and Software - Web Development and Management Environment
System/Software Adobe Creative Suite Description Includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat Reader and Writer. Creates and manipulates PDF documents. A full featured Web-based management system and API for developing Web pages, applications, and portals for public Web resources, extranets, and intranets. A C++ development suite for developing Pam OS 5 and under compatible PDA applications. An extensible development suite for developing software and web applications. A development suite for developing software applications for Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 devices. Specifications Information

BEA’s AquaLogic NT=index.htm&FP=/content/products/ aqualogic/

Codewarrior for Palm OS site/homepage.jsp?nodeId=012726

Eclipse Development Studio Embedded Visual C++ 3.0 ult.asp?url=/library/enus/vcce/htm/evcstart.asp mweaver/?promoid=BINR

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0 Suite

Web development environment. Includes Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, and FreeHand and accessibility review tools.

Macromedia HomeSite

Web development tool for creating static and dynamic Web pages and applications. The new official development studio for Palm. A C++ development suite for developing for the most current master.jhtml;store?id=catHomeSite

Palm OS Development Suite _suite.html

Pam OS applications. Visual Basic

Development studio for creating Visual Basic applications.

Visual C++

Development studio for creating Visual C++ applications. Development studio for developing for the most recent release of Windows Mobile as well as for Windows desktop applications. Microsoft Web server environment and administration which hosts main AHRQ Web sites.

Visual Studio .Net

Internet Information Server 6 SQL Server Enterprise Manager SQL Query Analyzer Windows Server 2000/2003 J2EE rver2003/iis/default.mspx

Management software for SQL server. ult.asp?url=/library/enus/architec/8_ar_aa_5rg2.asp ult.asp?url=/library/enus/qryanlzr/qryanlzr_1zqq.asp rver2003/default.mspx

SQL database query application.

Microsoft Web server which hosts Web sites. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition is used to develop server-side Java applications, Web services, and communications APIs. Back-end database system for Web applications. Audits quality, accessibility, and compliance issues on Web resources. Management system to review Web site operations, architecture, links, and usage.




WebTrends 7.0

Web site analytics software application to generate usage metrics, marketing response, and performance.

Multimedia Software Adobe After Effects Used for the production of motion graphics and effects for film, video, DVD, and the Web and for compositing video and encoding screen savers for the AHRQ kiosk Encode streaming video for dial-up and broadband users. ffects/index.html

Autodesk Cleaner XL ndex?id=5562182&siteID=123112 ndex?id=6871843&siteID=123112

Autodesk Maya To create 3D graphics and animations

Tascam Gigastudio Creates and controls the sounds of musical instruments. Cakewalk Sonar Sequencer for controlling GigaStudio samples and for recording multitrack audio. ONAR/studio.asp e/

Digidesign Pro Tools LE with Mbox

Audio recorder on location with a laptop using the USB Mbox controller and a microphone

Sony Sound Forge

To create and edit digital audio files. roducts/soundforgefamily.asp

Sony Vegas and DVD Architect

Video digitizing, editing, and encoding video for multimedia. roducts/ShowProduct.asp?PID=967

Serious Magic Ultra 2

Creates and composites short video clips. s/ultra/index.cfm

Real Media Real Player

Creates closed captioned video.

Other Software Suites Microsoft Office XP Standard desktop at AHRQ. Includes Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Project. Manage and monitor as well as add, modify, or remove information from the AHRQ networked Kiosk. To analyze Web sites for Section 508 compliance.


SSB Technologies Insight Infocus ucts/infocus/index.html

Other Service Environments Distributed hosting and backup for main Web site to improve site performance. Online conferencing, training, and webinars Extranet development and hosting.


WebEx WebExOne