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									Carthage Functional Neurology Chiropractor, Dr. Joanie Winstead D. C.,
Offers Metabolic Solutions

Carthage, MS, 27-FEB-2013 - Dr. Joanie Winstead DC, Carthage functional
neurology chiropractor, is pleased to announce a menu of metabolic
solutions for issues related to functional neurology. These remedies are
breakthroughs in nature, and completely safe and natural.

Some of the conditions that are benefited from metabolic therapeutic
techniques include auto-immune conditions such as multiple sclerosis,
eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's and irritable bowel syndrome. The
doctor also offers therapy for peripheral neuropathy, migraine headaches
and thyroid disorders. Patients with all types of chronic pain in the
neck and the back have also reported improvement in health.

Patients who schedule a consultation with Dr. Winstead are carefully
screened to determine precisely what solutions are required in order to
be most effective in relieving the symptoms. The battery of tests include
hormone panels, intestinal permeability, immune panels, full blood
panels, adrenal stress index and sensitivity testing.

Dr. Winstead is one of only four Board-eligible chiropractic neurologists
in Mississippi. There are only 1200 chiropractic neurologists in the
entire United States. There are many chiropractors in the country, but
only the relatively small percentage have the additional training in

The major components to therapy that are in addition to the typical
chiropractic techniques include oxygen therapy and brain therapy. Oxygen
serves as fuel for both the nervous system and the brain. As such, it
will increase the healing rate. If an exercise component is added to the
oxygen, the firing of electrical impulses to the brain is enhanced. This
process tends to improve many types of chronic conditions.

The second major element to therapy is techniques which include
vibration, auditory, olfactory, caloric and visual stimulation. The
doctor may apply spinal decompression to improving firing of signals to
the brain.

Learn more about the techniques incorporated into the offerings by Dr.
Winstead, DC, Carthage functional neurology chiropractor, by accessing
the website at today. Members of the
press and others who have questions about the effectiveness of the
therapy, or about the details in this press notice are encouraged to
contact Dr. Winstead at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Joanie L. Winstead, DC

Practice: Board eligible chiropractic neurologist and NeuroMetabolic

Address: 226 Highway 35 North, Carthage, MS 39051

Contact Telephone Number: (601) 267-3996


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