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									                                      RFP: 2010 COMPUTERS ARRA

Due Date : MAY 25, 2010 until 1:30 P.M.

This is an ARRA purchase and must abide by the ARRA guidelines outlined here.

    This RFP (Request for Proposals) includes seven line items for computer hardware and software.
      Installation shall not be a requirement of the RFP but may be submitted as an option.

    Because this is an equipment only bid, South Pike School District also reserves the right to make partial
      purchases from different vendors that reply to this RFP on price. For example, if one vendor replies
      with the lowest price for one line item and not for another, the district may choose to purchase only
      that item from that vendor and other portions from another vendor with a lower price. Please do not
      bid if this is unacceptable to you.

    South Pike School District reserves the right to adjust the quantity of each line item to accommodate the
       funds available.

    We also reserve to disregard all bids and refuse to make a purchase at our discretion.

Bids must be submitted to the address below via a traceable delivery service, securely sealed, signed, and
labeled “2010 Computers ARRA RFP”. It must be received on or before the due date and time listed on the
first line of this RFP.

              2010 Computers ARRA RFP
              South Pike School District
              c/o John Ivey, Technology Coordinator
              250 W Bay St
              Magnolia, MS 39652
              (601) 783-4220

This is a complex bid in which all components must inter-operate. Please contact me if you have any
questions about the request for proposals. E-mail will get the fastest response time and is the preferred
communications method.
 1                                                 (Quantity 200) Desktop Thin Clients

      Able to run Internet Explorer 8 or higher locally on the client   Display:
         including Adobe Flash                                                 VESA monitor support with Display Data Control (DDC)
      Able to provide a read only environment – includes ability to           Dual monitor supported
         freeze / unfreeze the FLASH disk                                      Single: 2560X1600 32 bits 60Hz
      Able to automatically login user to a CITRIX XenDesktop 4.0             Dual: 2560X1600 32 bits 60Hz
         or higher server
      Able to automatically login user to a VMWare View 4.0 or          Audio
         higher server                                                       Out: 1/8-inch mini, 16-bit stereo
      Able to automatically login user to a Microsoft RDP 7.0               In: 1/8-inch mini, 8-bit microphone
         session or higher                                                   Internal speaker
      Able to join to a 2008 Active Directory Domain                    Graphics
      Support for Wyse TCX multimedia client                                AMD ATI 690E or Better
Operating System                                                             Windows 7 ready
      (WES) Windows Embedded Standard 2009 or Higher                    Power
      Support for Citrix HDX or equivalent with software updates            Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC
         for 3 years                                                     Average Power Consumption
      Support for Wyse TCX or equivalent with software updates              Average 15.0 W or lower
         for 3 years
                                                                         Mounting Options
Processor                                                                    Vertical or Horizontal, VESA mount included
      1.5GHz or better
                                                                         Operating Temperature Range
RAM                                                                          Horizontal position: 50 to 95 F (10 to 35 C)
      1 GB RAM or higher
                                                                             Vertical position: 50 to 104 F (10 to 40 C)
FLASH Disk                                                               Security
      2 GB FLASH Disk or higher
                                                                             Built-in Kensington security slot
Input / Output Connections:                                              Warranty
        One DVI-I Port
                                                                             Five-year limited hardware warranty
        One DVI-D Port
        Two PS/2 ports                                                  Accessories
        Two serial ports                                                    Full Keyboard
        Six External USB 2.0 ports (2 front; 4 back)                        Optical mouse
        One Parallel port
Network Connection Options:
      10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
      802.11 b/g/n (Optional Accessory)
      Bluetooth 2.0 (Optional Accessory)
 2                                                (Quantity 42) Portable Thin Clients

