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1/29/09 To: Director of Marshall County Schools – Dr. Stan Curtis Marshall County School Board members – Randy Perryman, Mark Wilkerson, Kristen Gold, Delinda Owens, Mike Keny, Todd Tietgens, Ann Tears, Curt Denton and Craig Michael RE: Marshall County Workforce Development Conference January 23, 2009 – 12 p.m. at CSCC-Lewisburg Campus To Dr. Curtis and Members of the Marshall County School Board, As representatives of Lewisburg Economic Development, we would like to let you know how much we appreciated Dr. Stan Curtis and Lyn Stacey participating at our Workforce Conference. We have 43 industries in the Lewisburg/Marshall County area. All industries were invited to attend the conference at the Columbia State Community College Lewisburg Campus on January 23. We had over 70 industry leaders, regional and state agencies and regional educational representatives to attend. Dr. Curtis and Mr. Stacey did an excellent job answering questions regarding the Marshall County School system. There were many questions from industry leaders on how the Marshall County School System is educating students for the workforce following their graduation. Dr. Curtis and Mr. Stacey provided valuable information on the current programs and educational opportunities provided to Marshall County students and were very informative about future educational programs and possibilities. Dr. Curtis has helped us with previous presentations to industrial prospects, as well. One example involved a roundtable discussion with a prospective industry, Project Crown, along with church leaders, local parents of school-age children, and other industry leaders in the community. As you know, when prospective industries look to a community like Marshall County, the school system’s performance is a vital part of their decision to relocate. A good school system has a direct impact on our ability to recruit and sustain industry. Again, we would like to thank Dr. Curtis, Mr. Stacey and you, the Marshall County School Board, for taking the time to come and communicate to our local industries the status, future and present, of the Marshall County School system and its part in the economic and community development of Marshall County. We look forward to working with Dr. Curtis and the Marshall County School system in the future. Sincerely, Terry Wallace – Lewisburg ECD Director Lisa Jackson – Lewisburg ECD Assistant Greg Lowe – Lewisburg Codes, ECD and PR