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									MINUTES PARK & TREE BOARD SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 Members toured the facility. The meeting was called to order by Co-Chair Christy Flugga at 12:00 noon. Members present were Bob Jung, John Wimmer, Len Gilmore, and Jean Soine. Absent were Nancy Ellis & Kent Kortlever. Also present were Lee Schleper, Ron Mergen, Renee Eckerly, and Matt Dickhausen. Motion was made by Soine to approve the minutes from the August 4, 2009 Park & Tree Board meeting. Seconded by Jung and unanimously carried. REVIEW BEACH & LIFEGUARDS The end of season questionnaire was discussed along with a summary of the number of people that utilized the beach. The usage showed 8 days of over 100 swimmers with the high being June 23rd with 144. The lifeguards noted that everything went very well and the shelter is a huge improvement. The problems noted were rude teenage kids and parents dropping off kids. SECURITY CAMERAS Two cameras were discussed; the Samsung EZ was priced at $1,298.00 and Samsung LCD 4 was $1,098.00. Members discussed the need for a camera; Dickhausen noted how cameras have helped at the High School. Motion was made by Jung to purchase the LCD 4 security system and recommend such to the City Council. Seconded by Gilmore and unanimously carried. OPEN HOUSE The Board reviewed the date, time, menu, and invitation list. The Board will plan for 300 people. Soine will donate the chips. All members were asked to help at the event. PLAQUE It was noted that the shelter should have a plaque identifying who the financial contributors were. SOCCER FIELD The progress of the soccer field was discussed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

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