Capabilities:                                                                  One VGA Port
      Able to run Internet Explorer 8 or higher locally on the client         One DVI-D Port
         including Adobe Flash                                                 Four External USB 2.0 ports
      Able to provide a read only environment – includes ability to           SD Card Slot
         freeze / unfreeze the FLASH disk                                Network Connection Options:
      Able to automatically login user to a CITRIX XenDesktop 4.0           10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
         or higher server                                                    Integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Networking
      Able to automatically login user to a VMWare View 4.0 or          Display:
         higher server
                                                                             15.4” Widescreen WXGA TFT LCD
      Able to automatically login user to a Microsoft RDP 7.0
                                                                             1280X800 32 bit color minimum resolution
         session or higher
      Able to join to a 2008 Active Directory Domain                    Audio
      Support for Wyse TCX multimedia client                                Out: 1/8-inch mini, 16-bit stereo
                                                                             In: 1/8-inch mini, 8-bit microphone
Operating System
                                                                             Internal stereo speakers
      (WES) Windows Embedded Standard 2009 or Higher
      Support for Citrix HDX or equivalent with software updates        Graphics
         for 3 years                                                         Windows 7 ready
      Support for Wyse TCX or equivalent with software updates          Power
         for 3 years                                                         Six Cell Battery
Processor                                                                    External Power Adapter
      1.2GHz or better                                                  Security
RAM                                                                          Built-in Kensington security slot
      1 GB RAM or higher                                                Warranty
FLASH Disk                                                                   Five-year limited hardware warranty
      2 GB FLASH Disk or higher

Input / Output Connections:
3                                          (Quantity 200) Flat Panel LCD Monitors

Display Type
     LCD or LED Technology
Screen Size (Diagonal)
     22” Minimum
Minimum Resolution Supported
     1920 x 1080 pixels
Aspect Ratio
     16:9
     VGA Analog
     HDMI Digital
     5 Year Warranty
Industry Standards Support
       PnP
       DDC
       HDCP
       Energy STAR Compliant
     Black
     VESA Mounting holes on rear of monitor
     MUST be accessible with the monitor stand in place at the same time
4                                                           (Quantity 3) Servers

     (Quantity 2 for a total of at least 16 Cores) Intel® Xeon® X6550 2.00GHz, 18M cache, 6.40 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 8 Core or better
     128GB Memory (32X4GB), 1066MHz, Quad Ranked RDIMMs
Storage Controller
     PERC H200 Integrated RAID Controller or equivalent
     (Quantity 2) 146GB 10K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI 6Gbps 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive
Power Supply
     1100 Watt Minimum Redundant Power Supply
     NEMA 5-15P to C13 Wall Plug, 125 Volt, 15 AMP, 10 Feet (3m), Power Cord
     5 Year Warranty
Embedded Out of Band Management
     iDRAC6 Express or equivalent
Embedded Hypervisor Software
     VMware ESXi v4.0 with VI4, 2CPU, Embedded
Mounting / Rails
     Sliding Rails with Cable Management Arms for Square-Holed Racks
     Must be compatible with APC Racks
     Must include locking front bezel with alarm display
Optical Drive
     DVD ROM, SATA, Internal
KVM Cable
     Must include APC5261 compatible KVM cable, minimum 25’ length
Networking Interface
     At least (Quantity 2) 10 GB Fiber interface network card compatible with Cisco 6000 Series 10GB Fiber Cards
Other Requirements
     Must be able to accommodate at least (6) 2.5 Hot-plug Hard Drives
5                                      (Quantity 1) (SAN) Storage Area Network Unit

