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					                                                                                                                                                    Volume 8 Number 1 • Fall 2008

     A New Day for Newman
                         From the Director

Dear Catholic Illini and Friends,            THE AMOUNT OF SPIRITUAL                      I extend a special “thank you” to
                                             FRUIT BORNE BY THIS                     those who have invested in this grand
      The first verse of Psalm 127 states:                                           and truly Catholic campus ministry. I
                                             MINISTRY OF THECHURCH IS
“If the Lord does not build the house,                                               also invite those who may wish to
in vain do its builders labor.” I made a     MIND-BOGGLING. NOW, WITH
                                                                                     become involved in our present work
perpetual vow at my Ordination on            DOUBLE THE SIZE OF OUR                  and future plans. I hope you find in
December 11, 1993 to pray faithfully         COMMUNITY,       I ANTICIPATE           this edition of “The Catholic Illini”
the Liturgy of the Hours. Each of the                                                the spiritual electricity that we are
                                             DOUBLE THE HARVEST!
Hours is based on the foundation of                                                  encountering here on campus!
the Psalms. Thus, I have prayed that         For 80 years, St. John's Catholic            Be assured of our abiding prayers!
first verse of Psalm 127 hundreds and        Newman Center has been reaching         God bless you!
maybe even thousands of times. How-          out to students at the University of
ever, it has now taken on new meaning        Illinois (and more recently, those of   Sincerely yours in Christ,
for me.                                      Parkland College) with the Good
      We have been building using            News of a life lived in Jesus Christ.
“bricks and mortar” since December of        The amount of spiritual fruit borne
2006, and now our Expansion Project          by this ministry of the Church is       Fr. Gregory K. Ketcham
is complete. What excites me the most        mind-boggling. Now, with double the     Director & Head Chaplain
                                                                                     St. John's Catholic Newman Center
is how we now have more opportunities        size of our community, I anticipate
                                                                                     University of Illinois
to build using “Word and Sacrament!”         double the harvest!

               Newman turns 80!
         This year, SJCNC will celebrate 80 years of ministry at
         the University of Illinois with a series of special events,
         • A Grand Opening Weekend celebration
         • Choir concerts
         • Lectures by distinguished Catholic writers and
         • The 100th Newman Foundation Koinonia retreat

         For more information—and a full list of activities—
         please visit

   2 The Catholic Illini FALL 2008
                        Voice of Newman
                       K AT Y M A L L E Y, N E W M A N H A L L R E S I D E N T D I R E C T O R

To address the needs of our growing com-     end to my fears. It seemed possible to         to our Resident Advisor program.
munity, we recently added a full-time        find a small, close-knit community             Our team grew from 12 to 22 mem-
Resident Director to the SJCNC team.         within the immense student population          bers in order to better serve our resi-
As Newman’s first-ever RD, Katy Malley       of the University. The past four years         dents, who will double in number
will have direct oversight of the Resident   have certainly been evidence of such.          from last year. Thankfully, we were
Advisor team and special responsibility           I was a resident of Newman Hall           able to maintain our RA-to-resident
for addressing resident concerns and         for the entirety of my undergraduate           ratio in order to facilitate the forma-
building a strong sense of community         career, serving as an Asst. Resident           tion of strong communities on the
within the Hall.                             Advisor my junior year and as the Asst.        floors, which is a top priority as we
                                             Head RA last year. I was also involved         transition into the next phase of
     Coming from a small suburban            with the Koinonia program, Residents’          SJCNC ministry. We also have
town, I was more than a bit nervous          Club, and the Fellowship of Catholic           increased opportunities for program-
about attending a college as large as        University Students, and worked for            ming with the addition of several
the University of Illinois. However,         the Hall and Advancement Offices. St.          new lounges, courtyards, and stu-
upon visiting Newman Hall my senior          John’s has influenced every facet of my        dent areas. I am excited to see the
year of high school, I knew I had            life—and what a blessing it has been!          influence that our expanded facilities
found the place that I could call my         When the opportunity to serve as New-          will have on both our residents and
college home. From my first visit, I         man’s first Resident Director arose, it        the campus community as a whole.
could tell that Newman attracted a dif-      did not take me long to decide that                  In this time of tremendous
ferent breed of people. My mother and        there was nowhere I would rather               growth, I would like to request your
I received first-class treatment: we were    invest my heart. As a Resident Advisor,        prayers for our staff, residents, and
offered a tour by the Head RA, a com-        I was continually encouraged and               all students on campus who will
plimentary lunch in the cafeteria, and       inspired by the staff of SJCNC and am          share in our journey this year. Be
had the opportunity to chat with resi-       overjoyed to be sharing in the mission         assured of my prayers for all mem-
dents of the hall. The responses that I      once again.                                    bers of our SJCNC family!
received to my many questions put an              Along with the addition of my
                                             position, there are many more changes

                            CARDINAL NEWMAN’S CORNER

                                 “…[A] University training is the great ordinary means to a great but ordinary end; it
                            aims at raising the intellectual tone of society, at cultivating the public mind, at purifying the
                            national taste, at supplying true principles to popular enthusiasm and fixed aims to popular
                            aspiration, at giving enlargement and sobriety to the ideas of the age, at facilitating the exer-
                            cise of political power, and refining the intercourse of private life. It is the education which
                            gives a man a clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments, a truth in developing
                            them, an eloquence in expressing them, and a force in urging them. It teaches him to see
                            things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a skein of thought, to detect what
                            is sophistical, and to discard what is irrelevant.”
                                                                                – The Idea of a University

                                                                                                   The Catholic Illini FALL 2008   3
                                A Mission
                             with Momentum
             The 5 Priorities Guiding Our Ministry
 Loving is what we are programmed to do, what we were designed for by our Creator. Naturally, I am not talking about fleeting, shallow
 relationships, I am talking about real love, the very heart of Jesus’ moral teaching:“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart,
 with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength”and “You must love your neighbor as yourself”(cf. Mk 12:30-31).This, if
 you like, is the program that is hard-wired into every human person, if only we had the wisdom and generosity to live by it, if only we
 were ready to sacrifice our own preferences so as to be of service to others, to give our lives for the good of others, and above all for
 Jesus, who loved us and gave his life for us.That is what human beings are called to do, that is what it means to be truly alive.

