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									Schemes of work Elements of life ( 2 double lessons)

Lesson 1

Lesson content Chemical Storylines EL1 and EL2 pg.3&4; make notes on OHP Revise CI 1.2 & CI 1.3 - balancing equ. + calculat. CI 1.1, pg.1-5 Amount of substance; issue notes, do few calculations on mole; Check Assign 2; Introduce equipment for A-level chemistry







Chemical Storylines (CS) CS EL2 pg.4-7 textbook write notes Assignment 2, pg.6 Chemical Ideas (CI) CI 1.1 pg.5-7 do textbook, cards; trays calculations 1-14 with equipment, power (few examples for point of lab equipment each question) Discuss Activity EL1; check H/W Activity book Do calculation in Introduce titration and show how to use the Appendix 2: Precision & intro. part of EL1 equipment using cards and various equipment to accuracy in measurement Read App.2 -errors label Activity EL1 (practical) Mg ribbon, crucible +lid, Calculations Act. RISK: Iodine harmful, Magnesium flammable, tripod, pipeclay triangle, EL1 8-13 pg.2 and eye protection, FUME CUPBOARD tongs, Cu strip,I2 Qs a – e; work out HAZ cards crystals, boiling tube, your experimental Bunsen burner, balance errors Go through answers for Activity EL1 Activity book Do calculations CI CI 1.5, pg.12-14 Making standard solution – notes CI book 1.5 pg.14, 15 OHP. Go through main points in Activity EL2.1 CS book Write up method


Schemes of work Elements of life ( 2 double lessons)

Re-cap the iron story - CS EL1 pg.4

for the practical

Lesson 6




Homework Read Appendix 2: Experimental uncertainty, make notes for EL 2.1 for titration part Activity EL2.1 (practical skills) titration – do CD-ROM ‘Practical chem. Act EL2.1 answer several titrations until you have 3 volumes which for schools and colleges Qs 11 – 16 and a-d; agree to within 0.1 cm3. 2’ clips Br,Tt revise CI 1.2 pg.8-9 Laptop & projector CI 2.1, pg. 16-19 Model of atom, video clip on CD-ROM ‘Spectroscopy Do calculations for mass spectrometer RSC’, projector, lap-top, CI 2.1 pg.19 Activity EL 2.2 (study skills) CI book, Appendix 2 Activity EL 2.2 Go through answers for Activity EL2.1 CI book Make notes CS EL3, CS EL3, pg.7; Discuss Activity EL3.1 Activity book Assignment 3, pg.8 Set Activity EL 4.1 presentation (see less. 15) Write methodEL3.1

Lesson content Activity; EL 2.1 (practical skills) just making up the standard solution of the iron salt (follow instructions 1-4), if time left do rough titration. Save the solution for the next lesson.

Resources CD-ROM ‘Practical chem. for schools & colleges 2’ clips Pp & Ms Laptop & projector


Schemes of work Elements of life ( 2 double lessons)


Lesson 11

Activity EL3.1 ( practical; IT skills) RISK: Barium, Barium carbonate, barium nitrate sol., calcium, magnesium, sodium hydroxide sol. irritants and flammable Lesson content Collect H/W notes on CS EL3 + Asgn. 3 Go through answers for Activity EL3.1 CI 11.2 pg.250-252 s-block gr.1+2 (OHP notes) CI 11.1 pg.244-250 Periodicity; notes and calc. Book a COMPUTER ROOM Activity EL3.2 - work through (IT skills) Activity EL3.3 – check your notes (study skills) Go through answers for Activity EL3.2 CI 2.2 pg.19-23 Nuclear reactions CS EL4 notes pg. 9-14 (notes on OHP)

Activity book, HAZ card; CD-ROM ‘The Chemistry Set’ – info. about Ba Laptop & projector Resources Activity book CI book Activity book CI textbook,CS textbook Video: Elements organised CS book CI book

Qs a-g for activity EL3.1 + graphs CI 11.2 pg.250-252 write notes Homework Calculations CI 11.2, pg.252 Calculations CI 11.1 pg. 249/10 Finish off activities




Mid unit test CI, CS, web Activity EL4.1 use web pages and other relevant Activity book information to prepare group presentation Test papers Activity EL4.2 in lesson

Assignments 4 and 5 from CS pg. 10/13 CI 2.2 calculations pg.23 sites, Group presentation Activity EL4.1 Finish Activity EL4.2


Schemes of work Elements of life ( 2 double lessons)


Lesson 16

Group presentation for Activity EL4.1 (IT skills) OHP, Flip chart, lap top, use web pages for info: projector, speakers etc. Salters links www.chemsoc.org/timeline/pages/timeline.html Lesson content Resources Go through answers for activity EL4.2 CI 6.1 pg. 123-128 Light & electrons ( notes) CI 2.3 pg.24-27 Shells; make notes Activity EL4.4 start doing in lesson ( IT skills) Go through all the calculations CI6.1 CS EL5 pg. 15, 16 Introduce the Activity EL4.3 CI book, laptops www.chemsoc.org/visele ments/pages/ionisation Activity book CI textbook Activity book

Make notes on CI 6.1, pg.123-127 CI 2.3 pg. 24-27, notes & calculations Homework



Activity EL4.3 ( practical) in 4 groups RISK: barium chloride, calcium chloride– toxic conc. HCl - corrosive

Calculations CI 6.1 pg. 127 Act EL4.4 CS EL5 p15/16 read Write up method for the practical Calculat CI2.3 pg27 CS EL5 -notes pg. 15 and 16 Spectroscope, Bunsen, Answer Qs a-d and Ni-Cr wire, salts, HAZ finish calculations; cards, Activity book continue Act EL4.4


CI 3.1 & 3.3 pg. 34-40 & 44-47 Chemical bonding CI book; projector,laptop CI make notes and and Shapes of molecules Salters homepage DIY do calculations 3.1 Homemade Bonding & 3.3 pg. 40/1, 47


Schemes of work Elements of life ( 2 double lessons)


Check calculations, collect Activity EL4.4 CI textbook Activity EL5 Activity book Collect Activity EL4.4 END OF UNIT TEST

Activity EL6( study skills)


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