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                            October 2012
            A publication of the Montana Pioneer and Classic Auto Club

                        Looking Back…

June 1960                                        July 1962

                      A look at previous Antique &
                          Classic Times Issues
VOLUMe R                              NUMBeR 4        Flathead Pioneer Auto Club: Regular meeting first
                                                      Sunday of each month at Flathead Electric Co-op,
Official publication of the Montana Pioneer and
Classic Auto Club, Inc
                                                      Goggles & Dusters: Regular meeting first Tuesday
                                                      of each month at the Elk’s Lodge, 934 Lewis Ave, at
Published quarterly: January, April, July and Octo-
                                                      6:00 p.m., unless otherwise notified, Billings.
                                                      Great Falls skunkwagon: Regular meeting first
The “Times” is exchanged with other like clubs in
                                                      Friday of each month, 7:00 pm, Eagle’s Lodge, 1509
the US and Canada.
                                                      9th Street S., Great Falls. skunkwagonclub@aol.
                                                      Hi-Line Antique Auto Club: Regular meeting third
        President:   Don Stephens                     Sunday of each month, 7:00 pm, Inverness Steak-
                     P.O. Box 1305                    house.
                     Great Falls, MT 59403
                                                      Missoula Hellgate: Regular meeting third Monday
   Vice President:   Betty Olson                      of each month, American Legion Hall, Missoula
                     505 South Illinois
                     Conrad, MT 59425                 Vintage D’Fenders: Regular meeting first Tuesday
                                                      of each month, 6:30 pm, Cavalier Room @ Finlen
        secretary:   Sie Schindler                    Hotel
                     401 7 Ave S #209
                     Lewistown, MT 59457
                                                             editor: Jacques Rutten
        Treasurer:   Mary Seelmeyer                                  PO Box 900
                     1210 Ave B NW
                                                                     Lewistown MT 59457-900
                     Great Falls MT 59404
MP&CAC dues delinquent December 1 of each
year; payable September 1 of each year.                    Fashion Consultant: Kathy Meuchel
               Single Adult - $16.50
               Couple       - $20.00                                   Chapter Reporters
                                                          Anaconda-Butte ................... Paul Sawyer
CHAPTER MEETINGS                                          Billings .................................... Al Jenkins
Bitterroot Valley Dusters: Regular meeting third          Bozeman ............................. Stu Coleman
Sunday afternoon of each month at places previ-           Great Falls .........................Kurt Baltrusch
ously decided upon - Hamilton area.                       Hamilton ............................. Joann Hosko
                                                          Helena ................................. Glyn Verzatt
Bozeman Antique Auto Club: Regular meeting                Kalispell............................... Dave Cooley
second Friday of each month at random locations           Lewistown ........................... Sie Schindler
in Bozeman.                                               Missoula.............................Cathy Smyers
Capital Carriages: Regular meeting second Sun-
day of each month, 2:00 pm, Random Locations in
Helena                                                                ADVeRTisiNG RATes
                                                          $25 - Quarter Page ......... $50 - Half Page
Central Montana Trail Dusters: Regular meeting
                                                          $75 - 3/4 page .............. $100 - Full Page
fourth Thursday of each month at places previously
decided upon - Central Montana area.                      All ads must be approved and paid for prior to publication date.
                                                              Please contact the State Secretary for more information.
                                                                                                                        October 2012

                                                  President’s Message
                         While our club has passed the 50 year mark and still going, we need to work to keep it
                      going for another 50 years. The average age of the membership is getting up there and we
                      need to recruit some younger members as well. While many of the younger generation
                      seem to be interested in modifieds and hot rods, there is still interest in preserving the
old cars too. We can encourage the value and importance of the original old cars and work at finding those
potential young members. Of course, we can even start by talking to our own children and grandchildren . Other
ways to pique interest are to keep up our website with new and interesting things. For the younger generation
especially, the internet is the only way to get information and to keep in touch.
  Of course, our publication the TIMES is also a great way to help our club. We have the option of using the
TRADE WINDS free space for members to sell or find car related items which is seen by many people around the
state. And for special non-club activities, events or other car related advertising, we offer some paid advertising
space at great rates that can help to keep our membership costs down.
  I have enjoyed helping “steer this machine” for the past couple of years and feel real confident in turning over
the steering wheel to our upcoming, President Betty Olson, who will lead us to even much better things.
  Don Stephens,
  MP&CAC President

    Vice President’s Message

                                                                                     EDITOR’S NOTE
   As the summer winds down, we can reflect on the past year; memory
makers, the camaraderie, the good times, new friends made, re-
acquaintances, and all the friendship we share. Isn’t that what our club
is all about? Sure we have our cars that we all love, but that might get a
little one-sided and lonesome if it didn’t involving sharing. Yes, sharing             Please remember to send in your
car restoration knowledge, health issues, successes, recognition, family                    info by the due date to
problems, car parts, helping a friend iron out a fender or rebuilding a chassis
part - the list goes on. A surviving club must continue to maintain all these          insure this publication can be in
attributes. We need to avoid petty grievances, work in harmony with each              reader’s hands in a timely manner.
other, respect each others opinion and strive to insure the longevity of our
organization. Please do not interpret the words of wisdom as tho we have a            Deadlines for submitting articles/ads
                                                                                       for quarterly issues are as follows:
problem or problems, I certainly do not sense we have any. I merely want to
remind us of why we have survived for over half a century. One more thing,
lets all go out of our way to acknowledge and thank those that continue to
step up to the plate and accept responsibility and leadership....There are so           January Issue:  Dec. 20th
many of you, THANK YOU ALL!!
   Congratulations to Don & Shirley Stephens for winning Peoples Choice
                                                                                        April Issue:   March 20th
with the 1935 Chrysler Airflow. Harold told me that it was about 50 years               July Issue:     June 20th
ago, that Don’s father, C.E.(Doc) Stephens, our club’s founding President,
brought the Chrysler to a tour in Butte. Harold drove our 1933 Chrysler and             October Issue:  Sept. 20th
they swapped cars for the Saturday tour. Doc was not impressed with the
noise of the Convertible, and Harold was impressed with the quietness of the       All copy must be to Editor Jacques Rutten
Airflow. Harold said it was great to see the Airflow again.                       at the Lewistown News-Argus by these dates.
   Hamilton did a great job with fall tour. If you didn’t attend you missed
out on a beautiful setting for our gatherings, a great tour, and great food.
Thanks to all who worked on that tour.                                             We prefer all articles and photos be sent by email to:
   Some of you have probably been on other tours with other groups and I
hope that you enjoyed them as well. We just arrived home, after an eight                  publisher@lewistownnews.com.
day trip with the V8 group to Redmond, OR, where we attended the V8                    We will send a confirmation email when we receive it.
Western National meet. It was a wonderful trip with few problems and we
                                                                                   If you do not have access to email, please
saw some awesome country. Let me hear from you if you enjoyed a trip or
two this summer.
   I hope that you all have a wonderful fall and get yourselves and your cars              mail your information to:
all ready for the winter, hopefully it will be mild and short!! Until we meet
again, God Bless You all.                                                                         P.O Box 900
   Your Vice-President,                                                                     Lewistown, MT 59457
   Betty Olson                                                                         Attn: Antique and Classic Times
  P.S. Keep me informed on anything you may want on our Calendar of                        Thank you for your help!
                    Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                                             1
October 2012

2         Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                                  October 2012
                                     Montana Pioneer and Classic Auto Club
                                                June 15, 2012
                                                Board Meeting

President Don called the meeting to order. Sie asked for the roll call, present were 4 officers, Joann Hosko filled
in as fashion consultant, 9 clubs with 30 directors.

Minutes of the spring installation meeting read and approved with 2 corrections.

Treasurers report - Mary Seelmeyer. Russell checking $4,926.01, Russell C.D. $9,682.19 Russell savings $560.88
total of all accounts $15,169.08. Motion to approve and seconded.

Old business: Don mentioned when signing new members use the new application in the Times or Web site. The
club can put their logo on the application if they choose. Also their club dues and all the information on applica-
tion should be filled out, so Mary can use it for the roster.