                            – Benedict XVI, from an address to disadvantaged youth at World Youth Day, Sydney (7/08)

Our Mission                                   T    hose who work closely with students         our ministry, we want to help students to
                                                                                               discover that truth and love are real, and
                                              in campus ministry know that young
St. John’s Catholic Newman                                                                     that they are a Person, Jesus Christ.”
                                              people urgently need to hear these words.
Center exists to radiate Christ               Now entering his third year as Director
through His Church, by living                 of SJCNC, Rev. Gregory Ketcham can               2. Community, community,community
                                              attest to this with conviction. “From the        When the plans to expand Newman Hall
in relationship with the
                                              surrounding culture, many students have          were first announced, some former resi-
students of the University of                 been taught a cheap version of love, that        dents expressed concern that an increase
Illinois and Parkland College                 it’s just a feeling or just about pleasure,”     in the number of residents would result
                                              he said, echoing the Pope’s sentiments.          in a decrease in closeness of community.
and guiding them on their
                                              “And most of them question the very              “Even with the all the excitement of the
journey of human, spiritual,                  notion that truth is real, that it is objec-     new facilities,” said Father Ketcham,
and intellectual formation.                   tive. When they get here, they’re search-        explaining his emphatic repetition of
                                              ing for answers.”                                community, “we don’t in any way want
                                                 During a staff in-service in July, Father     to diminish the experience that has been
                                              Ketcham pointed out that the Newman              Newman’s hallmark for decades.”
Our Vision                                    ministry here on the University of Illinois          This certainly rings true for Emily
St. John’s Catholic Newman                    campus exists to satisfy the spiritual           Saathoff (’11), one of the 22 Resident
Center will be the national                   hunger of college students. Toward that          Advisors who serve the students of New-
                                              end, he presented the following five key         man Hall. As a senior in high school,
model of college ministry                     priorities for the work of SJCNC during          Emily was looking for a small Catholic
reflecting a bold Catholic                    the 2008—09 academic year.                       college. She said that “I knew U of I
                                                                                               would be a great place to study, but it
identity reaching the entire                  1. Leading souls to Christ                       seemed too big—I didn’t want to get
campus.                                       Quite simply, this is the impetus behind         lost.”
                                              every aspect of the work of the universal             At Newman, Emily found the bene-
                                              Church, and thus of Newman. Reiterat-            fits of a smaller Catholic community in
                                              ing SJCNC’s mission statement, Father            the context of a top-flight university—in
                                              Ketcham said, “In everything we do in            fact, the opportunity to live at Newman

   4 The Catholic Illini FALL 2008
was a key factor in her decision to attend     increased attention to the services and
Illinois. This experience also fostered her    programs being offered by each of the
desire to serve as an RA, to show the          branches.
women who live on her floor that they              One example of the move toward
“aren’t just residents, but friends and peo-   greater integration is the inclusion of
ple we’re looking out for.”                    the Chapel’s sacristans as part of the
                                               Newman residential model. Students
3. Celebrating our Catholic identity           living at Newman Hall will have
In that July meeting, Father Ketcham           access to the sacristans—who will live
asked the staff to consider the distinc-       among them—to whom they may
tiveness of SJCNC. “What sets us apart         address questions of faith.
as a center? Our Catholic identity. I
want us to ‘flaunt’ this, not in a prideful    5. Advancement of the mission
way,” he explained, “but in a way that         Those who have been well-acquainted
celebrates the Faith we’ve received            with Newman for a number of years
and invites the rest of the campus to          can easily begin to take it for granted.
explore it.”                                   To counter this tendency, Father
    Steve Rogers (’09) points to New-          Ketcham is careful to point out the
man’s ministry as the spark for his deci-      impact of SJCNC. “This work is so
sion to explore the Faith of his child-        important because we serve where the
hood with renewed commitment.                  majority of Catholic students are: on
Though not a resident of the Hall, Steve       a secular campus,” he said.
received an invitation to become actively         The Newman ministry on the Illi-
involved in the SJCNC community—               nois campus is one of the oldest in
first through a choir, and later through       the country. It also bears the distinc-
the Koinonia program. Reflecting on            tion of being the only residential
this journey, Steve said, “Even though I       Newman center. “In many ways, we’re
went to Catholic school, I hadn’t found        leading the Newman movement
people who really inspired me to follow        across the country,” he said, adding
Christ. People here are making the deci-       that “we have a history of blazing
sion to follow Him on their own—               trails, and I want to continue that
they’re much more enthusiastic—and I           especially because a lot of other min-
didn’t find that until I came here.”           istries look to us as a model.”

4. Integration of the ministry                 In light of what Newman has been
SJCNC is blessed to be a three-in-one          and what it can become, both locally
entity, composed of Newman Hall, St            and nationally, Father Ketcham wants
John’s Catholic Chapel, and the Insti-         to see a growth in participation and
tute of Catholic Thought. Father               support of the work. He also said he
Ketcham said that he wants to see con-         hopes that members of the Newman
tinued growth in “fluidity” or interplay       community—students, friends, alum-
between these three, to establish a new        ni—continue to contribute to the
“rhythm” of ministry this year that fits       Center’s success, “with their financial
the doubled residential population.            commitments, their presence, and
Essential to achieving this goal is            their prayers.”

                                                      The Catholic Illini FALL 2008   5
 Institute News

 Institute of Catholic Thought Offers Master’s Degree
 "If faith does not think, it is nothing"
                —St. Augustine

       Fall 2008 marks the beginning of
 instruction for the St. John Institute of
 Catholic Thought’s new School of
 Theology. Located within the SJCNC
 complex, the Institute is an academic
 center devoted to the study of Catholi-
 cism in its relation to the intellectual
 and cultural heritage of the western
 world. It seeks to foster critical and
 integrated thinking by drawing on the
 rich Catholic tradition which empha-
 sizes the complementarity between
 faith and reason.
       The School of Theology offers         Dr. Ken Howell (right, standing), Director of the Institute of Catholic Thought,
 graduate degrees (M.T.S. and M. A.)         talks with some attendees at an event co-sponsored by the Institute
 and certificates in Catholic Theology.
 Students will be provided with a            Shawn Reeves, Dean of Students for           instruction was the “next logical step”
 robust foundation in the Catholic           the School of Theology, said, “This is       for the Institute, serving to comple-
 intellectual tradition suitable for con-    a unique opportunity not only for the        ment the undergraduate instruction it
 tinuing on to doctoral programs at the      students at St. John’s but for the dio-      will continue to provide.
 best institutions or for serving the        cese and the region as a whole. There             For more information on the
 Church in catechetical or other min-        are no other graduate theology pro-          School of Theology, please visit
 istries at the diocesan or parish level.    grams in the area.” Reeves also said
       When asked to elaborate on his        that the move toward graduate
 enthusiasm for this new development,

