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What Is Optus MobileMail Business? What Do You Need? What Can You Access? Technical Requirements Pricing Cancelling MobileMail Business Security Q&A's

What Is MobileMail Business?
Optus MobileMail for Business provides mobile subscribers with access to their company information while away from the office. By using Optus MobileMail for Business, subscribers gain secure, real-time wireless access to company mail applications from their GPRS Phone, PDA or any computer with standard Internet browsers. Optus MobileMail for Business includes features such as:

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Business E-mail - Access to e-mail, and with the optional smart sync client, messages are automatically delivered to the device, and changes updated on the enterprise PIM application. Work Calendar - View and schedule appointments from mobile device using built in browsers. Personal and Corporate Contacts - Interact with extensive corporate directories from the mobile device without having to store the entire directory on the device itself. Initiate calls and e-mail from personal contacts. Documents - Browse, view, e-mail documents from a mobile device.

Optus MobileMail for Business is easy to install on a desktop computer and does not require any hardware or software installation on the company network. A customer can register through Optus Zoo at, download the software to their office PC and set up their mobile device/s to retrieve and sync their information when on the move. The service gives the customer access to their system with the corporate network, safely residing behind the corporate firewall. Any change made to information on a mobile device is automatically reflected in the desktop system with no need to synchronise.

What Do You Need?
To use Optus MobileMail for Business you require:
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A GPRS phone and / or a PDA, Palm or Pocket PC to access the internet GPRS access through an Optus Mobile GPRS rate plan


A Windows based business PC

What Can You Access?
E-mail Optus MobileMail for Business allows subscribers access to their company e-mail accounts, including the functions:
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Access to E-mail Folders Read E-mail Attachment Indicators Compose E-mail Reply to E-mail Forward E-mail Selecting Recipients from Address Books (both Personal and Corporate contacts) Delete E-mail Mark E-mail as Unread

Attachments Optus MobileMail for Business makes it possible for subscribers to Interact with email attachments from a wireless device, including the functions:
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Attachment Indicator Forward Attachments View Attachments Attach Local Documents to E-mails Attach Remote Documents to E-mails

Contacts Optus MobileMail for Business allows the subscriber to access personal and company contact lists from a wireless device. Calendar Optus MobileMail for Business allows subscribers to access their personal calendar from a wireless device. Document Access Optus MobileMail for Business allows subscribers to browse and download files stored locally in the computer running the Optus MobileMail for Business Software. As a security policy, subscribers may not access network drives or windows system folders. Also, subscribers may not map an entire drive for folder browsing. Connection Sharing Optus MobileMail for Business allows subscribers to access their company information when their computer is disconnected from the network by using another coworker's network connection. Notifications Optus MobileMail for Business allows subscribers to set a personalised set of rules

that determine when they are notified of events occurring in their enterprise applications. Palm Client Experience Optus MobileMail for Business also provides subscribers with the ability to interact with applications on smart devices, a new class of mobile device, such as communicators, which combine phones and PDAs. Management and Personalisation Optus MobileMail for Business provides subscribers with a convenient Web interface for the management and personalisation of their mobile experience.

Technical Requirements
Browser Support Optus MobileMail for Business includes support for the following browsers:
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Openwave 3.1, 3.2, 4.1 Blazer 1.1 s5 Eudora Web 2.1 Neomar Web 3.0 Pocket Internet Explorer included in Pocket PC version 2000 and version 2002 Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 or later Netscape 4.x

System Requirements Although some restrictions apply, Optus MobileMail for Business is functional on the following systems: Operating System Requirements
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Windows(R) 95 (these machines cannot act as hosts for Connection Sharing) Windows 98 Second Edition Millennium Edition (Windows Me) Windows NT(R) Workstation 4.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) Windows 2000 Professional Windows XP Professional

Messaging Systems and Clients Requirements
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Microsoft Exchange 5.5 with Outlook 98 or 2000 or XP Microsoft Exchange 2000 with Outlook 98 or 2000 or XP Lotus Domino R5 with Lotus Notes R5 Lotus Domino 4.6 and Lotus Notes 4.6 or R5

Proxy Support



Proxy connection methods - Users can connect to Optus MobileMail for Business via the following standard enterprise proxy connection methods:  DIRECT connection via port 443  PROXY (HTTP tunneling)  SOCKS (version 4) Proxy Setting detection and configuration - If the enterprise requires connection via proxy, Optus MobileMail for Business detects the proxy settings using the following methods:  Auto-detects Internet Explorer proxy settings including protocol, hostname, and port or a URL to a proxy autoconfiguration script to retrieve the protocol, hostname, and port.  Provides a simple UI for the user to manually configure proxy settings for cases where direct connection and auto-detection methods cannot determine the proxy server settings.