Don asked if there were any tour reports. Joann Hosko reported for the Hamilton club. The tour would begin at the
Town House Inn with the registration. The events will be at the Daly Mansion on Saturday with the judging of cars
and then tour to Big Hole Battlefield Aug 17-19. Get your rooms and send in the registrations. The road is paved.
Harold Olson reported for the Hi Line club for the 2013 spring tour. It will be at Havre Mt. with headquarters at
the fair grounds. The tour will go to Chief Joseph Battlefield, and roads are paved. Helena will host the 2013 fall
tour, no report yet.

Don asked if the directors had talked to their local clubs about trophies? This is a cost for state club. Should we
continue or try to recycle, or do a plaque? Some discussion was given for keeping as is or dropping a class - just
lots of different ideas. Don called for a yes or no vote to keep all trophies by clubs present. With 9 clubs present,
6 clubs voted to keep as is.

New business: Don asked Harold Olson to give the nomination committee report. For President Betty Olson, for
Vice at this time no nomination. At the Sunday morning breakfast Don will call for further nominations. Sie re-
ported that we would need this done so it can print in the Times. Mary reported the bookkeeping data was backed
up and sent to the state club secretary. Tom Foster made a motion to have the spring meeting in Great Falls along
with the swap meet April 26-27, 2013. A second was made and motion passed.

Don asked for further business or reports. Betty Olson reported that the judges will meet in the same room where
the registration was for a breakfast at 7 A.M. Betty mentioned that the green book does give rules on some safety
items. Then the question is halogen lights conceded, or radial tires, or electric fans mounted on the radiator as a
safety item. Don appointed a committee of three to rethink what is safety or not. Tom Foster, Harold Olson and
Sie Schindler and Don Stephens will be the committee. Bozeman club reported the judging will be in the hotel
parking lot, tour chairman is Russ Ludeman and he will lead the tour to Chico. Everyone will leave the hotel at
10 a.m. and there will be members at the intersections giving direction of travel. Then after the lunch at Chico
you are your own. Patricia Pruitt asked if everyone could stop in at the sponsors and thank them for their support.
Also stop at Stu Coleman’s Huston, Packard collection of parts and more parts. With no further business, meeting

Secretary, Sie Schindler

                  Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                 3
 October 2012

                                     Montana Pioneer and Classic Auto Club
                                                June 17, 2012
                                               General Meeting

Meeting was called to order by President Don Stephens. Sie gave brief board meeting report.

Don asked if there were more reports for the fall tour. Joann gave a short report that the Hamilton tour is ready,
try to dress in the 20’s and 30’s years. It would fit in with the Daly Mansion. Helena will host the 2013 fall tour
and the Hi Line club will have 2013 spring tour. With no further reports Don asked if Harold had a nomination
report. For President Betty Olson. Don asked for further nominations. With none, Harold nominated Bill Caffyn
for Vice President. Don asked for further nominations. With none further, nominations closed. Don thanked the

Betty Olson reported that there would be trophies for the fall tour. She thanked all the judges for a fine job in the
fashion and vehicles. It was suggested that the spring tours not be held the same weekend as Father’s Day if pos-

Don closed the meeting thanking the Bozeman club for a wonderful weekend, nice weather, good food and a very
great tour. Use the web site, check the event calendar for dates when setting dates for the state club tours. Drive
careful see you all in Hamilton.

Secretary, Sie Schindler

          Calender of Upcoming Events

     September 27-30   Big Sky Chev 250 mile Tour                         Havre-Ft. Benton       782-0752
     JUNE 7-9 2013     Spring Tour in Havre

      If you are hosting an event please include a phone # and email address, if available, when
        sending it to me, your Vice President. You can also email your information to tiahrt@
      montana.edu and it will go on the website. Thanks to Helena’s newsletter and the Kalispell
                           Model ‘T’ newsletter for much of this information.

 4              Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                           October 2012

Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club       5
October 2012

6         Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                            October 2012

Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club        7
 October 2012

                                Fall Tour Awards

Antique & Pioneer Cars 1917 to 1933                  Post War Cars 1945 to 1954
           1929 Model A                                 1952 Packard 200 Dlx
      Tom Foster - Great Falls                          John Wisse - Choteau

     Closed Cars 1955 to 1965                    Open Cars 1966 to Cars 25 years old
         1959 Oldsmobile                               1966 Ford Galaxie 500
      Sam Johnson - Missoula                       Homer Christensen - Great Falls

     Best Original through 1944
        1935 Chrysler Airflow                    Best Original 1945 thru 25 years old
     Don Stephens - Great Falls                           1967 Olds Cutlass
                                                      Harold Woyth - Great Falls

 8              Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                               October 2012

                           Fall Tour Awards

                                                                           Participation by Club
                                                                           Great Falls Skunkwagon
 Peoples Choice Award
  1935 Chrysler Airflow
Don Stephens - Great Falls

  Pioneer Car Refund          Hard Luck Award           Farthest Driven                 2012 Fall Tour
  Gibb Davis - Whitefish     Mary Voight - Billings   Gibb Davis - Whitefish         Chairman Recognition

                           The Daly Mansion

             Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                 9
October 2012

                              Fall Tour Awards

Pre 1920’s Woman                     Flapper & 1920’s            1930’s Woman
  Kathy Meuchel                          Woman                   Cathy Dielman
                                       Sharon Foster

     1950’s Man                       1960’s Man                  Best Dressed
     Sam Johnson                      J.T. Nelson                   Woman
                                                                  Sharon Foster

                                         Best Dressed
                                         Don & Shirley
Best Dressed Man                         Stephens with                            Fun Costume
   J.T. Nelson                          Scott & Kristen,                             Woman
                                        Marissa & Blaine                          Patricia Pruitt

           Best Dressed Boy                                                Best Dressed Girl
            Blaine Stephens                                                Marissa Stephens

10                 Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                                                           October 2012

                                 In Loving Memory…Allan Elmer Strickland
                              Allan Elmer Strickland, 74, of Great Falls, a retired veteran of the United States Air Force and business owner, died
                           of natural causes Thursday, July 5, at a local hospital.
                              Allan Elmer Strickland was born on January 31, 1938, in Fairfield, Maine, to Elwyn J. and Ida (Horan) Strickland. He
                           married SueAnn C. Kuglin in 1963 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
                              Allan joined the United States Air Force in 1957 and transferred to Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, in 1962 with the
                           Missile Maintenance Squadron, where he participated in installing the “Ace in the Hole,” the first missile to be placed
                           in Montana. Later, he received a letter of commendation from President John F. Kennedy thanking him for his service.
He was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for missile work during the Cuban crisis. He left the Air Force in 1968 and opened the Holiday Car
Wash. He also managed the Motel Central for 17 years. He joined the Montana Air National Guard and completed 12 more years of service.
During that time, he participated in the Red Flag Exercise when they won the USAF Hughes Trophy.
  In 1991, he received a heart transplant from a generous donor family, which gave him the gift of life for 20½ more years.This gift enabled him
to do daycare for his granddaughter, Theresa, who was the delight of his heart for 11 years. He participated in the U.S. Transplant Games in Salt
Lake City, Atlanta and Ohio and the World Transplant Games in Sydney, Australia, winning medals in cycling, race walking and the long jump. He
continued in competitive cycling for several years.
  He was a member of the Great Falls Saddle Club, Great Falls Snowmobile Club, Toy Club, Altered Classics Car Club, Skunk Wagon Antique
Auto Club and the Great Falls Archery Club. He was the past President of the Great Falls Trap Club, Mended Hearts Organization and the
American Heart Association (Montana Affiliate). He was a 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, where he was head cook for the fish fries. He
was a longtime member of Big Sky Cum Cristo and St. Joseph’s Parish and enjoyed cooking their fall dinner. He showed ponies for 39 years at
the Montana State Fair. He also showed walking horses and ponies on the Montana State and Intermountain Horse Show circuits. He enjoyed
driving his antique Studebaker cars.
  Allan is survived by his wife, SueAnn C. (Kuglin) Strickland of Great Falls; his daughter, Willow (Mark) Voeller of Great Falls; his son, Steve
Strickland of Great Falls; sisters Patricia Fowler of Fairfield, Maine and Debra (William) Wheeler of Grey Hawk, Ky.; a brother, Richard (Sharon)
Strickland of Southington, Conn.; and a granddaughter, Theresa.
  He was preceded in death by his parents; his son, Allan Michal Strickland in 1964; and his brother, Elwyn J. Strickland.
  Memorials are suggested to the American Heart Association , PO Box 742030, Los Angeles, CA 90074-2030. It would please him if in his
memory, you would sign an organ donor card.