                                                             SJCNC will be tailgating again this year for the Illinois
  Mark                                                     Homecoming game! Please plan to join us on October 11 as
                                                            the Fighting Illini take on the Golden Gophers.
                                                                 To make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest New-
Calendars!                                                   man news, Catholic Illini events, and alumni gatherings, visit
                                                    and subscribe to “St. John’s E-pistle” our
                                                            monthly electronic newsletter.

   6 The Catholic Illini FALL 2008
   Around Newman

FOCUS Team Update
      The Fellowship of Catholic Uni-
versity Students (FOCUS) enters its
9th academic year serving at Illinois
with a team of seven missionaries.
According to returning Team Director
Matt Muller, “the FOCUS missionar-
ies are really excited to get back to the
new St. John's to serve the spiritual       If campus floods, they’re prepared… Matt Muller, Mitch Minarick, Amanda Nissen,
needs of the students of Newman             Andrea Francois, Megan Mead, and Travis Todd enjoy some whitewater rafting dur-
Hall and share the Gospel with stu-         ing FOCUS’ summer training in North Carolina.
dents all across campus.”
      He added, “I've told the new
missionaries on my team that there is             Seven Newman alumni of the            the spring and are currently engaged
no better place to be a missionary          class of 2008—Lee Brokaw, Amanda            in outreach on campuses across the
than the University of Illinois because     Graf, Bridget Halvey, Gabrielle Jastreb-    country. Since 2001, 29 members of
we work at the best Newman Center           ski, Alexandra Kale, Lucas Martin, and      the SJCNC family have gone on to
in the country!”                            Meg Ray—were hired by FOCUS in              serve as missionaries with FOCUS.

                                                                                                         Event host and UIUC
Mass in the Vineyard                                                                               alum David Winnett (‘92)
                                                                                                   says he was thrilled to help
     A hilltop winery in the Napa                                                                  put the event together. “It’s
Valley of California was the setting                                                               always great to get Illini
for the most recent Catholic Illini                                                                together, especially since we
Reception. SJCNC Director and                                                                      are so far from campus here
Head Chaplain, Fr. Greg Ketcham                                                                    in California.” David, who
offered Mass to begin the evening                                                                  is also the treasurer of the
amidst the grapevines of the St.                                                                   Bay Area Illinois Alumni
Clement Winery. Guests then moved to an outdoor terrace           club, helped promote the Catholic Illini Reception. His
for a sampling of St. Clement wines. A video was shown            wife Laura (‘92), and sister Erin (‘96) also attended. “We
providing an overview of the current Newman ministry and          had a great time meeting Illini in our area whom we’d not
Opening New Doors expansion project.                              met before and supporting the Newman ministry,” he said
     Mark Randall, SJCNC Director of Institutional                of the July event.
Advancement, says the Catholic Illini gatherings are                    The next Catholic Illini Reception will be held in
designed simply to help Catholic graduates of UIUC to get         New York City on Friday, October 3, 2008. Hosted by
acquainted with one another and stay up to date with the          parish priest and noted author, Fr. George Rutler, the
growth of the Newman ministry. “Everyone loves hearing            gathering is open to any Catholic UIUC graduate
about the latest Koinonia, the whereabouts of their favorite      or friend of St. John's Catholic Newman Center.
priest, when the new building will open, etc.” Previous           For reservations or more information, contact Mark
gatherings have been held in Chicago, Washington DC and           Randall ( or call 217.255.6620. Other
Los Angeles.                                                      receptions are planned for St. Louis and Naples, FL.

                                                                                                The Catholic Illini FALL 2008   7
Annual Report 2007-2008

St. John's Catholic Newman Center is financially split in two parts:
• St. John’s Catholic Chapel (ministries and outreach, convent and rectory expenses, advancement office, Institute of
   Catholic Thought, the Bishop O’Rourke Library, Latino ministry, and the sacristan program)
• Newman Hall (residence, food service, technology, maintenance)
The ministerial outreach to 10,000+ Catholic students at the U of I and Parkland College is funded by profits from
Newman Hall as well as private giving through the Chapel and Office of Institutional Advancement. Additional funding
is provided by interest income from the Newman Foundation Endowment.

                            St. Johns Catholic Chapel Income and Expense Summary
Newman Hall &                                                                    Technology                                    Institute of
  Endowment                                                                             2.2%                                   Catholic
     Transfers                                                                                                                 Thought
       73.9%                                                                    Library
                                                                                  2.2%                                         9.6%

                             Income                                                                    Expense                        Franciscans
                                                                       Latino                                                         6.3%

        9.7%                                       Development
                                                   10.5%               General Expenses
                                  Knights of Columbus                                                              Religious Staff
                                  support                                                                          30%
Latino Ministry 3.8%              2.1%

                                    Newman Hall Income and Expense Summary


                                                                  Food Service

                         Income                         Room & Board                                   Expense

                                      Food Service Sales 5.5%                                                                 8.7%

                  Vending & Fees 2.9%                                                                  Hall Administration