Networking Interface
     Dual 10GbE controllers with at least 4 GB of battery-backed memory, 72 Hour Minimum Retention
     Two (2) SFP+ style interfaces per controller
     SFP and 25’ Fiber cable connecting to SC-10GbE included
Hard Drive Options
     Eight (8) or Sixteen (16) SAS hot-pluggable hard disk drives
     15,000 RPM SAS drives available in 600 GB
System Capacities
     4.8 TB using eight (8) 600 GB SAS disk drives, 9.6 TB using sixteen (16) 600 GB (Capacities without RAID enabled)
     Up to 1,024 Volumes
     512 Snapshots per volume / up to 10,000 total
Supported Protocols
     Any standards-compliant iSCSI initiator
Supported Operating Systems
       Windows® 2000 Server
       Windows Server® 2003
       Windows Server® 2008
       Windows Vista®
       Windows Server® 2008 R2 including Hyper-V™
       Windows XP®
       Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
       SUSE®
       Linux® Enterprise
       Sun™ Solaris™
       VMware® ESX Server 3 / 3.5 / 4, ESXi 3.5 / 4
       Citrix® XenServer™
RAID Support
     Automatic RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and RAID 50
Reliability / Redundancy
     Redundant, hot-swappable controllers
     Redundant, power supplies / cooling fans
     Individual disk drive slot power control
Monitoring and Management Requirements
       Automatic spare configuration and utilization
       SMART
       Automatic bad block replacement
       Auto-Stat Disk Monitoring System (ADMS) to monitor health of data on disk drives
       SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, Web (SSL), host scripting support
       Serial console Multi-administrator support
       Ability to configure a separate management network
       CHAP authentication
       Access control for iSCSI
       Access control for management interfaces including RADIUS support
       SNMP traps, e-mail, syslog support
Power Requirements
     Dual 440W including necessary cables
Environmental Specifications
     Temperature range: 5 to 35°C / 41 to 95°F
Mounting / Rails
     Sliding Rails with Cable Management Arms for Square-Holed Racks
     Must be compatible with APC Racks
     5 Year Warranty
6                              (Quantity 242) Desktop Virtualization Software & Licenses

Hypervisor Software
       Ability to dynamically move machines between physical servers
       Ability to manage multiple physical servers from a single console
       Ability to setup alerts via e-mail, etc. for server problems
       Ability to deploy thin-disk technology

Desktop VDI Software
     Smart card support that provides user authentication to virtual desktop sessions and locally installed or virtualized applications, and allows
         users to digitally sign or encrypt documents.
     Local peripheral support that allows users can insert a USB device locally into the thin client and use it with their virtual desktops and
         applications as they would on a local machine.
     Ability for users to pause desktop sessions and resume working from different locations at exactly the point where they left off.
     Multimedia support that provides users of virtual desktops with a high definition audio-visual experience, comparable to a local PC.
         Support for Media Foundation used by Windows Media Player required.
     Ability for Adobe Flash content to play locally on thin client hardware, providing users with a high definition playback.
     Desktop virtual machines are kept running in idle pools so that new virtual desktops are ready for users when they log on, eliminating the
         lengthy startup times of physical computers and increasing productivity.
     Ability for users to plug in USB-compatible printers to their thin clients.
     Desktop assignment capability that allows administrators to assign different types of virtual desktops to different users, including dedicated
         virtual machine-based desktops, and pooled desktops for groups of users.
     Session management that allows administrators to manage active and inactive virtual desktop connections. Administrators can view the
         servers to which users are connected and log them off if necessary.
     Session reconnection feature that maintains users' virtual desktops during network outages. When the network connection is re-
         established, users can resume their work without any interruption.
     Virtual Desktop image management ability that allows administrators to manage multiple virtual desktops from a single desktop image.
         Administrators can easily create a new virtual desktop image, update an existing image, or roll back changes without any downtime.
     Profile management that provides an easy, reliable, and high performance method to manage user personalization settings in virtualized or
         physical Windows environments.
     Ability to store virtual desktops and user profiles on the SAN unit specified in this RFP.
     Desktop performance monitoring capability to monitor and track the performance of virtual desktops, allowing administrators to
         proactively manage the virtual desktop experience by measuring key performance elements. This data can then be used to enhance the
         infrastructure before users are adversely affected dynamically.
     Password management to provide single sign-on access regardless of how or where users connect, and it enable users to reset their own
         Windows password or unlock their account.
     Flexible Operating System Delivery - Solution must provide the ability to access virtual machines, as well stream the Operating System to
         physical devices.
     Delivery of host based applications, leveraging the processing power of the server infrastructure. The solution must provide application
         delivery independent of the Operating System to allow use of legacy applications without multiple Operating Systems per user.
     The solution must be scalable to thousands of users, with single Operating Systems deployed in a one-to-many method.
     Users must have a PC like experience over any connection, LAN or WAN.
7                                      (Quantity 242) Microsoft Software & Licenses

Desktop Licenses
     Must include necessary Microsoft licenses for each VDI session to run Windows 7 Enterprise Edition or Higher. This is specified in order to
       operate correctly with the district’s established network.

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