                                    In Loving Memory…Joyce Marie Sheppard
                             Joyce Marie (Harvey) Sheppard, 86, of Lewistown died Aug. 29, 2012, at home after a battle with cancer.
                             She was born in Room 7 in the Judith Gap Hotel on May 26, 1926, to Maude and Jim Harvey. Joyce was born with
                          a smile on her face, which mostly remained for the rest of her life. Joyce passed away at home surrounded by the
                          family who loved her.
                             Joyce graduated from Buffalo High School in Buffalo, Mont., where she made life-long friends. In 1945, Joyce
                          graduated from telegraph school in Great Falls and began working as a telegraph operator on Aug. 1, 1945, just in
time to handle train orders for the freight trains and many troop trains bringing the servicemen and women back to their homes at the end of
World War II. She enjoyed the work, especially all of the attention the thousands of servicemen showered on her as they passed through the
many train stations she worked at. These were times before air conditioning, and the passenger car windows were mostly open. This allowed
for waving, shouting and, from some, blowing kisses her way.
    Joyce worked the “extra board” for some years before acquiring a regular job at one station. She made well over 100 moves from station
to station, working some days and afternoons, but mostly nights. For several years, she worked seven days a week without overtime being paid.
She especially enjoyed working nights and the early summer mornings when many times she was the only person awake in some of the towns.
    Joyce married Vance Sheppard at Great Falls on April 1, 1948. To this union, Barbara Ann Sheppard (Tarleton) was born on Sept. 18, 1951,
and James Edgar Sheppard was born June 11, 1957. Barbara had two children, Aaron and Sara. Barbara, Aaron and Sara reside in Denver. Jim
had two daughters, Jami Lee Sheppard of Stanford and Nikki Marie Sheppard of Missoula.
    Joyce and Vance both worked 40 years for the Great Northern Railroad, and then Burlington Northern, before retiring in 1983.
    Joyce belonged to the VFW Auxiliary for 60 years, joining in Harlem and continuing in Lewistown. She was always interested in the various
branches of the military and took a special interest in the Veterans’ Memorial. She was instrumental in having Joe Halco sculpt the army nurse
at the Memorial. She was the instigator of the large bronze plaque, which lists all of the military service people from this area who served in
the various military branches in all the wars the United States was involved in.
    Beginning in the year 2000, Joyce began the difficult task of writing a book on the Buffalo School years from 1910-1965. She purchased a
computer and began to write with the assistance of several former schoolmates. After many hours of research, she completed a spiral bound
375-page work of art in July of 2001, which was just in time for a Buffalo all-school reunion in August 2001.
    Joyce was a very thoughtful and giving person. She truly was one who would rather give than receive.
    She was preceded in death by her parents and three brothers, Aaron, Richard and Kenneth.
    She is survived by her husband, Vance; daughter, Barbara, and son, Jim, and four grandchildren, Sara, Aaron, Jami and Nikki; two sisters,
Kathryn and Patricia; and several nieces and nephews. She is also survived by brother-in-law Larry Sheppard and sister-in-law Mickey James.
                       Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                                          11
  October 2012

                                                   In Loving Memory…Larry Liptac
                               Larry was born in Spokane, Wash., on Nov. 4, 1937, to Andreas and Verna Liptac.
                               Larry graduated from North Central High School in 1955 where he was a member of the student council and the
                            football team. He earned a B.S. degree in agronomy from Washington State College(now University) in 1960.
                               In 1957, while both were students at WSU, Larry married Joyce Marie Schaub. After college Larry started as a field rep
                            for chemical companies in the agricultural field. In 1965, Larry went to work for Velsicol Chemical Corporation where
                            his job took he and his family all over the world. Stops included Singapore (sales manager southeast Asia), Toronto (sales
manager Canada) and their corporate headquarters in Chicago (sales manager of North America).
   Larry moved his family to the Billings area in 1976. In 1985, leaving the ag business, he and Joyce bought Mountain View Supply, selling bar and
restaurant supplies with partners Stan and Louella Wilson. The business flourished and they remained there until retirement in 2002.
   Larry had many hobbies and interests. When the kids were young he was coaching countless baseball and hockey teams. Larry was an accom-
plished wood worker with many pieces going to friends and family. His true love was antique cars. He loved the ground up restoration, the driving
and planning of tours. Mostly he loved the friends for life he made in the old car world. Larry and Joyce are members of Goggles and Dusters, Model
A club and V8 club. He enjoyed driving his cars around town and was in many Christmas parades with his model A.
   Larry was also in the Elks club here in Billings. With his travels and volunteered hours, Larry has made many friends. Larry passed away on Aug. 16,
2012, and goes to join his son Patric.
   He is preceded in death by his parents; sister DeEtte; brother Duane; and his son Pat.
   Survivors include his wife of 55 years, Joyce of Billings; son Phil (Kelli) of Billings; son Bryce (Karen) of Kansas City; and daughter Jill (Rich) Foran
of Billings. Grandchildren Andrea, Samantha, Nathan, Charlie, Michael, Dallas (Hannah); and his beloved dog Deacon. We love you!

                                                         In Loving Memory
                        Emily Schelly - Great Falls Skunkwagon                           Larry Liptac - Goggles & Dusters
                        Nellie Gunter - Great Falls Skunkwagon                           Lillian Clemens - Bozeman Antique Auto
                        Harold Wick - Great Falls Skunkwagon                             Kaye White - Missoula Hellgate
                        Al Strickland - Great Falls Skunkwagon

                                                 From A Member…
                                                                      In 1935 Mr. John Byrd bought a brand new Chrysler Airflow from the dealer in Great Falls.
                                                                   Mr. Byrd had three daughters, one of whom was married to my father’s best friend, Bert
                                                                   Wells. My father, “Doc” Stephens was very impressed with the car and in fact bought his own
                                                                   Chrysler Airflow shortly there after and drove it for several years before trading it in.
                                                                      Mr. Byrd’s youngest daughter was old enough to start driving and the salesman gave her
                                                                   driving lessons in the Airflow. Well, those drives in the country became more romantically
                                                                   involved. Mr. Byrd was not overly fond of the “shifty” salesman in the first place and when his
                                                                   daughter and the salesman announced their engagement, it ruffled his feathers so much that
                                                                   he put the car up on blocks where it sat untouched for many years. My father knew it was in
                                                                   storage somewhere here in town but not sure where.
                                                                      After Mr. Byrd passed away, the car was sold at the estate sale to an elderly retired union
                                                                   worker, Mr. Stone. He always kept it in his garage and only used it to go fishing on nice days.
                                                                   One day he apparently ran off the road and into a barbed wire fence which put a few dents
and deep scratches on the front. With a somewhat amateur repair job it was back in service.
   Mr. Stone happened to live just a block and a half down the street from us and had it out of the garage one morning when dad was driving by. Dad about
“broke his neck” when he saw the car and said “I know that car!” He then made a quick trip around the block to go get a better look. Mr. Stone was not
interested in selling the car but for the next couple of years dad kept chiseling away at him until he finally gave in. That was over 50 years ago and the car
has been in the Stephens family ever since.
   At that time it had just 18,000 miles on it. Over the life of the car it has had regular maintenance (tune-ups, oil changes, etc) and minor repairs (brakes,
tires, carburetor kits, etc). Because of the poor body work and paint from the accident, eventually it had to be repainted but the interior is all original and
in good condition.
   Some of the outstanding features of this car were the streamline styling, cab forward design, uni-body construction, straight eight cylinder engine,
automatic overdrive & free wheeling, floating power motor mounts, automatic choke and of course, power boosted hydraulic brakes.
   The radical styling of the Airflows (both Chrysler and DeSoto) nearly put Chrysler out of business. The Airflows were only made from 1934 to ‘37. To
satisfy many that did not accept the styling, starting in 1935 Chrysler & DeSoto also made the Airstream model which had more conventional styling.
   Don Stephens - Skunkwagon Chapter