8 The Catholic Illini FALL 2008
  Honor Roll of Donors 2007-2008

Thank you to the 900+ generous              Ms. Debbie Amrein                    Mr. Rick Biagi
benefactors who made our mission            Mr. Timothy T. Anderson              Mr. and Mrs. Jacob T. Biehl
possible this past year.                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anderson         Rev. Steven W. Bird
                                            Ms. Margretta Angdjasrin             Mr. and Mrs. Dave Biver
Every effort has been made to ensure the    Mr. Rafael Anglada                   Mr. and Mrs. Philip Blazier
accuracy of this information. If your       Mr. and Mrs. David M. Antonacci      Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Blecha
name has been misspelled accept our sin-    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Antonello, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blindt
cere apologies and contact the Advance-     April’s Florist                      Father Michael C. Bliss
ment Office at your earliest convenience.   Dr. and Mrs. Gerard V. Aranha        Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boban
                                            Mr. M.J. Archer                      Mr. and Mrs. George T. Bonk
Duncan Circle Donors                        Ms. Katharine O. Aston               Mr. Steven Boor
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Drake                 Mr. and Mrs. David Atchley           Ms. Flordeliza H. Bordey
Ms. Mary M. Graham                          Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Atherton    Ms. M. Christine Borgia
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kraus                Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Aubertin      Mr. Daniel C. Borsdorf
Dr. and Mrs. William Olivero                Mr. Henry J. Auchstetter             Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Borucki
Prof. and Mrs. Hank T. Wilkinson            Ms. Starr L. Ayers                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boyle
                                            Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ayers          Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Braskich
Director’s Fund Donors                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Baader       Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Brazas, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Alderson                  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Bail           Mr. Alexander L. Breen
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Atherton           Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bail               Ms. Jamie E. Brendemuehl
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Barmann                Mr. Patrick N. Bailey                Mr. Willard Brenner
Mr. Robert L. Danstrom                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bailot             Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Brew
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Drake                  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Baker         Mrs. Jennifer L. Broeren
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ehrhardt              Ms. Christine Balaty                 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Brokaw
Exelon Corporation                          Mr. Stephen A. Ball                  Ms. Theresa M. Brokaw
Dr. Megan Friedrich                         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Ballard       Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Brokaw
Mr. Jason A. Fuemmeler                      Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Ballard       Mr. Lee W. Brokaw
Mr. T. C. Hinesly                           Ms. Debra A. Ballew                  Mr. Joseph Broms
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hofner                 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bandy            Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brown
Mr. Joseph M. Kaiser                        Mr. Long Bao Bui                     Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Brown
Mr. David A. Kamm                           Mr. Terry A. Barczak                 Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown
Dr. Mr. John T. Karich                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baren           Ms. Heather A. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kraus                Mr. and Mrs. Brad Barenbrugge        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. James Moffitt                  Dr. and Mrs. Chris Bargmann          Ms. Mary E. Brueckner
Motorola                                    Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bargmann       Mr. and Mrs. Cletus A. Brummer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pace                Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Barmann         Ms. Anne Marie Brummer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rafacz                 Mr. and Mrs. John Barrett            Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Buchholz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Telthorst              Mr. Ray G. Basso                     Mr. Robert J. Buckley
Mr. Joseph Tobias                           Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bauer        Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Burch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Waring               Mr. Rick Bauernfeind                 Mr. Joe Burke
Annual Fund Donors                          Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bayci              Mr. and Mrs. William C. Burke, Jr.
Ms. Carol E. Abell                          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Beard         Ms. Cindy A. Burke
Ms. Guadalupe Abreu                         Mr. and Mrs. James Becker            Mrs. Joan R. Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Aguas                  Mr. James L. Becker                  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Burroughs
Mr. Vince P. Aguilar                        Ms. Elyssa S. Bedard                 Ms. Mary E. Burroughs
Ms. Bonnie P. Ahn                           Mr. Doug Bendt                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Busey
Mr. and Mrs. Tae Ho Ahn                     Ms. Julie L. Bensman                 Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Bush
Mr. Robert L. Aitchison                     Mr. Christopher J. Bequette          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bussa
Mr. Ernst Albert                            Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Bergschneider   Mr. Phillip J. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Alderson                  Mr. and Mrs. Alois Berlinger         Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Calvert
Mr. and Mrs. Les H. Allen                   Ms. Doris C. Berning                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Camillone
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Allison                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Berns           Mr. and Mrs. James R. Campbell
Mr. Zachary R. Allison                      Dr. William E. Berry                 Ms. Samantha Caragher
Mr. Bradley Ament                           Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Berry             Ms. Mary C. Carlson
Ms. Jennifer L. Amfahr                      Mr. John M. Beschorner               Mr. and Dr. Jeffrey B. Carns
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beyers
                                                                                          The Catholic Illini FALL 2008   9
  Honor Roll of Donors 2007-2008

Mr. Michael Carragher                Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Deters           Ms. Deborah T. Flavin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Carroll      Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Dill          Ms. Ruth Fliegel
Dr. Carlos H. Castano                Mr. Daniel Disch                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Florey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Castelli         Mr. and Mrs. Ditman                   Mr. Greg S. Folley
Mr. and Mrs. Garry L. Castelli       Ms. Linda M. Divan                    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Castree         Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Doerfler          Mr. and Mrs. Ric Foreman
Mr. and Mrs. Rino Cayetuna           Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Doherty         Mr. Greg Foster
Ms. Ae-Gyeong Cheong                 Mr. Michael Dolter                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Foster
Ju Lan Chun                          Domus                                 Mr. Thomas S. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ciganek         Mrs. Elizabeth A. Donahue             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Clark           Mr. Christopher Donaldson             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. William Clavey          Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Donelson      Mr. Chris S. Free
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clementz        Mr. Robert M. Doyle                   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Friant
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clennon          Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Drake           Dr. Megan Friedrich
Ms. Marcella Cler                    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Drake            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Frisby
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cohan         Mr. Joseph E. Drapa                   Mr. Jason A. Fuemmeler
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Coleman      Ms. Elizabeth M. Drewes               Ms. Sarah J. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Colgan           Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Drinan           Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fumarolo
Father Matthew R. Compton            Mr. Thomas E. Duffy                   Mr. Harold Gabel
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Condon         Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Dugger             Mrs. Johanna Gadbury-Jaworski
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Conley          Mr. Brian D. Dust                     Dr. Brian J. Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Connors         Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Dust           Ms. Susana Galindo
Ms. Jerri Cook                       Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E. Dyer           Ms. Mary E. Gallagher
Honorable and Mrs. Robert W. Cook    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Edgerley          Ms. Laura E. Gallant
Mr. and Mrs. John Corboy             Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Effron        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galvanoni
Ms. Virginia Costello                Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ehrhardt        Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Gamboa
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Costigan     Dr. and Mrs. Franklin T. Elder        Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Gambrell
Mr. Jacob T. Coutre                  Mr. and Mrs. Dan Elliott              Mr. Alexander Garbe
Ms. Margaret Craig                   Mr. and Mrs. James J. Elson           Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Garey
Ms. Amanda M. Crane                  Mr. Kyle Emkes                        Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gavin
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Crane             Mr. and Mrs. David L. Enderle         Ms. Cindy Gelsthorpe
Mr. Curtin                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Eng              Mr. and Mrs. Puamuh T. Ghogomu
Mr. James O. Curtis                  Ms. Sara A. Englum                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Giblin
Mr. John T. Cvikota,                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Englum         Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Gideon
Mr. Matthew V. Cyriac                Mr. and Mrs. John Eppich              Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Czerlanis        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Esker             Mr. David D. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dahl            Ms. Toni D. Espina                    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gillen
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Daley               Mr. and Mrs. Antonio M. Espina, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Daly             Mr. and Mrs. Gavin R. Essenberg       Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Gilley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Daniel        Mr. and Mrs. Wylie E. Etscheid        Mr. and Mrs. James Girardo
W. J. Dano                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Evans          Mr. Kevin W. Gitonga
Mr. Robert L. Danstrom               Mr. and Mrs. David A. Faillaci        Ms. Jacqueline W. Gitonga
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. D’Arcy        Mr. and Mrs. John J. Farney           Ms. Emily R. Glick
Mr. Nathan A. Darga                  Rev. David E. Farnum, CSP             Mr. and Mrs. John Goetz
Professor and Mrs. Wayne J. Davis    Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Farrell         Mr. and Mrs. David Gomez
Mr. Holden A. Davis                  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Feary         Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davison           Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey A. Federmeier   Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gordon
Rev. Matthew M. DeBlock              Mr. and Mrs. Carl Feickert            Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DeBruler         Mr. Steve Fekety                      Dr. and Mrs. Bryon J. Gorton
Mr. Gary DeGregorio                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Fenton         Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gottemoller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dehnert          Mr. Avon L. Fernandes                 Ms. Mary M. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeJarld          Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Field         Ms. Kathleen C. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Deming        Mr. Brian M. Fink                     Mr. and Mrs. David L. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dersch        Ms. Lori S. Fitton                    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Graham
Ms. Rita Deters                      Mr. and Mrs. Terry Flanagan           Deacon and Mrs. William J. Gray