To register for a Optus MobileMail for Business account, you must be an Optus customer of GPRS services. To access your services from a wireless device, your computer or your connection sharing partner's computer must be connected to your company network and Optus MobileMail for Business must be running. Certain features of Optus MobileMail for Business may not work with the Connection Sharing feature. Make sure to disable automatic Sleep or Hibernation settings on your computer, as these will prevent Optus MobileMail for Business from connecting. For security, when leaving your PC logged into the network: Windows NT / 2000 Users: lock your workstation by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and selecting 'Lock Computer.' Windows 95, 98, & ME Users: set a password-protected screen saver in Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver.

Service MobileMail For Business What's Included Email read and reply. Open attachments - Intergrated device only. View and amend diary and calendar. Access your contacts. Handset Type Integrated Device with GPRS or GPRS handset with PDA / Laptop

GPRS Rate Plan Focus - GSMIS Consumer: GPRS Internet Retail - GPRSA Business Edge: GPRS Internet Bus Edge - GPRSN Business Edge 150 / 250: GPRS Internet Bus Edge 150 / 250 - GPRSS

License Fee $9.90 per Month Usage Rates Maximum Usage Cost N/A Rate $0.005 per Kb (GST exclusive) Flagfall N/A SMS Alerts 25¢ per SMS of 160 characters (GST inclusive) Special Note: Connecting the Customer to GPRS - standard process applies.

Cancelling MobileMail Business
In order to cancel MobileMail Business, the customer must have the charging aspect removed, as well as their MobileMail Business email account. Please contact Mobile Technical Support to arrange for the service to be cancelled, where this is required.

There are three key security issues to consider when accessing your company information from a wireless device:
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Does the service ensure that only I can access my information? Does the service ensure that my information is secure as it travels across the Optus GPRS network Does the service prevent copies of my data from being stored openly on the Internet?

Optus MobileMail for Business was built with the strongest standards-based security to address all three of these issues. Optus MobileMail for Business verifies your identity and protects against unauthorised access by third parties to ensure that only you can access your information.
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Verifying your identity through security credentials. When signing up for an account on the MobileMail Web site, you are required to establish a user name and password "credential." These credentials are matched to the Optus MobileMail for Business software that you download to your desktop. You must provide these credentials when you want to access your e-mail or PIM information from your mobile device. By comparing these credentials with the desktop software, Optus MobileMail for Business is able to verify your identity and grant access to your e-mail and PIM information. This process is similar to what happens when you want to withdraw money from an ATM machine. In both cases, you provide "credentials" that verify your identity and allow only you to access your account. Optus MobileMail for Business takes numerous steps to protect your credentials. The software applies a mathematical formula to transform the credentials before storing them. This ensures that each set of credentials is protected. Optus MobileMail for Business is able to immediately reset your credentials so that they can no longer be used in the event that they are lost or stolen.

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Protecting against unauthorised access through system security. Optus MobileMail for Business further ensures security by taking steps to protect against intrusions by unauthorised third parties. First, the software uses advanced mathematical techniques to make it computationally unfeasible for an unauthorised third party to login through repeated attempts. Second, extensive sets of monitoring tools are used to identify abnormal activity that would point to an unauthorised attempt to access the service. Finally, the data centre is protected by numerous layers of physical security such as surveillance cameras and biometric readers, as well as numerous layers of network security such as router-based packet filtering and firewall configurations. These steps are similar to those taken by the most security conscious enterprises that use the Internet for business transactions. For example, if your company uses the Internet to exchange information with business partners, it is likely these same measures are being taken.

Optus MobileMail for Business ensures that your information is secure as it travels across the Enhanced Optus GPRS Network.



Optus MobileMail for Business establishes a secure link between your enterprise information and the mobile device to ensure that no one can intercept your information. Optus MobileMail for Business uses a security mechanism referred to as "Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL)" to communicate across the network. SSL is the most commonly accepted standard for protecting information on the Internet today. It is highly likely that you already use SSL to protect your credit card number when doing transactions over the Internet, or to protect enterprise applications when accessing them over the Internet with a Web browser. The GPRS Cellular radio network uses A5 over the air encryption the same as used by GSM phone conversations to additionally protect the already encrypted user data. Optus MobileMail for Business prevents copies of your data from being openly exposed outside of your enterprise.


