The Nikon D40x NEF Plug-in for Photoshop by keara


									The Nikon D40x NEF Plug-in for Photoshop (In Windows, search "plug" to find "P2_NEFPlugin_En.pdf" in the NikonPictureProjectReferenceManual folder. You should have copied this manual to your HD from your PictureProject CD when you installed PictureProject.) D40x NEF Photoshop Plugin file: "Nikon NEF Plugin LE.8bi" Search Windows for "*.8bi" There are two plugins to be found at C:\Program Files\Nikon\PictureProject Follow these instructions for (taken from the above reference manual) ***Note: before you uninstall PictureProject back up all of you NEF files. "Installing the Nikon NEF Plug-in Two Photoshop plug-ins are included with PictureProject: a Nikon NEF Plugin LE plug-in for viewing RAW images, and a Nikon YCC TIFF plug-in for viewing YCbCr-TIFF images (in Windows, these fi les have the extension “*.8bi”). These plugins can be used with Adobe Photoshop Elements version 2.0 or later and with Adobe Photoshop version 6.0 or later (Windows) or 7.0 or later (Macintosh). Both plug-ins are copied to the PictureProject application folder when PictureProject is installed (in the Macintosh version, the plug-ins are copied to the “File formats” folder in the PictureProject application folder). If a copy of Photoshop is detected at installation, the plug-ins will also be copied to the Photoshop plug-ins folder. Users who install Photoshop after installing PictureProject should first uninstall PictureProject, and then reinstall PictureProject when installation of Photoshop is complete." After you open the RAW NEF picture file in Photoshop save it in lossless .psd format for further editing. I have not had a chance to try this procedure yet A.S. Addendum Since I composed this thead I've learned ... The PictureProject plugin once installed in Photoshop may only open the NEF file with 8-bit color. Read both pages in the manual referenced above. "Bit Depth RAW pictures viewed using the Nikon NEF Plug-in will be opened at a bit-depth of eight bits. Use Nikon Capture 4.1 or later to open RAW images at a bit-depth of sixteen bits." (CaptureNX??) I've downloaded the trial versin of CaptureNX but have not yet found a straight forward technique as described above with PictureProject to transfer the 16-bit color plugin into photoshop. I did experiment saving tiff files in both CaptureNX and PictureProject. Here are some file details: CaptureNX: (best quality) DSC_0258.NEF - 7,851KB (12-bit RAW) DSC_LZW_0258.tif - 41,898KB (16-bit color, with LZW compression) DSC_8bit_0258.tif - 29,571KB (with only 8-bit color) DSC_0077.jpg - 5,034KB DSC_0077.tif - 61,882KB PictureProject: (best quality) DSC_0077.JPG - 1,449KB

DSC_0077.TIF - 16,649KB I'm sure you get the idea. You can see that CaptureNX saves better resolution/more information (larger files) than PictureProject. This means better prints! The NEF files are 12-bit but PictureProject opens them in 8-bit so some color information must be lost. Note the plugin file extension is .8bi probably for 8-bit. CaptureNX opens 12-bit NEF files in 16-bit color. Recommendations: NEF files should be opened in their native 12-bit color resolution in either software program. Nikon should be taken to task for essentially forcing us to buy CaptureNX. Our intention when we bought the D40x was to edit and save the full potentioal of the D40x RAW image files. And the Nikon implied warranty when we purchased this camera was that we would be able to do just that without being subjected to any coercive business practices. CaptureNX is an inferior digital photo editing program compared to Photoshop. At the very least Nikon should be persuaded to provide a free basic photoshop plugin download for every D40x owner/user so we can at the least save our NEF files in the highest possible quality .tif format in native 12-bit color resolution so we can edit them in photoshop and not ourselves be held CaptiveNX. Of course those who wish can still purchase CatureNX. It's certainly cheaper than Photoshop. And Nikon's "trade secrets" will still be "protected." I just want a CaptureNX D40x NEF 16-bit color photoshop plugin. (see check out - J.M. (A.S.) jmorton

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