  10 The Catholic Illini FALL 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Green   Mr. T. C. Hinesly                   Mr. David A. Kamm
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Green        Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Hodges        Ms. Joo H. Kang
Mr. Matthew T. Green                Dr. and Mrs. John R. Hoffman        Ms. Angeletta Kangas
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Greiner        Mr. Patrick N. Hofmann              Dr. John T. Karich
Ms. Bernadine A. Gretzer            Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hofner         Mr. Nicholas Kee
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Grever         Mr. Patrick J. Hogan                Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kehoe
Ms. Abigail T. Griffith             Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hoke, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keil
Mr. and Mrs. James Grimes           Mr. and Mrs. George H. Holley       Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Grunkemeyer     Ms. Angeline L. Holmes              Rev. and Mrs. John P. Kelly
Ms. Pamela Gryniewicz               Mr. Werner Holzer                   Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Gunther         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Hopkins      Ms. Jean M. Kelm
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Gutek        Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Horan          Mr. David E. Kelton
Ms. Kathryn A. Guy                  Ms. Nicole M. Horn                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Keough
Mr. Timothy J. Haas                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Horonzy         Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Kesman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hable          Mr. Charles E. Huebener             Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Keith C. Hackley       Rev. R T. Hughes                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ketcham
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Hadad            Ms. M. Ofelia Huizar                Father Gregory K. Ketcham
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hagerman      Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hunsader       Ms. Najung Kim
Dr. and Mrs. Lippold Haken          Mr. Bernard Hurley                  Mr. and Mrs. Incheol Kim
Ms. Meghan M. Hallahan              Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Hussey         Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hallahan        Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hutter            Mr. Roger Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Hankes       Dr. Carol Hyde-Basso                Mr. and Mrs. Williams H. Kirkenir
Ms. Alexis A. Hankett               Ms. Rae Hyde-Basso                  Mr. David Kirwan
Mrs. Margaret Hankett               Ms. Florencia Indrati               Ms. Josephine L. Kiser
Mr. Joseph Hanley                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Ingold      Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kish
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hannan      Ms. Deborah A. Isham                Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kleczek
Ms. Doris M. Haraburd               Mr. and Mrs. James T. Jackson       Mr. James R. Klein
Mr. and Mrs. David Harber           Ms. Margaret A. Jackson             Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kloth
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Haring          Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Edward Jacobs      Mr. Steven R. Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Harlan           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobsen        Mr. and Mrs. Steven Koga
Mr. Gil E. Harmon                   Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Jacobson         Father Richard R. Kolczaski
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harmon            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Janas        Ms. Carol C. Kolinski
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence L. Harmon     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Jasek   Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Koob
Ms. Janice Hartman                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Jasica      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kopec
Mr. Charles L. Hartmann             Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jilek              Mr. Daniel Kordik
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Hayes        Mr. Mark Jirik                      Mr. Yao Bertin Kouadio
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Hazen        Mr. Jonathan J. Jocson              Mr. Lance J. Kovacs
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hedeman        Ms. Megan E. Johnson                Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Koys
Mr. James Heffron                   Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Johnson     Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Krajewski
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hege            Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson         Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kramer
Mr. Charles F. Heidgen              Ms. Katharine E. Johnson            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Heitzig     Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. W. Johnson     Mr. and Mrs. Craig Krausz
Mr. David Heitzler                  Ms. Katie E. Johnson                Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kristofik
Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Helmink        Ms. Elizabeth Johnson               Mr. and Mrs. Adam S. Kroupa
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Hendrickson    Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Krueger
Mr. Gilbert Hennenfent              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson           Dr. Donald Krzyzak
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hercik       Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jones          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kumm
Mr. Joseph P. Hercik                Ms. Brenda Y. Jones                 Ms. Sara E. Kunkel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hertel          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones             Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Kunkel
Ms. Anne Hess                       Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Joost       Ms. Jessica C. Kunz
Ms. Bernadine C. Hettinger          Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jurewicz     Mr. and Mrs. John Kustusch
Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Hickman         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Kaiser      Mrs. Nancy J. Lamkin
Mr. Jonathan L. Higdon              Mr. Joseph M. Kaiser                Mr. Matthew T. Lammers
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Hile         Ms. Alexandra M. Kale               Mr. and Mrs. John C. Landgraf
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hines        Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kallal          Mr. and Mrs. Blake J. Landry

