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      Boll in Hqll

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                                                  ,rt Ofter oll.                                   aa
                                                                                  Actually, Prieto has had two div-
                                                                               itrg car€ers,which have beensand-
                                                                               wiclted arcuDda seve!.year layoll
                                                                               to conceDtrate collegeand !urs-
                                                                           'lru.       :
                                                                                 Her firstlenture into diviDgbegaD
                                                                               at the aEeof 11-

                                 . activity, however.
                                    when Prieto is ioducted itto the
                                   El Paso Athletic Hall of Fada on uoted,."Everybodyour tearo
                                                                                       on       was
                                                                     itr diilerentagegroups.
                                                                               wouldplace the toptwospots
                                                                                         i!             abd

                                            ET PASOHERALD.        S I, FTi d                               tr   c-5

ffiffif/posodiver selected
                         correctspart '
(Contiluedfrom Page C'l)                 rnost       immediatety,'        sle  doids, You do!'t haveto give uP
we would beat them."                     laughed.                              competingbecause your age.
   At Austin, she was t}|e oDly               Agchasa certain   way of play    Thete are mastersPlograms rn
hieh schooldiver ir El Paso.              ing tricks on a person As a          every spo{ now,"
   iI h"d to b"g the principalto          youLh she didn't have orany            Prieto's seconddividg career
let me Eo to itate," she said.            fears. As someone her fiIo
                                                                m              almost etded in l9?9, wheBshe
"*obodv"knew        thet we hed tle       20's fesr suddenly   slrucka sour ruDtured disc aDdhad to u[der-
sDort-since I was tbe onlv one I          trotewhenshe tirst stepped to up     go back surgery. Tiree moDths
aian t lave to qualifv foi state          the one-meterboard'                  Iater, however, sbe resuneal
ihere was somi touih competi                  ''There is some fear oow -       traininq and won three gold
tliiiL"riil"nlttrlid*"""        alout     eventhoughI have beenback to         medaliat the 1980    National In'
25 sooddivers.I placedsecond              divingfor several   years, wnen door AAU Mastets Champiod'
 rt!'ihreav.,r<                           I EetuD there,especrally tne on
-'ir'" iliiio-i"t " first Nationa!       Jbiee'meter board''' she admit
                                                                                  'there vas onlv oledivethatl
 Divins ChamDionship 1969   in    and      ted.                                couldnot alothe same," shesaid.
 ;l'j";A iiih. '
 'Since there were no college
                                              "You just have to keepon div-' "I used to do a lront 2 Pike.
                                           ing unlil you get lhatfeerout       Every time that I would get ilto
 scholarshiDsolfered to girls                  In seven national maslers Dosition do it, I wouldbur[ mY
 when she went to high school.             championships    srnceAugustor      back.I stil do the dive, but from
 Prieto hed to vi ually put (hat           1978'she h,aswon o-verz0 €oto        a diflerent Dosition."
 activitv on the back butner. Fol_          medals and a handtul or sllver        Practice       always been a
 lowinea 1Ah Dlece        finishat the      medals.                             Droblemi! Dl Paso. Mostly be_
 iirt n-ational  cirampionships,   she         "Going to that first masters iause of a lack of facilities
 retired,                                   meet changedmy Fnlloso-pny      or
     Oneday i! 1978, decided
                       she          to      lile ' she said '1.had..thougnt Prieto begins Practice thi8
  make a visil to Mccuirk, who              thel I was ovet lhe nlLl l0r a      week with an aim at compeung
       -                                    lot of things. The thing lhat im    in the outdoor nationals in Au_
  *-ii tiaininE some athletes.
  Mccuirk casrtellv     showed a her        pressed   me the most was-tnat sust in California. to be the
                                                                                'And it's turned out
  mis=Leiir              on
             m-a-eazhe oivine.              ihere were GGvear-olds      -doing right sport after all.
     "I slarted-back diving al'
                         to                 some of the dlves that I was

     for Holl bqnquet                                                 *tryFFE      $
                                                                      i;[3t;i :lia\5
                                                                      qie" geg tFF€
     c+".tfi f,if u,':v,:u"TtlH"j
         "-t!}l* Fitrl,:jj" i! hish schoolass
     guest speakerat the El paso i,l'Jl
                                        s1t a
                                                                                          o6:?-   A

     Itti6;il:d'd;r;ilt#A$ft the nation as a senior i! €F#Blg,-;Fg;ii
                           *idl""i1il$*"li:'ri,?*trj                    -
     -:-''.'               in                          9     ir ' = ; € ( :
]           indqctedinto the HaU 1969.
                                                                        - -rJ*E
I $d 1T""if;3i"il",T8Tfnti"!$         [e i9l;FE H-
                                  was quarterback
                            .-Bowden the         5ga
I ;amtl::imm            i fil'"1"#'T.Tf
I          "q{:i::',$il!.T"df
    f,"iiii.,:f*iffi*r"*                 i,IiEg3EE
                                      Pala * - 6 E ; q :
                  ;+iqr*,fi;,;E,:Liff 5?-"!{
                                      ed F
                              *= c3tlF-3
      Gorman, who now haniltes the.women.s.    athletic program       a'+   ; ? r-d E ?    E i=   l|il
    specialassiglments fo1g6a.116-al.UTEP and helpedto gel the
    tioDalLeague,is notedfor his lpe-ciql Elents Center for the
    anecdotes baseball.An um- oasketoaU

               on                            program.

    pirt for 25years,Gorman was
    in tive WortaSeries.
                       iwo ctrim.  Casper_has b€eD an an-
    pionship series aDd four Alli nouncer 4ayears. IIis sports
    Star games.IIe was behindthe Droadcas6 Include Southwest
    plate whenDo! Larsen;iGhJ     conlerence football, Texas
    againstthe BrooklyD       uasper.who hasbeen
                         Dodgers. :3[g-9-q.
                               -    wrth KIIEY since1972. active
    Ball has played teniis for i! various spons functions

  overhalf a centunf.He owns28 tiroughout the city. Like Bo$f-
' Soutlrwestern  SectionalCham- d€n, he is a past presidentof
  pionships - more than any !!e El Paso Atl etic Hall of
  olnel PlaYer - five El Paso rame.
  men's opeD sLrgles titles as        D,.
  w"U as i-,roJl-,   r-e d'ifi;;e;i            coached Burges to
  states aDdcanada. He is cur- illii'rrous    dist ct Utlesi! foot-

    ri^n                                         bowlirg aDd
' Prieto has claimed tl sold      Honoredes high schoolath-
 andllsilvermealals i! lational letes of the year are Robed
 mastersdiving cbampionshiDs Poundsand Barbara FleminE
 sincereturning to the spodln of District I-5A plus Caroi
 1978.Fifteen of those medals Clover and Tommy BoDdsof
 were earned after undergoing 2-5A.

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