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					Unit 2
Smart Cars


If you could afford a car, you may not want to drive one because……. List the reasons why you don’t want to drive a car.


 

  

        

windscreen windscreen wiper 前窗 雨刷 sunroof trunk 天窗 后箱 headlight rear light fog light 前灯 尾灯 雾灯 side mirror rearview mirror 侧视镜 后视镜 steering wheel 方向盘 horn seat belt 喇叭 安全带 gas pedal 油门 brake hand brake 刹车 手刹


first gear 一档 second gear 二档 reverse 倒车档 diesel 柴油机 limousine 豪华轿车 drophead 活动车篷汽车 (美作:convertible) racing car 赛车


roadster 敞蓬车 notchback 客货两用车 four-wheel drive 四轮驱动 front-wheel drive 前轮驱动 trailer 拖车 station wagon 小旅行车


truck 卡车 compact car 小型汽车 light-van 小型货车 garbage truck 垃圾车 automobile carrier 货运卡车 fire engine 消防车 tractor 牵引车 ambulance 救护车 taxi 出租车, 出租车


trailer truck 拖车 sports car 跑车 formula car 方程式赛车, 方程式汽车 mail car 邮车 jeep 吉普车 bloodmobile 血浆车 bumper car 碰撞用汽车


camper 露营车 police car 警车 wrecker 清障车 ambulance 急救车


Benz, Mercedes-Benz 奔驰 Cadillac 卡迪拉克 Chrysler 克赖斯勒 Chevroler 雪佛莱 Citroen 雪铁龙 Ford 福特 Honda 本田


 

Mazda 马自达 Mustang 野马 Porsche 保时捷 Renault 雷诺 Rolls-Royce 罗尔斯罗伊斯 Santana 桑塔纳 Toyota 丰田 Volvo 沃尔沃, 富豪 Volkswagen 大众 Ferrari Jaguar 美洲豹

Text Organization


Part one: para1---3 : new technology will have a dramatic impact on cars and highways in the 21st century. Part two: para4---9 :with the aid of advanced technology, smart cars will be so designed that they can help eliminate traffic accidents, determine their own precise locations and warn of traffic jams.

Text Organization

Part three: para10---13: GPS and “telematics” will make it possible to build smart highways, which will benefit us in more than one way.

• Automobile industry • mass production: making several products at once, rather than one at a time.

Cultural Notes

• mass marketing: selling products nationally and globally wide.
• globalization of production: assembling products with parts made world-wide

Global Positioning System

• Space-based radionavigation system, consisting of 24 satellites and ground support.

Blind Spot(盲点)
• A position of the road behind a car, which a driver cannot observe from the rear-view mirror.

• Computers seem to become a new blind spot with many old people.

Language Points
Para. 2
Lucrative: producing much money; profitable
For example:

• 据说开网吧是很赚钱的。 • It is said that running a net bar is a lucrative business.

• making it the world’s biggest manufacturing industry. 宾补 • Combine the following pair of sentences by using “it” as the formal object. • You were unable to attend our meeting. • We all thought that was a pity. • We all thought it a pity that you were unable to attend our meeting.

Para. 4
eliminate : remove sth that is not wanted or needed; get rid of (used in eliminate sth. from sth)
For example: • The curriculum ignored the natural interests of children and so eliminated the children’s motivation. • 如果你认为你对某种食物过敏就不要纳入你的食谱中。 • If you think you may be allergic to a food , eliminate it from your diet.

Para. 4
in the air: in the earth’s atmosphere; uncertain , not yet decided • During the windy days, you’ll see many kites flying in the air. • Our plans are still in the air.

Para. 4
Alert: warn sb. that there may be danger, trouble, etc. (alert sb; alert sb to sth) For example:
• The manager alerted the staff to the crisis facing the company. • 老师警告学生在河中游泳是危险的。 • The teacher alerted the students to the danger of swimming in the river.

Para. 5
• _______ us everything, we could try to solve his problem. • A. Would he tell B. Were he to tell • C. If he tells D. If he had told • • • • • Had he worked harder, he _____ exams. A. must have got through B. would have got through C. would get through D. can get through

• 不带if 的虚拟条件句: • had should were • Should they forget to bring a compass with them, they would get lost in the woods. • Were it not for… • Had it not been for… • 要不是,若没有

Para. 6
Hazard: a thing that can be dangerous or cause
damage, a danger or risk For example: • 研究证明吸烟危害健康。 • The research has confirmed that smoking presents a hazard to health. • The dispute between two developed countries will become a hazard to the peace of world

Para. 7
Get/ be stuck in (sth): be unable to move or to be move For example: 1. 我昨天遇到塞车近一个小时,这就是为什么我 没赶上飞机。 • I was stuck in the traffic yesterday for about one hour. That’s why I missed the plane. 2. 我因流感呆在家里。 • I was stuck at home with flu.

Para. 8
Convert: change from one form or use to another (followed by into / to)

For example:

• Hitler converted Germany into a militarized society. • A solar cell converts radiation from the sun into electricity.

Para. 12
take control of: control
• As a qualified manager he knew well how to take control of his staff and company.

• • • •

seize the control of beyond control out of control under control

Beautiful Expressions
• 严重低估
• • • • • grossly underestimate 威胁生命的重大隐患 life-threatening hazard 令人头疼的事情 frustrating things

• • • • • • • • • •

积极的影响 positive impact 塞车 get stuck in traffic 确定方位 determine the location 大幅度下降 drop drastically 完全控制 take complete control of

Difficult Sentences
1. Sales of the automobile industry stand at about a trillion dollars, making it the world’s biggest manufacturing industry. 汽车工业的销售额达一万亿美元左右, 从而成 为世界上最大的制造业. • 2. The number of people that are killed or badly injured in car accidents is so vast that we don’t even bother to mention them in newspaper anymore. 在汽车事故中死亡或严重受伤的人数太多, 我 们已经不屑在报纸上提及.

• 3. Should you make a serious driving mistake, the computer would sound an immediate warning. 如果你发生重大行车失误, 计算机立即会发出 警报. • 4. This could prove to be an environmental boon as well, saving fuel, reducing traffic jams, decreasing air pollution, and serving as an alternative to highway expansion. • 这对环保也会很有利, 能节省燃油,减轻交通阻 塞,减少空气污染,还可用作公路扩建的替代办 法.

Directions: your are to write in no less than 150 words about the title of Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Cars. You should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below: 1. 私车的好处 2. 私车所带来的问题 3. 结论

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