                                                                             The Catholic Illini FALL 2008   11
  Honor Roll of Donors 2007-2008

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laracy             Mr. and Mrs. Lester Markey             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Moran
Mr. Charles Larenas                  Mr. Kevin C. Martinez                  Mr. Terrence P. Morrissy
Mr. Brian M. Larson                  Ms. Judith Martinez                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mowen
Mr. Barry Lawrence                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Masters         Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mraz
Mr. Eli Lazar                        Mr. and Mrs. Manoj Mathew              Mr. Michael J. Mueller
Mr. Lester Lee                       Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mathias, Sr.      Mr. and Mrs. Stan Mulawka
Mr. and Mrs. Bong-Sub Lee            Mr. and Mrs. Mike Matson               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Legner         Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Mavity           Dr. Alberto J. Munoz
Ms. Christine M. Leick               Mr. and Mrs. John S. May               Mr. and Mrs. Dwyer Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leick               Ms. Megan P. McArdle                   Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Murphy
Mr. Jonathan N. Leljedal             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. McCall         Mr. and Mrs. Scott Musil
Mr. Christopher J. Lenart            Mr. and Mrs. Christopher I. McCarthy   Mr. and Mrs. Mario Musngi
Mr. Eric Lenski                      Mr. and Mrs. Stewart McDaniel          Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Musur
Mr. Charles A. Lenzie, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McGann            Ms. Elizabeth Myers
Ms. Annette J. Lesak                 Mr. and Mrs. Ed McGinnis               Mr. Bernard A. Naborowski
Mr. Kevin Letourneau                 Ms. Michelle M. McGrady                Mr. and Mrs. John P. Nahas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis            Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. McNicholas       Rev. Sebastian C. Naslund
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Liesen          Mr. Michael K. Meade                   Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Nelligan
Prof. and Mrs. Brian Lilly           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meade               Mr. Wayne W. Neumaier, Jr.
Ms. Noriel Lim                       Mr. and Mrs. John Mehlick              Dr. and Mrs. John K. Newman
Mr. Changyi Lin                      Dr. and Mrs. Marvin F. Meissen         Ms. Alexandra M. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lindgren          Ms. Sarah Melici                       Ms. Sharon T. Nguyen
Mr. Brian L. Lindshield              Ms. Ann M. Menke                       Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Otto E. Litherland      Mr. Dennis W. Menke                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Little            Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Merdian             Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Niemerg
Ms. Lisa M. Littwin                  Meredith Corporation Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Niemiec
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Lobo             Ms. Gayle Anne Merkle Matt             Ms. Vicki J. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Louis         Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Merrill        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lowe              Ms. Marietta M. Mershon                Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Nowik
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Luber         Mr. and Mrs. William Messmer           Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nuzzo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Lucca         Mr. and Mrs. Bill Messner              Ms. Mary K. Oakley
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Luczaj          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Metzger         Mr. and Mrs. Donald Oberle
Mrs. Melissa E. Luebbe               Mr. and Mrs. Adolph L. Micheli         Mr. and Mrs. John T. O’Brien
Ms. Klara M. Lueschen                Mr. and Mrs. Leo Michelotti            Mr. Michael O’Donnell
Mr. David R. Lukasik                 Mr. Matthew D. Michelotti              Dr. and Mrs. Augustine I. Okonkwo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lund         Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Miech           Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Olech
Ms. Agatha E. Luszpak                Mr. Joseph P. Miksan                   Dr. and Mrs. William Olivero
Ms. Elaine L. Lyles                  Ms. Karen K. Miller                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Olmstead
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Lynch          Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Miller          Ms. Rebecca A. Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lynch            Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Miller          Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lynk            Mr. and Mrs. Louis Miller              Mr. and Mrs. Terrance O’Neill
Ms. Linda Mabendrotz                 Mr. Brian C. Miller                    Mr. Carlo J. Ordonez
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo H. Macedo       Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Mimnaugh       Ms. Constance Oswald
Ms. Barbara Madej Roos               Ms. Nancy Jo Mings                     Mr. Matthew J. Oswald
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mahoney         Ms. Maureen E. Minor                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pace
Father Stanley J. Malinowski         Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mitsdarfer     Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Padilla
Ms. Kathryn E. Malley                Mr. G. Michael Moebs                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pafford
Mr. Ryan C. Maloney                  Dr. and Mrs. James Moffitt             Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Page
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Manrique       Mr. Stephen J. Mohrman                 Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Page
Ms. Maria Louisa B. Maranon          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Molloy          Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Painter
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Marcellis       Mr. and Mrs. Tim Monahan-Mitchell      Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Marcellus           Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mondt                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Pankau
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. March          Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Monrique         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Pantages
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Marchand       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moore              Mr. and Mrs. Jong-Hee Park
Mr. and Mrs. Adam A. Marganski       Ms. Elizabeth A. Moorman               Mr. Laurence Parker

