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Bo-Christer Björk Elma Durmisevic, Sanja Durmisevic N.M. Bouchlaghem, C.J. Anumba, H.M. Yang Rob Howard Rob Howard, Arto Diviemi, Olle Samuelson Susanne Hartvig, Jan Andresen, Knud Christensen Susanne Hartvig Rusk Masih Frits Tolman, Joost Fleuren, Reinout van Ress, Reza Beheshti Leonardo Rischmoller, Robert Fox, Luis Alarcon Goh Bee Hua Lin Chao, Goh Bee Hua Jan L. andresen Mark Dyson Ardeshir Mahdavi, Georg Suter Timo Heinrich, Wolfgang Huhnt R. Fruchter, P. Demian Mao Zhi, Goh Bee Hua, Wang Shouqing, George Ofori Mohamad Jamil Sulaiman Yan Li, Shou Qing Wang


cib02-03 The impact of project ectranets on construction information management cib02-04 Evaluation of building's decomposition by soft computing techniques cib02-05 Integration of Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives in Concurrent Conceptual Design cib02-06 A new danish classification system to meet local needs and link to international and it developments cib02-07 The latest developments in communication and e-business - the 2001 IT barometer survey in scandinavia cib02-08 Collaboration tools for construction - case studies of usage cib02-09 Project web - a knowledge transfer tool? cib02-10 Smart model for lift slab structures construction cib02-12 How bcXML Handles Construction Semantics cib02-13 4D-PS: Putting an IT new work process into effect cib02-14 Developing national standards for the classification of construction information in singapore cib02-15 Process modeling of E-procurement in Singapore Construction Industry cib02-16 How to select an IT evaluation method - in the context of construction cib02-17 Constructing Composition - Decomposition cib02-18 Three levels of representational integration in building informatics cib02-19 Determination of Effects of Modifications during Planning Processes cib02-20 Knowledge Management for Reuse cib02-21 Forecasting Construction Industry-level TFP Growth using Neural Network Modeling cib02-23 Intelligent cad checker for building plan approval cib02-24 A framework for evaluating the benefits of information technology to construction firms cib02-26 Regulation checking in a Virtual Building cib02-27 cib02-28 cib02-29 cib02-30 cib02-31 cib02-32 cib02-33 cib02-34 cib02-35 cib02-36

S. Maissa, J.P. Frachet, J.C. Lombardo, M. Bourdeau, S. Soubra The LexiCon: Strudturing semantics Kees Woestenenk Filiz Ozel, Niklaus Kohler Construction Process in Digit Representation Naai-Jung Shih Knowledge Model for Comfort and Safety in Residential Housing Vikram Karandikar, Mohammed E. Haque Complex: A Neuro-Genetic Approach An knowledge-based Cooperation Model for a process-oriented Petra von Both Management of AEC-Projects Evolution of the Product Model Danijel Rebolj, Nenad Cus-babic, Andrej Tibaut, Ales Magdic Mobile Computing in Construction Ales Magdic, Danijel Rebolj, Nanad CusBabic, Milan Radosavljevic Identification and Classification of A/C/E Web Sites and Pages Ye Chen, Robert Amor An Internet-based Building Simulation Quality Assurance System Shengjiang Lu, Robert Amor, Michael Donn Teaching Knowledge Management using Distributed Practice Dietrich Elger, Peter Russell Simulation

cib02-37 Longitudinal-grounded case study of a project management information system: A reality check cib02-39 A smart column in a smart frame cib02-40 Establishing the basis for systems interoperability: the terminology challenge cib02-41 Examples of web-based custom design in Dutch residential developments cib02-42 Empowering individuals to design and build collaborative information spaces cib02-43 Using distributed petri net process models to coordinate collaborative design cib02-44 Interaction in virtual building space cib02-46 Virtual Reality in the Service of User Participation cib02-47 The Development of an Integrated Web-based Construction Management System Using a Project Management Framework cib02-48 The Product Model Server Approach cib02-49 An Integrated Platform for Case-based Design cib02-50 cib02-51 cib02-52 cib02-53 cib02-54 cib02-55 cib02-56 cib02-57 cib02-58 cib02-59 cib02-60 cib02-61 cib02-62 cib02-63 cib02-64 cib02-65 cib02-66 cib02-67 cib02-68 cib02-69 cib02-70 cib02-71

K.G. Futcher Benedette Colajanni, Suiseppe Pellitteri, Salvatore Concialdi Sergio R. Leusin de Amorim


Rudi Stouffs, Bige Tuncer, Sevil Sariyildiz NL Rudi Stouffs, Bige Tuncer, Sevil Sariyildiz NL Michael Cumming Marc Aurel Schnabel J. Petric, T. Maver, G. Conti, G. Ucelli Malcolm Murray NL HK UK ZA SE SE UK NL NL SI NL DK DK HK NL NL CA CA JP DE DE FR NL USA CA USA UK TW