  12                   Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                               October 2012

1962 TIMES - A very interesting look at our tours and written
         by Emily Schelly, one of our first Editors.

    Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club       13
October 2012

14        Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                            October 2012

Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club        15
  October 2012

                                                                  Joann Hosko, Reporter
   So, what has happened since last I        downtown Hamilton, July 27-28. Friday         twice as many people). Then we really
wrote? We have enjoyed a beautiful           was a slow day which culminated in            dug in for the next few days, preparing
Spring Tour in the beautiful Paradise        a near-sundown electric light show            food, getting the ditty bag info complete,
Valley, which is now ablaze, as I put        (lightning), just enough showers to           and generally putting on the finishing
pencil to paper (not literally, of course    dampen celebratory spirits, and a             touches for the Tour.
- that would be too 20th Century). Our       beautiful double rainbow! We shut down          We think the August 17-19 Fall Tour
beautiful Valley is also full of smoke and   early and went home. Saturday was             turned out pretty well, in spite of the
has been for a month, with fires lapping     hot and sunny, but better populated.          heat and smoke. The Daly Mansion
not too far from our heels. Perhaps there    Dick Babcock and Joann Hosko, Allan,          made a beautiful setting for the events
is not room for reality in car-collecting.   Ross, and Dan Dutton, and Robert Voit         and photos. The drive to the Big Hole
   Much of the rest of our Club’s “car       displayed eight pre World War II cars         was successful and educational. The
summer” was consumed with plans for          at the Daly Mansion’s program that            home-cooked breakfast in a hangar
our own Fall Tour, here, headquartered       weekend.                                      at the Hamilton Airport was a change
at the Daly Mansion in Hamilton. Our            Nine of us met at Bill and Kathy           of pace. We thank all who attended.
July 22 meeting was a dry run (truly,        Meuchels’ on August 1. We indulged            Dick invited everyone out to Grantsdale
this year) to the Big Hole National          in a bit of finger food, then got to work     to visit his new building and our car
Battlefield, which would be the Saturday     on Tour preparations. Our regular             collections, and several took advantage
drive of our Tour. Only nine members         August meeting was held the 13th, with        of that. Thanks to those, too.
took this run. We ate our lunches in the     seventeen worker bees present. We were          We’re taking a breather now (if only
dusty wind, under the Visitor Center         pleasantly surprised to see that our          we could!) before the next events begin.
eaves, and held onto our hats and            Dillon members, Art and Pat Blade, had        We hope for a cool, wet autumn. After
papers during the meeting.                   driven over to join us for the evening.       this summer, it doesn’t even have to
   The Club food trailer made its way        This time we enjoyed hors d’oeuvres           be beautiful, just safe. We will see you
to the annual Daly Days event in             (different from finger food in that it drew   somewhere down the road.

                                                   Stu Coleman, Reporter

  First off, we welcome new members          brought out their 1930 Model A coupe          convertible, and Roy Tunby his 1928
David and Tricia Wick to the fold. They      matched by another Model A driven             Durant sedan to round out the club
reside in Bozeman and count a 1930 Ford      by John Kamp. The Pruitts had not             entries in the Sweet Pea.
Model A and a 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass        one but two Imperials in the field, the         The Pruitts, Ludemans, and Linda
in their vintage collection. How about       always nice 1962 Crown in white and           Dean represented the club and traveled
that for a spread of old car interests!      the all black 1960 sedan. These are           to Hamilton for the Fall Tour in the
David has already been baptized into         large sedans and most impressive as           Bitterroot Valley in mid-August. They
the club’s Tuesday morning breakfast         evidenced by their showing at the Big         reported an excellent tour down through
bash.                                        Timber/Sweetgrass Meet where one              the valley and on to Big Hole National
  The club participated in this year’s       of the cars received the “Most Unique         Battlefield and the activities were
Sweet Pea Parade in Bozeman. It is           Ride” accolade. The Pruitts also put “Big     centered on the grounds of the Daly
always a “Big Deal” to start the two         Black” in the Headwaters Car Show in          Mansion which is quite an attraction
and one half days of celebration of arts,    Three Forks and the 4th of July parade        in itself. The People’s Choice was a
crafts, and food fun in Lindley Park         in Ennis. Tom Crystal dusted off the          1934/5 Chrysler Airflow with a beautiful
on the east side of town. The Adams          “root beer float”, a 1960 Buick LaSabre       paint job on an otherwise very original

  16               Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                                               October 2012
car. Wouldn’t that be a fun car to see      Hershey for that big swap and car show.       four Hudsons was a flood). There were
at the Billings All Original Show some      If you haven’t ever attended a Hershey        a total of 267 entries. They cotton to
year? The Airflow was owned by the          in the spring or fall, you should put it      any old iron including farm tractors
Don Stephens family of Great Falls. Our     on your bucket list. It makes Portland        and machinery, early snowmobiles and
own Patricia Pruitt garnered the trophy     look like small change. Joe is driving,       even antique garden tractors. There
for the Best Fun Costume.                   and Bonnie is flying and will meet in         was a restored 1965 Peterbuilt tractor
   There may be yet one more vintage        Hershey.                                      complete with a sleeper behind the cab.
vehicle on the road shortly. Everyone            Jim Cain, on a whim, attended the        Now that is a lot of restoration work.
is familiar with the Monger’s fine blue     Annual Chicken Run of Billings-Laurel         We took the little 1942 Hudson shortbed
1939 Buick Special sedan, but Jim is        with a fellow old car enthusiast. He          ½ ton pickup truck to display as our
bringing his 1927 Model T Touring to        reports that it was an excellent meet         Hudson contribution. Even though this
life with the help of club member Jim       with seldom seen vehicles to include          is only the OSCAR (Old S-Cool Classic
Hunt. Jim is a specialist in rebuilding     some Bonneville racers and Rat Rods.          American Rides) clubs fourth year, it is
Model T coils, but did you know Jim also    One of the sponsors and his wife run          a good one and growing with lots to do
collects Oogah horns and makes them         426 ci Hemis in a 1932 Ford coupe and         in activities.
work again. I have provided him with        a 1953 Studebaker Starlight. She runs            The club is looking forward to a
several basket cases from the collection    one and he runs the other. The alcohol        Mystery Tour lead by the Crystals on
and unbelievably he has made them           injected Studebaker has clocked in at         September the 23rd. We will follow them
oogah again. And yours truly has            235 mph! If you haven’t ever attended         anywhere so long as there is food at the
brought another vintage machine into        Bonneville and had the salt get into your     end of the tour!
the Hornet’s Nest (as if I needed another   blood, you must put it on your bucket            Lastly, we are sad to report the loss
project). It is a 1949 Studebaker ½ ton     list along with Hershey.                      of two of the club’s members. Lillian
pickup truck with a 170 ci engine, three       And if you want to test out your           Clemens had been in ill health for several
speed standard with overdrive.              vintage machinery, do what BAAC               months and passed away August 25th.
   As always club members do their own      member Bob Nitcy did. He started              She was an accomplished musician and
thing as well as functions sponsored        with one of those famous breakfasts at        always enjoyed playing the piano at our
by the Club, and such was the case          Mote and then drove to Red Lodge and          annual Christmas parties. William W.
with Joe Ashley, the connoisseur of         across the Beartooth Highway back to          Warner of Belgrade died on September
fine automobile posters, signs and          Bozeman. How about that for exercising        13. “WW”, always a Ford man, most
petroleum products. Joe traveled to a       that engine and brakes. Total miles a         of the time could be seen driving his
Gas & Oil Show (or as he calls them:        little over 400!                              very original 1953 F-3 red pickup truck.
Signs and Advertising Shows) in De             Yours truly and wife attended The Old      We will miss their contributions and
Moines, Iowa recently. He also plans to     Iron Festival in Rigby, Idaho in August.      friendships.
take in another signs & advertising show    Our Montana Hudson Club decided
in the Midwest and then continue on to      “to flood the field” with Hudsons (if

                                                       Capital Carriages
                                                              Glyn Verzatt, Reporter