  12 The Catholic Illini FALL 2008
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Parkolap, Jr.   Mr. Darin Reis                       Mr. and Mrs. Vince Seida
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Partyka           Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Reschak         Mr. William Seitz
Ms. Tessie Paulose                   Mr. and Mrs. Wilfredo Reyes          Ms. Julia A. Selcke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Penka         Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Reynolds     Service & Justice Outreach
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Pennacchi     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rice             Mr. and Mrs. Manfredo J. Seufferheld
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perkes           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rickert          Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shane
Mr. Brock Perkes                     Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Riebel             Ms. Katherine E. Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Perlick       Mr. and Mrs. John K. Rinkenberger    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Peterson        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ritter           Ms. Elizabeth Plantz Shay
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Petreshene       Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rocus            Ms. Jennifer M. Shield
Mr. David W. Petrina                 Mr. Joseph V. Roddy                  Mr. Thomas J. Shields
Mr. Leo J. Phelan                    Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rollinger        Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Shilgalis
Ms. Caroline Phelps                  Mr. Kenneth F. Ropiak                Ms. Eun-Nyong Shin
Mr. Charles R. Phelps                Ms. Maria Rosas                      Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Shipp
Mr. John J. Phelps                   Mr. Ted Rosentreter                  Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Shively
Ms. Jacqueline D. Phillips           Mr. John Ross                        Ms. Vija M. Sidrys
Photography by Misty                 Ms. Marcia A. Rotunda                Mr. Christopher M. Siefert
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pica             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rudolph         Mr. and Mrs. John Siegfried
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pierson           Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Rudolph       Mr. Richard C. Siemer
Ms. Christine M. Pinheiro            Mr. John Paul Rudolph                Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sigourney
Ms. Emily A. Pinheiro                Mr. Chris Rudolphi                   Mr. and Mrs. Clement Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Pirnat       Ms. Laura B. Ruppalt                 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Singler
Ms. Jill M. Pitcher                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ryan          Ms. Patricia K. Skulborstad
Mr. Michael Pizzuto                  Mr. Earle V. Ryan                    Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Skutta
Dr. and Dr. Michael J. Plewa         Dr. Kathryn M. Rybka                 Ms. Katherine E. Slemer
Dr. Richard J. Popp                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Rzonca       Mr. and Mrs. William Smialek
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Potempa       Ms. Alejandra Sanchez                Mr. Yost T. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Potenberg      Mr. Rick J. Sansone                  Ms. Kara E. Smith
Dr. Henry Poterucha                  Mr. and Mrs. Ramon D. Santa Ana      Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Potts           Mr. and Mrs. Santiago                Ms. Amy A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Prendergast       Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sartino          Ms. Rebecca Smith
Mr. William M. Price                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sartori            Mr. and Mrs. Martin Smith
Ms. Iris C. Price                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sasso        Mr. and Mrs. James J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Prince          Ms. Carol M. Scarpelli               Mrs. Bethany Snyder-Morse
Ms. Nancy Prokup                     Mr. and Mrs. Rich Schaefer           Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Sodergren
Mr. Jacob J. Pruemer                 Ms. Elizabeth Schauff                Mr. Mark J. Sokolowski
Ms. Elizabeth M. Prusiecki           Mrs. Virginia Scheetz                Ms. Jean E. Somers
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Prusiecki      Ms. Sara M. Schepis                  Mrs. Kathleen M. Sons
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Puetz            Mr. Bill Scheppe                     Ms. Nancy R. Sottos
Mr. John H. Pusey                    Ms. Jacqueline M. Schiffer           Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Soukup
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Radka           Mr. William C. Schindler             Father Luke A. Spannagel
Ms. Elizabeth Radziszewski           Ms. Phyllis J. Schlereth             Mr. and Mrs. John Spannagel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rafacz          Mrs. Rosemary Schlicksup             Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sparrow
Ms. Rose Mary Raher                  Mr. and Mrs. Art Schlumpf            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sparrow
Mr. and Mrs. David Rak               Ms. Angela M. Schmid                 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Staab
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Rakoczy         Mr. Mark T. Schmidt                  Mrs. Martha G. Stack
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ramuta          Mr. Brian Schmitz                    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stallmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Milan C. Ranchero       Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Schmitz         Mr. Gregory Stanek
Mr. and Mrs. Vic Rashid              Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schulz               Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stanek
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rasmussen       Mr. Bradford J. Schwartz             Mr. Robert Stasiek
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Rawles        Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Schweighart     Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Stawick
Ms. Frances A. Ray                   Mr. and Mrs. Kennerth S. Schweizer   Mr. and Mrs. John Steinmetz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rayman       Mr. Scott D. Schwemin                Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stensland
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Regalado          Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. Scouffas    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rehkemper        Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Scriba          Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sterett

                                                                                The Catholic Illini FALL 2008   13
    Honor Roll of Donors 2007-2008

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Stevens        Mr. and Mrs. R. John Trenkamp       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wicklund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stieber         Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Treven       Dr. and Mrs. Wieckowski
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stock             Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Tribble          Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilken
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stocking          Mr. and Mrs. Fred Triezenberg       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilkens
Ms. Vickie A. Stolkin                 Mr. and Mrs. Andy Trojanowski       Mr. and Mrs. William Wilkens
Ms. Rosaline Stone                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Trunk        Ms. Lois Ann Wilkens
Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Striedl, Sr.      Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tschanz        Prof. and Mrs. Hank T. Wilkinson
Ms. Valerie L. Stringer               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tschanz         Dr. Luke A. Willett
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Strong          Mr. and Mrs. John Twarog            Ms. Melanie Willi
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stroz            Mr. and Mrs. John Twomey            Mr. Edward Williams
Mr. Matt S. Stumpf                    Mr. and Mrs. James Twyning          Mr. Steve Williams
Jaynard L. Subijano                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Tyner       Mrs. Diane Willis
Ms. Therese Sulentich                 Mr. Thomas E. Ullman                Ms. Jennifer L. Willis
Mrs. Mary Ann Sullivan                Ms. Julie Ulrich                    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Willis
Ms. Elsa Sunny                        Ms. Gina Upperman                   Mr. John J. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Super               Ms. Rose Mary Upton                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wiser
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sutter             Mr. Carl L. Vacketta                Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisniewski
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Swanson          Mr. and Mrs. Ariel Valdes           Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Swiatek          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vance           Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Wollak
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Symmonds          Ms. Stephanie L. Vandeventer        Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Woodin
Dr. Nicholas Szluha                   Ms. Jane Jankowski Verbarg          Mr. Peter Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Taff          Mr. and Mrs. Vito VeSota            Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wozniak
Ms. Patricia Tan                      Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Vianzon       Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Wren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Tanny          Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Vilim       Mr. and Mrs. Ian Wylie
Maj. & Mrs. John R. Tapp              Ms. Aurora S. Villacorta            Mr. William Yallaly
Ms. Kay Tapscott                      Mr. Alberto A. Villamiel            Mr. and Mrs. Doug Yanik
Ms. Ellen M. Tarmichael               Ms. Bridget E. Vogrinc              Mr. Jacob L. Yoder
Mr. and Mrs. Romie E. Tatel           Mrs. Dorothy Votoupal               Ms. Emilia G. Yosick
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Taylor              Mr. Michael T. Vu                   Ms. Charmaine Young
Mrs. Elizabeth Telthorst              Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner            Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Telthorst        Ms. Sandy Wagner                    Mr. and Mrs. Hermenegildo Yu
Ms. Angela M. Telthorst               Mr. Francis M. Wagner               Mr. and Mrs. Phil Zarob
Mr. James I. Tennis                   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wakerly          Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Zazeski
Mr. Craig Tepen                       Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walberer         Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Zeh
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Terlisner        Mr. Thomas E. Waldinger             Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Zink
The Great Frame Up                    Mr. and Mrs. Brett Walker           Mr. Brett Zitny
Mr. and Mrs. David Theobald           Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Walsh        Msgr. Joseph A. Zube
Mr. and Mrs. Mathukutty Thomas        Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Walsh       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Zwadlo
Ms. Linda M. Thompson                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Waring
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thompson           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warpinski      Gift-in-Kind Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Tigue             Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Warren
                                                                          Carle Clinic/Hospital Information Tech
Mr. John P. Tillotson                 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wash
                                                                          Mr. Thomas E. Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Tillotson           Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Waspi
                                                                          Ms. Patricia Frye-Warmbier
Timpone’s                             Mr. Matthew L. Watkins
                                                                          Father Brian Herlocker
Ms. Giselle R. Tirado                 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Watson
                                                                          Mr. James R. Mahoney
Dr. Thomas M. Tirpak                  Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wehrli
                                                                          Ms. Laura N. Rayman
Mr. Joseph Tobias                     Miss Ruth E. Weinard
                                                                          Mr. Jacob J. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Todd              Ms. Diana C. West
                                                                          Father Luke A. Spannagel
Mr. Francois Toguo Fotso              Mr. and Mrs. Everett V. Westmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ed R. Tomkowiak          Mr. and Mrs. David P. Wetherell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Toussaint        Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tracy            Ms. Nicole D. Wheatcroft
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Trader        Mr. and Mrs. John Whitt

