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									Oracle DBA – RAC Course Content

Course Content

      Automatic Storage Management

             Introduction to ASM
             ASM Instance Design
             Installing ASM
             Administering ASM Instances
             Administering ASM Disk Groups
             Administering ASM Files, Directories and Templates
             Administering ASM Cluster File Systems (ACFS)
             Migrating Data to ASM
             Administering ASM using Oracle Enterprise Manager

      Real Application Cluster

             Introduction to Clusters
             Oracle Grid Infrastructure Architecture
             Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation
             RAC Database Installation
             Administering Oracle Clusterware
             RAC Database Administration
             Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
             Troubleshooting RAC issues
             RAC Database Monitoring and Tuning
             Backup and Recovery of RAC
•   Course Details             •   Services
    Introduction to            •   Introduction to Services
    Clusters                   •   Creating Services
•   What is a Cluster          •   Managing Services
•   Types of Clusters          •   Services and
•   Components of a                Connection Load
    Cluster                        Balancing
•   Requirements for           •   Services and
    Clusters                       Transparent
•   Oracle Clusterware             Application Failover
    Concepts                       (TAF)
                               •   Services and Resource
•   Oracle Grid                    Manager
    Infrastructure             •   Monitoring Services
    Architecture                   related Statistics
•   Oracle Clusterware
    Architecture and           •   RAC Database
    Services                       Monitoring and
•   Oracle Clusterware             Tuning
    Process Architecture       •   RAC Specific Tuning
•   Single Client Access       •   Instance and Crash
    Name (SCAN)                    Recovery in RAC
•   ASM Architecture           •   Cache Fusion
•   ASM Key Features and       •   Wait Events
    Benefits                   •   RAC Tuning Tips
                               •   Index Block Contention
•   Grid Infrastructure        •   Undo Block
    Installation                   Considerations
•   System Requirements        •   High-Water Mark
•   Network Requirements           Considerations
•   Software Requirements      •   Concurrent Cross-
•   Creating Groups and            Instance Calls
    Users                      •   Monitoring RAC
•   Planning the Shared            Database and Cluster
    Storage                        Performance
•   Storage for OCR and        •   Global Cache Block
    VOTING disks                   Access Latency
•   Installing and Preparing   •   Average Active Sessions
    ASMLib                     •   Database Throughput
•   Grid Infrastructure        •   Cluster Interconnects
    Installation and           •   Database Locks
    Verification               •   AWR, ASH, and ADDM
•   Creating ASM Disk                 Reports for RAC
                                  •   Troubleshooting RAC
•   Administering Oracle          •   What Files to Analyze
    Clusterware                       for Errors?
•   Administering Oracle          •   Managing Diagnostic
    Clusterware                       Data in RAC
•   Verifying the status of       •   Instance Specific Alert
    Oracle Clusterware                Files
•   Managing the                  •   Enabling Tracing
    Configuration Files           •   Monitoring Private
•   Managing OCR and                  Network
    VOTING disks
•   Administering Oracle      Backup and Recovery of RAC
    Local Registry (OLR)      Database
                                   • Media Recovery in RAC
    Troubleshooting                • Parallel Recovery
    Oracle Clusterware             • RAC and Fast Recovery
•   Clusterware Log Files             Area
•   Diagnostic Collection          • RAC Backup & Recovery
•   Cluster Verification
    Tool (cluvfy)
•   Understanding Node
•   Checking the Integrity
    of OCR

•   RAC Database
•   Installing Database
•   Creating Cluster
•   Configuring SCAN
•   Validating the

•   RAC Database
•   Background Processes
    Specific to RAC
•   RAC Initialization
•   Starting and Stopping
    RAC Instances
•   Parameter that require
    Identical & Unique
•   Monitoring RAC

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