              SEE YOU IN LIVINGSTON           Bozeman did a great job, we all             to do it. Ignoring said advice he got it
            was the ending comment          enjoyed ourselves. The trip down from         running and his newly restored 56
            made with the last report.      Helena was made along Highway 12,             Chevy Convertible ran like a top.
            Well we did not see             with a lunch stop at Townsend. We then           A weeks rest and then, Verzatts,
everyone, but there was an excellent        drove 89 South through Wilsall. Charlie       Charlie Cochran and Freda Estes, and
turn out for the Spring Tour. Touring       Cochran had some generator problems           the Burrows headed out for Kalispell
out of Livingston provided some new         but was able to make the entire weekend       to the International. What a time, cool
country to travel in, we got to see the     of activities on the battery in his 57. The   traveling temps, great accommodations,
large accumulation of new, used, NOS        stop at Chico gave the ladies a little        and lots of Canadian vehicles. Our
parts that Stu Coleman acquired, and        time to do some shopping and some             friends to the north outnumbered the
there is a bunch of good stuff there.       actually spent some money there. Art          state side folks by a large number. It
Capital Carriages got a commendation        Olson had the opportunity to rebuild a        is always nice to meet folks from up
for having the largest percentage of club   carburetor in the parking lot while lots      north and they bring some interesting
membership turn out for the tour.           of folks stood around and told him how        cars with them. Friday evening the meal

                  Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                               17
  October 2012
was served aboard a boat, cruising           activity to raise funds for this group.       paraded back to the start. Dean Hersey
on Flathead Lake. Saturday we toured         They deserve it.                              was there with the Nash Metro he
east of Kalispell and had lunch at the          Our club activity has been limited         purchased from Pat Downs, have not
Automotive Museum in Big Fork. Later         to talking about our upcoming 2013            heard if he won a trophy or not. Garry
we drove out to Art Olson’s and took in      tour and we are making headway.               Guettler won a trophy for his 28 LaSalle
his collection. Man was I ever impressed     Headquarters has been chosen and              coupe and the Jack and Judi Hazard
with his restored Mitchell. He has a fine    tied up. All that remains is to figure out    had the Mustang and the 42 on display.
bunch of cars but to me the Mitchell is      what to do between Friday evening and         Former member Chuck Pesta showed
outstanding.                                 Sunday morning.                               up with his excellent mid 20s Desoto.
   The Crosley Hot Shot has been out            August already, and our monthly            August is done for, September brings
and about with most all the heavy work       business meeting was held the 12th            the annual two club meet between
done. It sports a great blue paint job and   at Pauline Olson’s home in Augusta,           Great Falls and Helena on the 9th and
white wall tires. Sounds something like      including members, guests and cooks,          then about the last car activity will be
a gas powered sewing machine going           around 22 people were there. Pauline’s        the Townsend Car show.
down the road. Up Date, Greg Polllack        son Russell operated the BBQ and did a          Townsend puts on a good show, lots
had it out on the 26th, says it will do 60   fine job cooking up some great steaks,        of cars lined up on Main Street, lots
MPH.                                         the ladies brought all kinds of fine          of Vendors along with good food and
   In July we held our BBQ for the Big       salads, desserts, and a hot dish or two.      music. We need to see some Great Falls
Brothers and Sisters and the littles, had    No one should eat as well as we did.          and Butte cars there. All that remains to
a reasonable turnout and cooked up a         Some smoke in the air from nearby wild        be done this year is elect officers.
mess of burgers and hot dogs. Lots of        fires but not a serious problem. Most of        We were all sorry to hear about Larry
rides in old cars were provided and I        us traveled in cars with A/C. Art Olson       Liptac, he was a great supporter of the
think everyone went home satisfied that      and the 56 convertible was there.             Billings group and as a former State
a good time was had by all. CCCC has            Several club members went to Boulder       President.
been doing this for about 5 years, it        for the annual Car Show and Parade.
seems now that BBS has become the big        The parade route was a little short
deal and there has been lots of car club     so it seems they turned it around and

                                       Central Montana Trail Dusters
                                                              Sie Schindler, Reporter

   Summer is gone and the heat is still      Larry Carrell’s, the home of the Ford mus-      The local car show was well attended
around. Our monthly dinner drive and         tangs. Then the Thanksgiving-Christmas        with vehicles this year. With the season
meetings have been very well attended.       dinner will be held at Jack’s Hangar with     coming to an end, there is a nice car
For July it was at Roy, MT with a packed     Vickey Cowen as chairperson. Also,            show at Monarch, MT at Stu’s Cruz on
house. We like going to smaller towns        the Kiwanis Toys for Tots gift drive will     September 30th . There are a 100 plus
as it gives everyone a reason to drive       be held. Each member can bring a toy,         cars of all makes and models represented
their collector car. Our Aug. drive was      games, or clothing for boy or girl. This      and car buffs can meet and finish out the
to Winifred, MT. We had the owner of         program went over very well last year.        season. I would guess about 6 or more
the Mid State Signs show the club a de-      It helps needy families and the Kiwanis       clubs around the State show up.
cal logo they can make. They gave us a       club.                                           Our sympathy to Joyce Liptac and
price on a 2x6 ft. banner plus the decals.      The new club President will be Tom         family with the lost of her husband
The club voted to order 25 decals and        Spika and the Vice is Mike Little. Good       Larry. Larry was very active member
the banner. Then the Sept. drive was a       luck to our club officers.                    the Billings Goggle & Dusters Club, the
tour around Lewistown and with dinner           The fall tour was at Hamilton, MT in       Flathead Ford V8 club and the past State
at the Elks Club. The banner was on dis-     August. It was a very nice tour up the val-   club President for Montana. Larry will
play and Clayton Busch sold all 25 decals    ley to the Big Hole Battlefield. The Daly     be missed by all.
so he will order 25 more. After dinner we    Mansion was a nice setting for the Fri-         That is all for now. Have a blessed
toured to Vance Sheppard’s home to view      day evening and Saturday evening events.      holiday season and see you all in 2013.
all his antique signs. Vance had them all    Thanks to the Hamilton club for a job well    Happy motoring!
lit up. Thanks for doing this. Our sympa-    done. The Daly Mansion was impressive
thy to you and your family with the loss     with 25 bedrooms, 17 full bathrooms
of your wife, Joyce.                         and a great room. There is also a wildlife
   Our Oct. meeting will be a potluck at     room and so much more.

  18               Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                                                October 2012

                     Flathead Pioneer
                         Auto Club
                              Dave Cooley, Reporter
   There is an organization called the                                                     humble. Alice Peca had returned from
Endurance Rally Association, based in                                                      the Sunny South, and we were glad to
England, which organizes internation-                                                      see her at the meeting. Twenty four
al tours for vintage as well as classic                                                    members, no guests, and 6 antique cars
cars – they have led 4 Peking to Paris                                                     attended - perhaps the lack of pouring
Tours, one the length of Africa, and                                                       rain caused these people to bring out a
will be leading one from Buenos Aires                                                      car even though the weather was a bit
to Terra Del Fuego next year, etc. It so                                                   threatening.
happened that they also organized a                                                           Our July meeting is our Ice Cream So-
New York to Alaska Tour for 2012. This                                                     cial which this year was held on July
group stopped in Kalispell for the night                                                   22nd at the home of Bob and Cheryl
of May 23rd, and a few of us went over                                                     Trout on the bank of the Swan River near
to check out the cars, and we were not                                                     Bigfork. There were 7 guests and 13 an-
disappointed. The stars, for yours truly                                                   tique cars at the meeting. There was, of
anyway, were a 1924 and a 1927 Bent-                                                       course, lots of ice cream, some home
ley Sport Touring Cars, a 1929 Mercedes                                                    made, and lots of goodies, toppings, etc.
S, a 1937 Alvis Tourer, a 1938 Alvis 4.3,                                                  to go with it – thanks were given to all
and a 1939 Bentley 4.3, but there were                                                     those who made and brought it all as
a number of ‘50’s and 60’s Sport and                                                       well as to our hosts, Bob and Cheryl
Sport Touring cars as well. John Frank-                                                    Trout for inviting us to their home. A few
lin took a number of pictures a few of                                                     of our members brought old cars to the
which follow.                                                                              Buffalo Hills Terrace retirement home,
                                                                                           which was much appreciated by the
                                                                                              The International Meet (June 29th –
                                                                                           July 1st) went off very well with just un-
                                                                                           der 65 cars and just under 130 people
                                                                                           attending. Rand thanked everyone who
                                                                                           helped put it on, but especially Lyle and
                                                                                           Loretta Aklestad for hostimg the main
                                                                                           event of the Tour, Brenda Powelson-
                                                                                           Vick for being the Registrar, and Chair-
                                                                                           man Dave and Linda Russell for keeping
                                                                                           things organized. The weather couldn’t
                                                                                           have been much better, especially on
                                                                                           Saturday. No complaints were heard
                                                                                           and we paid for everything!
                                                                                              It was a delightfully cool bright Sum-
                                                                                           mer day on August 4th for our annual
                                                                                           Steak Fry. Forty eight members, 11
                                                                                           guests and 20 antique cars gathered
                                                                                           first at Bill Schlegel’s home for appetiz-
                                                                                           ers and moved on to the Russell’s home
                                                                                           for dinner and dessert. Because the
                                                                                           members have put in so much work this
                                                                                           year with the International Tour as well
                                               The next event was our regular club         as the Whitefish Mall Car Show, and the
                                            meeting on June 3rd, 2012. It was the          fact that we had brought in a little mon-
                                            first decent day we had for many days,         ey in both events, we thought it might be
                                            but it still did rain a bit, just to keep us   a nice idea to have the Club pay for the