Väino Tarandi Mina Popova, Peter Johansson, Hans Lindgren Idef3 modelling of the construction process, a basic requirement G Tesfagaber, N. Bouchlaghem, AF for improving the exchange of process information in construction Cutting-Ducelle, C. Anumba, A. Baldwin Azile: an intelligent verbal interface for the retrieval of pictorial Alexander Koutamanis architectural information From design information management to virtual design Alexander Koutamanis prototyping Integration of Product Models Using Domain Knowledge Andrej Tibaut, Danijel Rebolj On the Management of Sharing Design Knowledge Jos P. van Leeuwen, Sverker Fridqvist The Emergence of Second Generation Knowledge Management in Christian Koch Engineering Consulting Knowledge Transfer through Education of Building Engineers? Christian Koch, Henrik Buhl Agent support collaborative design knowledge Thomas Kvan, Wilson Wong Feature Type Recognition - implementation of a recognizing Sverker Fridqvist, Jos P. van Leeuwen feature manager Workflow management in construction J.W.F. Wamelink, M. Stoffele Modeling and Implementation of Smart AEC Objects: An IFC Mahmoud M.R. Halfawy, Thomas M. Perspective Froese Specification of Interoperability Protocols for IFC-Based Data Mahmoud M.R. Halfawy, Thomas M. Repositories Froese An On-Site Inspection Support System by Electronic Tags and Nobuyoshi Yabuki Personal Digital Assistant Defining the Matrix of Communication Processes in the AEC/FM Jeffrey Wix, Peter Katranuschkov Industry: Current Developments and Gap Analysis Human-Centred Knowledge-Based Model Access Ervice for Alexander Gehre, Peter Katranuschkov Engineers An hyperdocument reprosentation of the project for an user D. Hanser, G. Halin, JC. Bignon, O. adaptative groupware Malcurat PIM (Project Information Model) by using Computational Sevil Sariyildiz, Ozer Ciftciogly Intelligence A New Formal and Analytical Approach to Modeling Engineering Charles Eastman, Ghang Lee, Rafael Sacks Project Information Processes Early Building Design using Computers Kene Meniru, Claude Bedard, Hugues Rivard Automating Construction Field Data Inspection Using Pocket PC Jose L. Perdomo, Walid Thabet, Sean Cox Technology Mobile Devices for Engineering analysis Matthew Pilgrim Expert system for Applying Lighting in Design Sketches Cheng-Chih Chen, Teng-Wen Chang

cib02-72 Architecture of the uncentralized model cib02-74 The new role of professional organisations in the management of scientific knowledge cib02-76 Genetic Algorithm Modeling Aided with 3D Visualization in Optimizing Consturction Site Facility Layout cib02-78 ISSP: Integrated Schedule and Space Planner cib02-79 A methodological approach supporting the design and development of a KM Solution to the Construction Industry cib02-81 Online remote construction management ORCM cib02-82 Competitive advantage through e-project management cib01-84 Validating Construction Zone Generation Framework cib02-85 It as a Tool to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing in Construction Alliances cib02-86 Distributing Knowledge through Multi-media Technology cib02-87 4D Visualisation development: Real Life Case Studies cib02-88 Development of an integrated information ressource base for 4D/VR construction processes simulation cib02-89 Lean Enterprise Web-based Information System for construction (LEWIS): A justification and prototype development cib01-90 Requirements iidentification for 4D constraintbased construction planning and control system cib02-91 Principles for classification of properties for construction objects cib02-94 Virtual Buildings and Tool to Manage Construction Process Operations cib02-95 Registering Space Requirements of Construction Operations Using Site-PECASO Model cib02-96 Managing design knowledge with mixed-initiative dialogue cib02-98 Learning project managemente, a case based approach cib02-100 Automating Building Life Cycle Energy Assesment

Tomo Cerovsek, Ziga Turk SI Ziga Turk, Bo-Christer Björk, Bob Martnes SI C M Tam, Arthur W.T. Leung P. P. Zouein, D. Shedid Celson Lima, Alain Zerli, Marc Boudeau, Yacine Rezgui, Franscois Giraud Carrier A. Weippert, S.L. Kajewski, P.A. Tiley Caroline Tak Wa Chan Ragip Akbas, Martin Fischer Bingunath Ingirige, Martin Betts, Martin Sexton Andy K.W.Ng Nashwan Dawood, Eknarin Sriprasert, Chunlu Liu, Zaki Mallasi Nashwan Dawood, Eknarin Sriprasert, Brian Hobbs, Zaki Mallasi Eknarin Sriprasert, Nashwan Dawood Eknarin Sriprasert, Nashwan Dawood Anders Ekholm Per Christiansson, Nashwan Dawood, Kjled Svindt Zaki Mallasi, N.N. Dawood Sambit Datta Miquel Casals, Nuria Forcada, fernando Penaranda, Xavier Roca Robin Drogemuller, Michael Ambrose, Steven Shaw, Selwyn Tucker HK LB FR AU HK USA UK HK UK UK UK UK SE DK UK AU ES AU

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