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Presenting a Poster2011rev2


									                                     Guidelines for a Poster Presentation

                                        Well-conceived poster presentations provide easily comprehensible
                                        findings. The materials should exploit the visual aspect of the poster
                                        format. For example, the use of color can highlight key aspects of an
                                        analysis, an effective way to help the viewer focus on elements the author
                                        believes are most important. Graphs or tables may be better presented on
                                        larger pages. Simply attaching the pages of a paper to the display panel
                                        does not constitute a poster presentation.

                                        *Posters for this conference will be posted on a tri-fold poster board -- size
                                        36 by 48. (Pins will be provided to hang it on the board.)

                                        The posters will be organized by topic to encourage more conference
attendees to visit the posters. Each presenter will be assigned to a numbered display panel sent to you by email.

Poster Format and Suggestions

       Title, Authors, Mentors and Majors: Provide this information on a strip of paper at the top of the display
        panel. Lettering height of title should be no less than three inches.
       Visibility: Most information on the poster should be visible from four or five feet away, except for details
        of graphs or bibliographic sources. Put items in bullet points rather than long paragraphs.
       Abstract: Display your abstract on the left side of the display panel (You can revise the one submitted).
       Hypotheses, Graphs, and Tables: If clearly stated and simply displayed, these allow the reader to
        understand the research without extensive written explanation. Briefly identify the research design and
        relevant literature as well. Maps are good as well.
       Clear Sequence: The layout of findings should follow the sequence of the paper clearly. Generally move
        from upper left to lower right. Numbering figures or using arrows greatly aids the reader's quick
        absorption of material.
       Avoid Clutter: Do not clutter the presentation with too many figures and avoid too much written
        material. The benefit of the poster presentations is the reliance on graphics to spark interest to ask you a
        question or to read the entire paper. (Put your email address on it so someone can contact you even if
        you are not next to the poster. )
       Less is More: In general more open space is easier on the eye, and its simplicity supports the clarity of
       Plan Ahead: Preview the presentation prior to the conference to make sure information is legible from a
        distance of four or five feet.
       Adapted from Midwest Political Science Association website


       Posters will be displayed Friday during the conference in the Sinquefield Room. It will be open at 12pm;
        please put it up before the conference starts at 2:00 pm
       You should be by your poster from 2:00 to 2:30 pm and 3:30 to 4:00 pm to answer questions and get
        suggestions from attendees, unless given permission by a conference director.
       Posters for this conference will be posted on a tri-fold poster board -- size 36 by 48. (Pins will be
        provided to hang it on the board.)
       Presenters must remove their materials from the display panels at the end of the conference.
Printing Posters:

You may be able to arrange printing your poster at Instructional Media Center (in Xavier Annex or on South

Or feel free to print individual sheets yourself to display.

You can prepare this as a Power Point or as .pdf file; some other formats can work too.

Bring on a thumb drive or flash drive to IMC.

The poster printer prints out a sheet that is 44 inches on one side with the other a variable length. You pay
according to the variable side, 80 cents an inch.
        *Remember, the poster boards for this event will be displayed in a tri-fold format.

         44” x 36” = 36 x 0.80 = $28.80 (this or 44 X 30 should be fine.)

Ask your department or major program if they can pay for this. If so, you will need a departmental fund number.
Otherwise you can pay using Billiken Bucks.

Give IMC some time to print out. One day prior should be okay. But don’t expect six or seven people to come and
have them print out quickly at 2 pm on the day of the conference.

                       And you may simply print yours out as 8 ½ x 11 sheets and use those.

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