                   Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                               19
  October 2012
steaks this year – members were cau-           guests and 15 antique cars gathered at       Our Vice President, Dave Russell, was
tioned not to count on doing this every        Lyle and Loretta Aklestad’s Classic Car      nominated, and there being no more
year, though!                                  Museum in Bigfork. The guests were           nominations, Dave was elected by a
   After everyone had finished their           Rand and Linda Robbin’s new friend           strong voice vote. Rand then proposed
steaks and desserts, President Rand            Randy Sunberg and Bill Schlegel’s son        Dave Cooley for Secretary/Treasurer,
Robbin opened our meeting by thanking          Ron. Randy has a 1930 Model AA truck         Dave agreed to continue, and was re-
the Russells and Bill Schlegel for hosting     which he is in the process of restoring,     elected by applause. When it came to
our progressive dinner and all who had         and he went away with a membership           Vice president, Don Beller was nomi-
brought such great food. Special thanks        form – we look forward to hearing back       nated which was greeted with enthusi-
were given to all those who stepped up         from him.                                    asm by the membership. Don said that
to help the Russells this year – Dave             The most notable (and perhaps the         he would do it some later year, but that
and Linda have had a particularly tough        oldest) car was the Akelstads’ 1929          he couldn’t do it this year. Doug Mor-
Spring and Summer and with Dave be-            Model A Deluxe Roadster. This car for-       ton was nominated which he accepted
ing “under the weather”, and special           merly belonged to Charlie and Alice          with mixed enthusiasm, and was soon
help was needed. The fact that it took         Peca and after Charlie passed away,          elected. So our new officers are Dave
so many to pull it off made us realize         Alice gave it to Lyle to restore and put     Russell President; Doug Morton, VP;
how much the Russells do to put on the         in the Aklestads’ museum. Lyle had just      and Dave Cooley, Secretary/Treasurer.
Steak Fry on “normal” years!                   finished the restoration and had put it      Dave Cooley called attention to the fact
   The McGregor Lake Camp Out at the           out in front of the Museum for all to see.   that our outgoing President, Rand Rob-
Riebe’s property on McGregor Lake be-          After the meeting he took Alice for a ride   bin, deserved our sincere thanks for a
gan Friday evening August 10th when            in one of the prettiest Model A’s your       job very well done which was greeted
the left over steaks from the Steak Fry        secretary has ever seen. Great job!!!        with strong and enthusiastic applause.
were cooked by Master Chefs Allen                 President Rand Robbin brought the           Another great Touring Season is
Riebe and Dave Russell. Saturday eve-          meeting to order at 2:25 PM and first of-    drawing to a close and it is time to think
ning was a Pot Luck when everyone              fered thanks to the Aklestads for hosting    about all the great car projects we will
shared the food they brought. The days         our meeting, something they have done        be getting done this Winter – I hope!
were spent socializing, swapping sto-          many times before. It is a most pleasant
ries, etc., providing a great time to get to   venue and it is much appreciated by the
know other Club members better as well         membership.
as to hang out and relax. There were              The last order of business was the
11 members, two guests and a number            election of officers for the 2012-13 year.
of grandkids catching crawdads. The            Rand, who has served as president for
crawdads were destined to be eaten for         three years and who is very popular as
appetizers for the Saturday dinner, but        President, said he would decline to run
there were so many that they appeared          “and if elected I will not serve” (LBJ).
again for breakfast the next day and           He mentioned that when he was rais-
snacks later on!                               ing cattle he would get a new bull ev-
   It was a most pleasant Fall day on          ery three years and that he felt it was
September 8th when 36 members, two             time for a new bull for our Club as well!

                                                    Goggles & Dusters
                                                                Al Jenkins, Reporter

  Now, what a hot summer. I have lived         ting was at the home of the Swenson’s        and within 15 minutes everything was
in Montana for over 85 years and this          in the Indian Cliffs Subdivision. It was     every bit as dry as before the storm hit.
was the longest hottest summer that I          the usual exceedingly hot evening and        The one casualty was our little portable
can ever recall.                               just as all the food was laid out on the     sound system. When we fired it up for
  On the evening of July 10th, we were         serving tables, a sudden drenching rain-     our business meeting, all we got was
all invited to a dinner hosted by Craig &      storm hit and pelted us for over half an     static. Still, it was a great dinner, with
Karen Swenson and David & Karen Pals.          hour. We scrambled to roll up car win-       fine friends, and excellent hosts. For the
They furnished hamburgers and brats            dows and sought refuge in Swenson’s          record, this was the only good rain that
and our ladies brought salads, fruit con-      garage. Once the rain ended, all of the      we have had all summer long. In fact,
coctions and baked goodies. The set-           tables were wiped off, food set out again    our neighbors told us no rain fell at our