Optus MobileMail for Business provides real-time access directly to the email and PIM information stored in your enterprise. The information is never retrieved and stored outside of your enterprise. This means that the information is always under the control of your IT administrator and the security policies in place for protecting your company network. Optus MobileMail for Business's approach to data access is superior to many methods commonly used today for accessing enterprise information. For example, many people commonly synchronise their e-mail and PIM information from their desktop onto a PDA for use while they are mobile. When the information has been synchronised onto the PDA, it is out of the control of the IT administrator. If the PDA is lost or stolen, then the enterprise information is at risk of being compromised. Optus MobileMail

for Business provides a much higher level of protection by allowing only you to access the information on a real-time basis. Optus MobileMail for Business and Corporate Use.
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Customers whose connections are paid by their companies must obtain permission from their IT / Telecom manager to download the software. Before registering for Optus MobileMail for Business, subscribers must enter Info2you at Optus as a verification process. A password and phone number is recorded. If you are not able to access Info2you because of a company policy then MobileMail may not be available. Optus MobileMail for Business requires a GPRS connection on the public APN's of Internet and 'yes' infoWap. If you cannot get these GPRS services due to company policies then Optus MobileMail for Business may not be available.

Q, Do I have the same functions available in MobileMail on Palm Clients? E.g. Handspring Treo 270 and Pocket PC e.g. XDA. A. No. Some functions are available on one device and not the other. Known differences: Functions Palm Client Pocket PC Quick Response When Composing Mail Y N Mail Folders Available Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Outbox, Saved Items & Deleted Items Inbox, Sent Items & Deleted Items Fields In Mail Date / Time Received, From, Subject, Size, Priority Date / Time Received, From Subject Access To Palm Address Book For Mail Y N Making A Call To An E-mail Address Y N Q. Do I need to have my mobile phone on to access MobileMail? A. Yes. On an XDA for example where there is only one GPRS connection for your mobile and your PC, then you need to have your mobile on. Q. Can I change my User Name once I have registered for MobileMail? A. No. You can ask Customer Service to deregister your old service and then reregister with your new User Name. Any settings or data under the old user name cannot be brought over to the new service. Q. Can I change my Mobile Number once I have registered for MobileMail? A. Yes. However, we will need to deregister your old service and then reregister with your new Mobile Number. Any settings or data under the old Mobile Number cannot be brought over to the new service. Q. The date and times on my mail is different on my MobileMail Desktop Client and my Smart Device. Why? A. The Time Zone set on your Smart Device (e.g. XDA), the MobileMail Desktop Client and your PC must all be the same. If they are not set to the same Time Zone then the same email viewed on each device will show a different time.

Q. What happened to my settings on my Smart Device? A. If your Smart Device loses power then some of your settings will be lost. If you were using MobileMail when you lost power then any data that you were creating when this occurred will be lost. Q. I have changed my password on my MobileMail Desktop Client but I cannot logon. What should I do? A. After you have changed your MobileMail password you need to re-key the new MobileMail password on the Desktop Client. Go to Tools/Settings/Login tab. Enter your new password here. If you do not update the password then you will not be able to log on to the PC Browser for MobileMail. Q. I just became enabled on GPRS but my MobileMail service will not work. A. Turn your GPRS service off then on and service will be enabled. Q. I am unable to access the Help guides. A. Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe reader. This is available for free on the internet at Q. I am a customer with a corporate service. I have registered for MobileMail but the service does not work. A. Your corporate may not subscribe to data services, therefore you may not have a GPRS connection. Check with your corporate comms manager to see if you are allowed to subscribe to this service. If not, then either organise to allow this service within your organisation or ring into Customer Service to get the service discontinued otherwise you will continue to be charged for it. Q. When viewing my Mail Folders including my InBox and Deleted Items sometimes the date is not shown. Why not? A. As the e-mail is for the same day, the date does not appear ie. only time. Q. I have an appointment and a meeting booked in my Calendar but they both show up as an Appointment on my MobileMail Desktop Client. Why? A. The Desktop Client displays all meetings and appointments as appointments. Q. I have Mobile access to documents enabled on the Desktop Client but am unable to access any documents from my mobile device. A. File access is currently supported on the web and PDA devices but not on mobile phones. Q. I have registered and installed MobileMail but am unable to access the service using my internet browser. A. If your company does not allow you to surf the internet then you are also unable to use MobileMail. Q. What happens if I forget my password and I am away from the office? A. The forgot your password function is only available from your PC. Also if you use this function the new password is emailed to you therefore you MUST have access to your corporate mail (and this can't be going through MobileMail as you cant logon as you have forgotten your password).