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Customer Referral Letter Example

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									June 2, 2000 Elvis Newberry "My Little Teddy Bear" Inc. 123 Priscilla Drive Memphis, TN 99009 Dear Elvis: For some time now, you have been a valued customer of Blue Hawaii Travel and we wanted you to know we appreciate your business very much. We know you have been pleased with our service here at Blue Hawaii Travel, and we were hoping you'd be willing to refer friends, family members, and other colleagues so we can send them information on upcoming fare discounts and vacation packages that will be available in the coming months. Your time and effort in participating in this Customer Referral Program won't go unnoticed! No way! We are prepared to sweeten the deal if one of your referrals decides to book a vacation or airfare through Blue Hawaii Travel. If one of your referrals books with us and takes the vacation within the next year, we will give you a 5% discount on your next Blue Hawaii airfare booking! (Not to mention our undying gratitude and loyalty!) So, consider those who you think might enjoy learning about these terrific getaway packages on the attached Customer Referral List and return them at your convenience in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. If we can help you with any upcoming travel plans, please give us a call. Thank you, Elvis, for being the king of customers! Bon Voyage! Buttercup Smith Owner

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