  20                 Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                                               October 2012
home in west Billings during the ordeal.      Wyoming. It was impeccable. It had           would be well over $400. Some of our
   The next activity of the club was a        been in restoration for over seven years     members have figured out that they
tour to Fort Peck. Giles Zickefoose was       and everything was absolutely correct        cannot afford too many tours. But back
the tour chief. On a side trip he took the    even to the stitching on the door pan-       to the Hamilton tour, a number of our
group through the Glasgow Air base in-        els. In addition, Dean had original sales    members made the suggestion that it
cluding the housing area. Here he point-      brochures indicating that this car was       would be better to have the Fall tour at
ed out Government efficiency at its best.     the result of wind tunnel testing. It was    a later date, say in mid September when
When Washington decided to close the          also the first unibody kind of automobile    it would not be so hot to travel, and re-
base, there were still contracts for build-   made. It was of a silver grey color and      ally, most of our children have long ago
ing houses. So even as the base was           was a real crowd pleaser.                    graduated from school, so that would
closing, houses for non-existent work-           The next event was the annual pic-        not be a problem.
ers were being constructed and finished.      nic hosted by the Roaring 20’s Car Club         On Tuesday, August 7, Larry and Joyce
These were abandoned even before              held Sunday, August 5th and to which         Liptac graciously offered to host the Au-
anyone actually lived in them. In addi-       all car clubs are invited. The total of      gust meeting at their home. Larry had
tion, all of the modern hospital equip-       all cars last year, modern and collector     made arrangements to have a caterer
ment, including all of the high tech and      cars, was 77. This year the total was 52.    feed us a prime rib dinner prior to the
specialty apparatus, was buried in deep       When all the drinks, a choice in meat        meeting. The meat was cooked to per-
trenches. The same fate awaited the           of fried chicken, hamburgers or brats is     fection, and our ladies provided the sal-
mechanical tools used to maintain the         free and with the wonderful selection        ads and desserts. Volunteers had cleared
aircraft that used to be serviced there.      of salads and desserts furnished by our      Larry’s garage area and had borrowed
What a waste! Giles also took the group       ladies, why is it that the numbers were      tables and chairs from the Roaring 20’s.
to the Fort Peck Dam where guides             down this year? The only answer is that      After eating, we all moved to the shady
showed them through the entire facil-         it was the heat. As usual, we had every-     and grassy side of the building and had
ity. All who went with Giles commented        thing from Model T to an XK 140 Jaguar       our meeting. This turned out to be the
on what a wonderful tour it turned out        show up. Of course, there were a num-        last engineered get together that Larry
to be. He cheated, however, as he and         ber of Model A’s, V8’s and even a 1940       was to oversee. Larry died on the follow-
Cleo drove one of their modern air con-       Nash, a ‘26 Dodge, and a 1954 Ford           ing Thursday, August 16, at 6:15 A.M.
ditioned cars.                                Wrecker. Actually is wasn’t too uncom-          The evening of Tuesday, September
   The next big event was the Billings        fortable with a light breeze, the shade of   4th, found the Goggles and Dusters
All Original Car Show held Saturday,          the trees at Pioneer Park and great car      bunch at the home of Linda and Bob
July 21st. Five days prior to the cutoff      people with whom to visit.                   Fedric at 4139 Wells Place. Co-host
date, only 84 cars were listed. We end-          On August 10 through the 12th, about      Bob Milne and the Fedrics furnished
ed up with over 200 units and the last        seven cars made a tour to Virginia City.     hot pulled pork sandwiches and drinks
5 days were frantic. As the Chairman          According to Jim Quass, they headquar-       and our ladies fumished all of the other
and registrar, at one time I had people       tered in Ennis and drove over each day.      goodies. Prior to the meeting, Bob and
calling me on both my land phone and          Everyone had a great time including          Linda had set up a large tent in their
cell phone, a message on my computer,         the train ride, and of course attending      back yard, but just before their guests
a man ringing my back doorbell, and           the Melodrama at the Old Opera house         started arriving, a sudden wind came up
according to my wife, another person          where the villain was booed and the          and blew it down. We had been prom-
had just driven upon my front drive-          hero applauded. Naturally, all the ladies    ised rain by our weatherman, but all
way. Somehow we got everyone taken            had a chance to shop in both Virginia        we got was the wind. Somehow in the
care of, but it was not easy. Also in our     City and Ennis.                              short time before the guests started ar-
“late arrival” section, we had more cars         The MPCAC tour in Hamilton August         riving, Bob Fedric managed to clear out
than usual show up in that category. It       17th through the 19th had only one           his garage and set up everything there.
all turned out well, however, and there       couple participating from Billings, Bob      It worked out beautifully. We were all
were two stunning cars that showed up         and Linda Fedric. Here again, I know         comfortable out of the wind and there
from the Big Sky area. One was a beau-        that the hot weather had a lot to do         was plenty of room for all. After a great
tiful ‘56 Mercury convertible, and the        with it. However there was another fac-      meal a business meeting was held by
other was a 1960 Chrysler convertible         tor that came into play, money. Say I        our VP Susan Peacock. Bob Fedric com-
both owned by Tom Gerard. Another             am driving an old Ford V8. It will make      mented on his recent tour to Hamilton
unforgettable car was a 1909 Model T,         about 17 miles per gallon, and if I drove    and the wonderful time that he and Lin-
in bright red and polished brass owned        400 miles, I would use 47.06 gallons of      da had. He was particularly impressed
by Dug Braun of Billings (this was the        gasoline and at a cost of $3.59, the to-     with the Daly Mansion and the number
first year of manufacture of the Model        tal fuel bill would amount to $168.95.       of bedrooms it contained. Our speaker
T) To me, however, the most interesting       Add the cost of a motel for two nights       system had dried out from a previous
unit was the 1936 DeSoto airflow sedan        and the cost of registration fees and        meeting and worked fine.People were so
brought in by Dean Jacquot, of Casper,        you know that the total cost of that trip    comfortable and full of good food that

                    Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                             21
  October 2012
all hated to leave.                          with his friends. He also was not reluc-    were driven that day as a measure of re-
  The most shattering and sobering           tant at all to pitch in and help if some-   spect to Larry. To know this man was a
event of this quarter was the loss of Lar-   one had mechanical trouble on a tour.       real privilege and we were not surprised
ry Liptac. Boy, are we going to miss this    One of the last jobs he was on was the      to see members of the MPCAC from
guy! There will never be another Larry       replacement of the broken rear axle on      other cities in Montana in attendance.
Liptac. His good humor and mischie-          Roger Thomson’s ‘36 Ford. In spite of       All of us who knew him will never forget
vous ways always kept us on our toes.        Larry’s size, he vas extremely handy        him…to Joyce and family, our sincere
In addition, he knew all of best places      and fast. He was easy to work with and      condolences.
to stop on any trip throughout Montana       made any job, however difficult, almost        On an earlier tour of the Career Cen-
and would make arrangements for us in        enjoyable. Larry was a great family man     ter here in Billings, Larry was very much
advance so that everything was ready         and a true friend. With his early back-     impressed with the training for aspiring
when we arrived. Larry and I had a feud      ground in the chemical field, he would      young auto mechanics. His one request,
of sorts regarding gasoline mileage on       show up, unannounced, at a friend’s         relayed to us at his funeral, was a de-
our Fords. After a fill up, he would ask     home, unload his tractor and spray the      sire to help in this training. So, if any-
me how many gallons I had used and           grass for noxious weeds. Another inter-     one wants to donate to this endeavor, as
when I would tell him “Right at 6.3 gal-     est of Larry’s was his love of woodwork-    a memorial to Larry, please send your
lons”, he would then say, “Well, mine        ing. He made beautiful furniture for his    donation to the Career Automotive Club,
only went through 5 and a half.” We          home, and at his memorial services,         c/o Ronda Close, 3723 Central Ave., Bill-
both knew that this was not the truth,       behind the minister, was a tall, beauti-    ings, MT. 59102.
and I hung the nickname on him of “Sir       ful, oak cross that Larry had made for         Until next time…
Liesalot.” Larry was a people person         the Church. How fitting that was. Also
who enjoyed nothing more than being          fittitig was the number of old cars that

                   Great Falls Skunkwagon
                          Auto Club
                                    Kurt Baltrusch, Reporter
  It has been a busy summer and              sold it to a guy in Lewistown who           Corn Feed and then he drove it to
members have been busy attending             was going to make a rat rod out of          my garage to see if I could install a
tours and events around the state.           it when Jim heard about it. Altering        starter on it. I used a Ford tractor
The Skunkwagon club got the award            it would have been a travesty as            starter and some scrap iron and
for the highest member participation         the car was always garaged and is           got it to start, but my system needs
percentage at the fall tour.                 all original with 39,000 miles. The         some improvement. While at Ryan
  Don and Shirley Stephens brought           Custom was upscale to the Deluxe,           Dam, a gentleman came up and
Don’s Dad’s 1936 Chrysler Airflow            and it came with a radio and free-          said he knew of a similar White on
back to Montana. His dad bought it           wheeling overdrive. Jim added some          a nearby ranch and we will be going
years ago and it has been at Don’s           Marvel Mystery Oil to free the engine       to see that. “
brother’s garage in Reno for 25              and replaced the delaminated glass,           I attended the Schuchardt auction
years. It had a nice repaint but is          and it is running well and will stay
all original otherwise. It is a straight     unrestored. They are only original
8 with overdrive, and Don says it            once and this is a great car.
cruises down the road very nicely.              New member Jerry Dolson drove
  Jim Terry bought a 1936 Desoto             his 1966 Corvette roadster on the
Custom Airstream a year and a half           fall tour and said it performed very
ago. Jim thinks the car sold new             well. Jerry also has a 1930 Model A
in Missoula as he found a 1936               that is in very good, mostly original
Missoula paper rolled up under the           condition. It came from the Bovey
back seat. The car went to Spokane           estate. Jerry is looking for a 20’s era
but the owner quit driving it in             Chevrolet (or maybe a Ford) to add
1955. In 1968 it was shipped to the          to his collection.
original owner’s nephew in Denton               Harry Mitchell’s 1918 White had
where it languished and the nephew           a good run to Ryan Dam for the                            1904 Ford A