   14 The Catholic Illini FALL 2008
Schedule of Events
Grand Opening Weekend Celebration

                                          Saturday – September 6, 2008

8:00a-6:00p – Registration Tent Open – START HERE!                1:00pm-1:45 pm – Dedication & Blessing of the Msgr.
   Outside, on Sixth St.                                          Stuart Swetland Assembly Room & Lecture
   Register yourself and your family/guests and pick up or           South building (the old cafeteria area)
   buy tickets to the tailgate, football game, or gala dinner.       Immediately following the dedication, Msgr. Swet-
8:00a-6:00p – Guided Tours (on the half-hour)                        land will present a lecture, “Ministering To The Mil-
   Gathering point: Registration Tent on Sixth Street.               lenials.” His talk will focus on the spiritual, social,
   Finally see what all the excitement is about! Tour length:        and intellectual needs of today’s college students, as
   Approximately 30 minutes. (You are welcome to explore             served by those in Catholic campus ministry.
   the ground floor on your own, but a guided tour will           2:00pm-2:45pm – Panel Presentation on the new I
   show you the entire complex.)                                  nstitute of Catholic Thought School of Theology
6:30a-10:30p – Illini Market open                                    Swetland Assembly Room
   North Building, next to the Dining Room                           SJCNC is the nation’s first Newman ministry to offer
   Don’t miss this outstanding new retail outlet, right              a Master’s program in theology. Panel will include
   inside Newman, where you’ll find a coffee bar, religious          ICT Director and Fellow, Dr. Ken Howell, Dr. David
   goods and books, and lots of Newman-Wear!                         Delaney, Shawn Reeves, and others.
9:00a-10:30a – Newman Tailgate prior to Illinois vs. EIU          5:00pm – Vigil Mass for Deceased Newman Alumni
football game                                                         St. John’s Catholic Chapel (*Now air-conditioned!)
   East lawn of the Assembly Hall                                 6:30 pm – Gala Dinner Celebration (6:30 pm Cock-
   Cost: $5/adult; kids free. Free admission with purchase of a   tails & Hors d’oeuvres, 7:15 pm Dinner, Entertain-
   “Newman Block” game ticket                                     ment, and Program)
   Come join the pre-game fun with all your Newman                    Illini Union Ballroom
   friends! Past Chaplains Msgr. Duncan and Msgr. Swet-               Cost: $30/adult or $50/couple
   land scheduled to attend.                                          Join the staff and faculty, design and construction
11:00 am – Football game kickoff: Illinois vs. Eastern Illi-          team, and honored guests for an evening of fellowship
nois University                                                       and thanksgiving. Dress: Business Attire.
   Memorial Stadium
   “Newman Block” game tickets are available for $25
   each. (Limited quantity available – order early) Go Illini!

                                              Sunday – September 7, 2008

9:00a-4:00p – Registration Tent Open – START HERE!                2:30 pm – Special Presentation Honoring Msgr. Edward
   Outside, on Sixth St.                                          Duncan, Chaplain Emeritus
   Begin your visit to campus here!                                  Sixth Street area
6:30a-10:30p – Illini Market open                                    Help us recognize Msgr. Duncan for his 54 years of ser-
   North Building, next to the Dining Room                           vice to the Catholic community at the University of Illi-
                                                                     nois. This is Msgr. Duncan’s 93rd birthday and he is
9:00a-4:00p – Guided Tours (on the half-hour)
                                                                     scheduled to attend.
   Gathering point: Registration Tent on Sixth Street.
   Length: Approximately 30 minutes.                              2:45 pm – Formal Ribbon Cutting
                                                                     Sixth Street area, at entrance to Newman Club
12:05 pm – Mass of Dedication & Blessing
                                                                     Bishop Jenky, local mayors, and UI Administrators
   St. John’s Chapel
                                                                     expected to attend.
   Bishop Daniel Jenky, CSC, Bishop of Peoria will bless
   the new North Building at the end of the Mass. (Over-          For event information, registration, and tickets, visit
   flow attendance expected.)                           
2:00 pm – Champagne Reception                                     Can’t join us for our Grand Opening Weekend Celebration?
   Sixth Street area                                              Stop by any time for a tour and/or attend our
   Champagne and a light lunch will be served.                    festivities for the UI Homecoming, October 11-12, 2008.
                         Join us for our
               Grand Opening Weekend,
                   September 6-7, 2008.
         For event information, registration, and tickets:

                      See the schedule of events on page 15.

St. John’s Catholic Newman Center                              NON PROFIT ORG.
at the University of Illinois                                    U.S. POSTAGE
604 East Armory Avenue                                                PAID
Champaign, IL 61820-6298                                        CHAMPAIGN, IL
(217) 344-1184                                                  PERMIT NO 366


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