Guided Reading Questions for The Great Gatsby by linfengfengfz


									Guided Viewing Questions for The Great Gatsby   Name: _________________________________

    1.    (Narrative and Point of View): Make a list of things you learn about Nick Carraway in the first
         quarter of the movie. How might his background color the way he tells this story? How trustworthy
         is Nick?

    2. (Characters): What kind of person is Nick Carraway? How does he compare to narrators in other
         movies you have seen? How might Nick’s narration color the way watchers view the other
         characters? Is he a reliable narrator?

    3. (Symbolism): Discuss the valley of ashes. Keeping in mind the historical and cultural contexts of
         the movie, what might the valley symbolize? Why might Fitzgerald want to underscore an
         important theme, such as the pursuit of wealth, so early in the story? What do we learn about
         Nick from his description?

    4. (Symbolism) : Discuss some of the other potent symbols in the story. How are these interpretive
         keys to the movie’s meaning? Does anyone in the story truly know Daisy?

    5. (Character Development): Consider whether any of the main characters have changed in the
         movie. Examine Tom, Daisy, Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby. Are there any moments when these
         characters have a realization about their circumstances or change a firmly held opinion?

    6. What are the characteristics of a great “story”?

    7. According to avant-garde writer Gertrude Stein, the novel this movie was based on is of the “Lost
         Generation”. How might it represent the hopes and dreams of Americans during the 1920s?

Essay will be due after the movie is finished and will count as a Formal (Test) grade. The paper must be
between 500-750 words. These must be emailed to me by Monday 16 April
( In the “Subject box” you must write your first and last name and period
and A/B day.

What do you consider to be the movie’s most important theme that resonates with viewers? (Take into
consideration the historical significance of the movie and its consequences.)
Is the topic still relevant today? If so, why? If not, why not? Use specific examples (at least 2) and
highlight those in yellow (these will be your arguments). Two counter arguments will also be used and
they will be highlighted in red.

Your first paragraph should address what you believe the theme is and whether you believe that it is still
relevant today.

Paragraph 2 should be about your arguments highlighting specific examples.

Paragraph 3 is about your specific counter arguments, highlighted in red.

Paragraph 4 should be a conclusion.

(For perspective, this sheet contains 426 words)

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