  22                Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                                           October 2012
in Spearfish September 15 where over       $62,500.        One of the more             spring and frame and the car is
30 mostly pre-1910 vehicles were           interesting vehicles was a 1912             raised with a chain hoist, it states,
sold. Two early Model A Fords (circa       Model T Okie Depression era                 “It is advisable to get into the car and
1903) went for just over $100,000          truck, complete with dead chicken           test the solidity of the contrivance by
each. There was a 1908 Anderson            and shotgun, which brought over             jumping up and down before going
High Wheeler which originally              $12,000. I have photos of most of the       under the car. Amen.
sold in Great Falls and was in the         cars, and this was a huge collection          Mary Seelmeyer is already
Bovey collection before it went to         of very early cars and parts.               working on the 2013 Swap Meet
Spearfish. A porcelain sign reading          There is a country song that states       which will be at the fairgrounds
“Ford Battery Service” sold for            “If a woman answers, hang up the            again the last weekend of April. If
                                           phone”. In today’s world, if Tom            you have suggestions or if you can
                                           Foster calls, “Hang up the phone”!          help, please call Mary.
                                           Tom called me a while back to look at
                                           a car and I ended up with a 1915ish
                                           Model T speedster – just what I need
                                           to keep busy. He also called Arnold
                                           Schlagel and Arnold bought an early
                                           Model A and a Model T 500 racer
                                           from the same estate.
                                             In perusing a booklet titled Model T
                                           Ford Service Bulletin Essentials I found
             1912 Ford T
                                           the following discussion on how to
$1450 and his newest collectable           safely utilize a junk Ford wishbone
car, a very nice 1934 ford                 to lift the rear of the car. Once the
five window    coupe,   brought            wishbone is placed between the

                                     Missoula Hellgate Auto Club
                                                            Cathy Smyers, Reporter

  Summer activities began with our         that a combination of ice cream, cookies,   Kaye White. Tom and Kaye White joined
annual retirement home tour followed       and cars is an effective recruitment        the chapter in 1960-61 and have been
by the Burger Burn at Sam and Helen        tool. The Fall Tour held in Hamilton        active members ever since. Kaye’s sense
Johnsons. This tour of several local       was a quick ride south for Missoula         of humor, no nonsense but positive
assisted living facilities was held on     members, who later reported the Daly        disposition, her good heart, twinkling
a Sunday afternoon in mid-July. The        Mansion and Big Hole Battlefield tours      smile (and sparkling jewelry!) will be
surprisingly pleasant weather offered      to be informative and fun, despite the      fondly remembered by all of us who
us mild temperatures and cool breezes,     ash fall (from forest fires) which coated   were fortunate to have known her. She
instead of the typical record breaking     their cars. Early in September, several     was a willing worker who enjoyed giving
heat accompanied by vapor locked           members journeyed to Big Fork for a         her time to our club and to others. Kaye
engines. In August we cooled off again     tour of the Flathead V8 Ford Classic        will be sorely missed by all of us.
with the Ice Cream Social at Dave and      Auto Museum which features all the
Barb Ault’s home where their vast lawn     years of the Flathead engine from
nicely showcased our cars. Members         1932-53. The museum focuses on 35
enjoyed homemade ice cream, hot            years of restoring and collecting by Lyle
fudge, assorted toppings, cookies, cakes   Aklestad--a former boxing referee from
and more. Current officers, comfortably    professional and international Olympic
full from overindulging, were quickly      circles. The museum also contains auto
re-elected before they could offer up      memorabilia and an antique restoration
a “platform” or speech of any kind         shop.
whatsoever. Several invited guests later     We are sad to report the loss of one
became members, proving once again         of our chapter’s founding members,

                  Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club                                          23
  October 2012

                Classified ads for the Trade Winds are free to MP&CAC members. Other advertising is subject to review
                     by the Ad Committee and current advertising fees will apply. Please call for more information.

                  – For Sale –                                                            – For Sale –
• FOR SALE:                                                             • FOR SALE:
  2 Plymouth Engines – 201.3 CI – 6 cyl for Plymouth                      Model T style Trailer Built in 1964 by Ken Cook of
        1934 – 1941                                                            Bozeman. Wood box 6X4ft. Overall length is 9ft.
  One Engine has a transmission attached – the other no                        Wheels are Overland make and take 30x3.5
        transmission. $150.00 for both.                                        Tires. Wood cabinets on 3 sides. Canvas cover
                                                                               good for pattern only. Located Columbia Falls
 1958 Pontiac Chieftain, 2 door, V8, AT for restoration. –                     $500
      Has title.                                                          Phone: 808-531-4277 gib@gibblackgroup.com

 1928 Buick, 2 door sedan, model 28-20 for restoration,
      $2500 – Has title.

 Dave Majors • (406)777-3642 (after 10 AM)
 3289 Wood Duck Lane • Stevensville, MT 59870

       If you are interested in advertising elsewhere
       in the Times, contact the club president Don                       Notice: All Trade Winds ads run for only 1 edition. If you
       Stephens at skunkwagonclub@aol.com or 452-                         wish to run them again, just resubmit them to the editor
       1427. Paid advertisements are available in 1/8                     or your club reporter. We do not keep track of which ads
       page, quarter page, half page and full page for                    belong to whom, so the entire ad must be resubmitted.
       very reasonable prices.                                            Thank you!

                     For a professional showing of our cars please remember the following when sending photos:
        Photos of cars for the Photo Gallery should be 1/4 view. This means that the entire front and one side of vehicle is visible.
              Please: No people or other vehicles (or parts of vehicles) in picture. Uncluttered background is preferred

           YES                                         NO           NO                   NO
         e-mail your club’ information or your car photos for the website to:
              or mail to Ken Tiahrt, 204 E Lincoln, Bozeman, MT 59715

  24                Antique & Classic Times – Montana Pioneer and Classic Car Club
                                                                                                  revised 04/12
                               Montana Pioneer & Classic Auto Club
                             Application for Membership / Roster Update
                                             (Please Type or Print)                               Check Here if Update Only
                   Chapter_______________________________Roster update_____
Home Phone__________________Other Phone___________Cell phone____________
e-mail address__________________________________________________________
(if retired- please list previous occupation)_____________________________________
List Pioneer or Classic cars / trucks (oldest to newest) and condition.
Listed manufactured vehicles must be at least 25 years old
   Year     Make         Model       body style          condition (UR,PR,RO,O)

UR Unrestored ( vehicle is not presentable. Needs paint/body work and/or interior and/or engine / drive train
PR Partly Restored (Work has been done to restore car toward making it presentable)
RO Restored to Original ( paint/body work and/or interior and/or engine/drive train has been reasonably brought to
     the condition as it could have come from the factory)
O Original- is presentable with original paint, upholstery, engine (minor repairs are acceptable)
Antique Auto Insurance Co.________________________________________________
                (PL & PD insurance is required if you participate in any MP&CAC events).
New member must be endorsed by two club members.
1. _______________________________ 2. ______________________________
Instructions: Dues must be paid to the Treasurer of your Local Chapter. Dues are due September 1.
Past due is December 1. We operate on a fiscal year of September 1 to August 30
We do not prorate dues. To insure having your names listed in our state roster, dues must be paid before December 1.
                     (MP&CAC annual dues are $16.50 single, $20.00 Couple/Family)
MP&CAC Annual Dues plus Local Chapter Dues: Single Adult $_______ Couple/Family $_______
Children of members are automatically members of the club. At age 18 they may pay membership dues and become
active members. Children of non-members may become active members only if a club member-sponsor accepts full
You will be issued a membership card and car placard. Additional decals, pins, placards and copies of the by-laws are
available upon request. Check with the chapter secretary and/or treasurer.

New member Signature_______________________________________________(Date)____________

Give completed application to the person that gave it to you or send to club treasurer at address listed below.
                                    Safety is Never Old Fashioned
MP & CAC “Times”
                             prsrt std
1210 Ave B NW                  auto
Great Falls, MT 59404   u.s. postage paId
                         LewIstown, Mt
                         perMIt no. 181

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