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   1. October-28-2009 at 07:05 AM PST

      Girls Basketball Camps

      I am a big Silverlight fan, but we need to find a way to get more content on here so we
      can visit the blog alot more.

      Lady Prodigy Basketball

   2. April-29-2009 at 11:24 AM PST

      Umer Tahir

      That's awesome ! Neat stuff.

   3. April-14-2009 at 01:23 PM PST

      Sam Stokes

      I love competition. The MLB is based on competition and the ability for software to be
      proven in the marketplace is awesome.

      I think that both Adobe and Microsoft need to get the plug-in situation fixed. When I
      watch the ballgame, I just want to watch it and not worry about plug-ins, etc.

   4. April-09-2009 at 11:54 AM PST

      David George

      Until Silverlight showed up on the scene, Flash was our prime option for RIA at
      Digiflare. We pride ourselves as a user experience firm that builds great applications
      regardless of platform. Recently with the ramp up of Silverlight, we feel Microsoft
   brought together the best of both worlds in developing any software, designers and
   developers. We found our go to market times shorter because of the collaboration of web
   artifacts that exist between our designers and developers. We think Microsoft got it right
   by giving designers the choice to use tools of their preference, and then import their
   design artifacts and continuing the interactivity of these elements in a tool like
   Expression Blend where a developer will begin their tasks in either Expression or Visual
   Studio. We built a TV like experience at www.digiflare.com/digitv in a short time frame
   and are not surprised at the changing of the guard to Silverlight. Keep in mind that
   Silverlight gives the ability to serve both Flash and Silverlight baked Ads.


   Digiflare Team

5. April-09-2009 at 11:01 AM PST

   Christopher Levy


   Where did you see that Silverlight doesn't work with OSX?

6. April-08-2009 at 08:48 PM PST

   Silverlight Team

   Twitter: teamsilverlight


   I disagree. We've paid a lot of attention to the OSX user.

   You can watch CBS MMOD via OSX (I just tested it out on 2 macs i own just then). Not
   sure where you read that sys-requirements and if CBS choose not to support OSX, then
   your argument is really with them not Microsoft?

   RE: Investing in other platforms.

   We've also just recently invested in allowing developers to write Silverlight solutions in
   Eclipse, to help combat the barrier to entry in terms of workflow for Mac users.

   We've also put together a SKU called "Expression Professional Subscription" which
   gives you:
   Expression® Studio, Visual Studio® Standard, Office Standard, Office Visio®
   Professional, Windows® XP, Windows Vista® Business Edition, Virtual PC, Parallels
   Desktop for Mac, Pre-configured virtualized server environments.

   We've also made sure Silverlight works on x-platform solutions as well and we're
   investing in Moonlight (Linux iteration of Silverlight) to ensure we do the opposite of
   what you're stating.

   I think you probably should do more homework before you start denouncing Microsoft?



   Scott Barnes

   Rich Platforms Product Manager


7. April-08-2009 at 04:38 PM PST



   I said specifically that Microsoft does care about its customers. I'm also sure that the
   solution Microsoft delivers to CBS and its other partners is of high quality. Microsoft
   employs excellent engineers that work hard to listen to their customers and build world-
   class solutions. Claiming otherwise would be disingenuous.

   What I said was that when I as a customer of CBS - not of Microsoft - go to
   http://www.youtube.com/marchmadness, I get this message:

   "Your current platform does not support the video plugins necessary to view NCAA®
   March Madness® on Demand.

   You will need to switch to a supported platform in order to continue

   Standard Video Player Platform Requirements

   * Microsoft Windows XP/Vista

   * Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above

   * Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or above"
   Meaning that since I don't use a Microsoft platform, Microsoft does not care that I can't
   access CBS content. This in in stark contrast to similar services using Adobe's offering,
   where Adobe takes it upon itself to make sure every one of the customers of its partners
   can access the content. The solution CBS has implemented is meant to deliver content,
   but in this case it does not deliver the content and instead is trying to persuade people to
   switch to a different computing platform. There is a clear conflict of interest here
   between CBS - that wants to serve all its customers equally - and Microsoft, and it's clear
   whose interests are favoured.

   A Silverlight solution will either work or not work for a specific end user depending on
   the interests of Microsoft, not those of the content provider. This is not a taboo and
   obviously some content providers decide the advantages of Silverlight outweigh this
   problem. But it is, as I see it, a real and tangible problem with choosing Silverlight over
   Flash, one that Microsoft can easily solve, and does not for its own - quite obvious -

8. April-08-2009 at 10:24 AM PST

   Chris Carper

   Carme, not sure I agree with the statements that Microsoft does not care about it's
   partners or customers. Microsoft has built it's current business around enabling
   developers to build applications that they can monetize, allowing parters to build out
   platforms for delivery that they can sell, and worked closely with our customers to build
   out quality experiences online which leads to better end products that we put out. CBS
   had many years of feedback that their customers wanted them to deliver a higer quality
   experience, working with CBS we did it with Windows Media Servers and Silverlight for
   thier users and built better quality experience than anytime in the past. Given all the
   combinations of HW (Intel, PPC, etc) and software (Mac, Windows, Linux versions) it's
   literally impossible to hit them all 100% of the time, however we have done our best to
   make sure our testing and development targets those widely used platforms be it Mac or

9. April-08-2009 at 03:06 AM PST


   I think there is a larger issue than technical merits here.

   Microsoft, as a company, cares about its customers, but not so much about those of its
   customers and partners, in this MLB. Microsoft works to deliver a quality service to
   MLB customers that choose to use Windows. But those who use OSX get a lot less
   attention, and there isn't a pretense of caring about MLB customers that use other
   operating systems - Microsoft policy is that it doesn't care about them at all.
   Adobe, on the other hand, works to give all its partners' customers, regardless of the
   platform they choose to use, a quality experience.

   There's a big disadvantage to buying a solution from a vendor, like Microsoft, that has an
   agenda, and chooses to benefit its own interests over those of its partners' customers. The
   MLB want to deliver the best experience to all of their customers, not push them towards
   some specific platforms. And when a customer needs support, they expect their vendor to
   have better answers than "we don't care about this kind of customer."

10. April-07-2009 at 03:50 PM PST


   The MLB guys are having huge problems with their new Flash mlb.tv player. Quality is
   poor, flash is too demanding and just killing peoples computers. Seems to be worse than
   last years player...

11. April-07-2009 at 01:43 PM PST

   Bret Bentzinger

   Kudo's. THe Olympics Were Awesome Online... NOw Go get the NHL.... Please!!!
   Before those other clowns do.

12. April-07-2009 at 08:06 AM PST

   Brian Gorbett

   it requires the jre? wtf? i might be able to live with yap (yet another plugin), but i am
   totally adverse to the jre. just too many issues and updating it all the time is a total pain.

13. April-07-2009 at 07:51 AM PST

   Laurence Moroney

   Don't forget, on the ubiquity/plug-in story that NextDef/Swarmcast also requires the Java
   Runtime Engine to be installed, which is Yet another Plug-in.

   They weren't clear on which version, so I'm trying the latest JRE with my MLB.TV
   subscription to see if I get better results (*)


   (*) By better, I mean being able to see something more than a HD slideshow :)

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